Did you get to an interview and miss out on the job?

Did you get to an interview and miss out on the job? The job market is so competitive and unfortunately, any one job can attract 300+ applicants. Between seven and ten people are contacted for a phone interview and four people on average are interviewed for a position, only one will get the job. The odds are stacked up against you. 

If you received a phone interview or was invited for a face-to-face interview... celebrate!!!! If you didn't get the position, that's OK. You were still in the top 3%!

How can you get the job next time?

  1. Is there anything you could have done differently?
  2. Did they give you any feedback that you can take on board?
  3. Is there something about that job that you did differently to others to score the interview?
  4. Did you enhance the cover letter or resume, contact the recruiter etc.

Analysing what you know works and optimising the process is a great head start.

Feedback is essential to understand what works and doesn't work for you. When you receive an unsuccessful email, always follow up the recruiter to ask why. This blog has proven to be helpful to some of my clients https://theperfectresume.com.au/blogs/news/handling-unsuccessful-emails-the-perfect-resume

The job search is a painful process. Unfortunately some candidate's are luckier than others.

The fact that you gained an interview means you are on the right track! 

If you would like some help preparing for your interview, click here and we can get started! 

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