DIY Cover Letter Template For (Senior) Finance Business Partner Positions

DIY Cover Letter Template For (Senior) Finance Business Partner Positions

Would you like to be more confident in presenting your professional skills to secure (Senior) Finance Business Partner positions?

A cover letter, like your resume, summarises who you are and why you're qualified for the (Senior) Finance Business Partner position. If you're looking for a new job, it's likely your cover letter will be your first impression. The key to a good cover letter is to address the company's needs precisely and back up why they should hire you. In this blog post, we'll go over some tips on how to write an engaging cover letter that captures hiring managers and employers' attention and gets them excited about hiring you! We also answer the most common questions to ensure that your cover letter helps you stand out.

You've been looking for a job as a (Senior) Finance Business Partner, but you can't seem to land the interview. Maybe it's time to take your cover letter up a notch?

To take the cover letter up to the next level, you want to ensure that each cover letter strengthens your pitch as the perfect (Senior) Finance Business Partner because a generic cover letter never works! Instead, you need to know precisely what the employer is looking for in a candidate. The best place to find this information is in the position advertisement. An example position advertisement has been added below:

Your Opportunity:


Join one of Australia’s most impressive teams engaged to provide strategic and financial support to their well-known, growing eCommerce group. With projects at critical stages, they need two exceptional professionals to hit the ground running for an initial eight week period (with potential to extend):

  • Provide broad financial support to operational and merchandise based GM’s with a balance of P&L management, business case support and project based analysis. 
  • Understand the commercial strategy and ensure plans, pricing, models and functions are aligned in this emerging business channel.
  • Work with GM’s and drive profitability. 
Fast paced, dynamic and qualified professionals with experience in FMCG/Retail/Wholesale or Consulting teams will be well received.

Our client will be responsive, so we will work closely with you to ensure a quick decision and immediate start.

For more information call NAME on NUMBER or Apply Now.

You need to match your transferable experience, personal qualities, and skills towards the daily responsibilities of the role. For example, to address the employer's need for you to provide strategic and financial support to their well-known, growing eCommerce group, offer a short, very brief sentence with pertinent information such as a personal strength of yours or the types of transferable skills you may bring to their company. It may also be beneficial to provide information about topics covered within a qualification you completed to demonstrate you will be able to do the skill with minimal training.

Strong cover letters also synthesise all relevant aspects of your background in 2-3 main paragraphs. In one brief page, you will be making it clear to the hiring manager the experience and skills you can specifically bring to their company. Keep your letter concise and focused on accomplishments, so readers don't waste time figuring out what you are talking about.

Remember, your cover letter is accompanied by your resume, which should speak for itself. However, there may be stand out resume examples that can easily demonstrate your ability to undertake a particular responsibility in the new job. Hiring managers have also seen many poorly constructed resumes and cover letters; therefore, the secret is to proofread!

To efficiently and positively stand out, give yourself a head start by presenting how grammatically articulate and well-written you are!It is an easy mistake to make, and bad grammar reflects so poorly on your image, so always ask a friend to read what you have written before hitting APPLY!


Would You Like A DIY Cover Letter Template?

If we think about what's vital to HR or recruiters when they hire a (Senior) Finance Business Partner, they want to know three things:

  1. What value will you bring to the company?
  2. Are you proficient in your skillset?
  3. Are you available to take on the (Senior) Finance Business Partner position if we shortlist you?
A general framework can be followed to make it easier for you to draft your cover letters. Start with a personal branding statement, outline where you are currently working, where you have worked, and the transferable skills you can bring to the role. Next, list your qualifications and any specifics related to your suitability. These might include your transferable skills to undertake the duties if you were successful in the position.


How To Write A Cover Letter

It helps to begin your cover letter with the employer's contact information and a sentence or two about what you can offer the employer related to their role. It's crucial that your cover letter is written in the first person and addressed specifically to the person who may end up being the employer and professionally presented.

Insert organisation
Insert department
Insert date

Dear Hiring Manager,

Re: (Senior) Finance Business Partner opportunity,

insert adjectives displayed in the job advertisement employee,
I am eager to contribute to insert something relevant to the organisation you are applying for by inserting a sample of responsibilities as listed in the job description.

Recently/Currently employed as a insert position for insert company name, I perform/ed to a high standard by insert a sample of achievements. These activities have provided me with the transferrable skills required to insert something relevant for the company you are applying for your organisation.

Suitably qualified with a insert qualification(s), coupled with over/nearly how many years of which industry experience, I can also confirm that I possess the following qualities as required:

Provide broad financial support to operational and merchandise based GM’s with a balance of P&L management, business case support and project-based analysis. Understand the commercial strategy and ensure plans, pricing, models and functions are aligned in this emerging business channel. Work with GM’s and drive profitability.

While I thoroughly enjoy/ed my current/recent role, I am now seeking a new challenge/long-term career change.Therefore, please find other experiences reflected in my enclosed resume to pique your interest to shortlist me for an interview.I can be contacted at or 0400 000 000 at a time of your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Your name 


How Do I Say I Want A (Senior) Finance Business Partner Job! In My Cover Letter Samples?

There are many ways to say that you want a job without saying I NEED THE MONEY! in your cover letter. To ensure that you can provide your best impression, you want to put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes. Ask yourself, why does the hiring manager want to give the job to you? What benefit do they have in filling the position? Then, you can work backwards from there to demonstrate why you want the job. Sometimes, the hiring manager gives these reasons away in the job advertisement.

For example, they might say, 'we are looking for an employee who has values which match our own.' Your reason for working with them becomes clear, 'I am eager to work with your company as your values of respect, teamwork, customer service,and innovation align with my values of honesty, working with others, communication and always finding new and improved ways of working.' The other way to say that you want the job in a cover letter is to align your relevant skills and past experiences to the benefit of the role in a short paragraph (or two).

Remember, be concise. You only have one page to engage them! For example, 'Recently, I completed a Master of Public Health, gaining theoretical understanding around population health, a global healthcare and patient experiences. Therefore, I am eager to share my insights to support your team in implementing contemporary health practices.'

Thank You For The Cover Letter Sample, However, I Have No Experience!!!

If you are struggling to land a job due to a lack of experience in your chosen field, you need to be strategic. The most important thing is to be genuine and focus on what they need instead of what is motivating you to get the job. The most obvious is to explain why you believe that you would make an excellent employee, given your education or other qualifications. Other experiences you may relay include your volunteer work, school project outcomes, internship experience, or other things you have done in your life. Then, you need to describe why you think those qualities would bring to their team. For example, what are they missing by not inducting someone like yourself on their team now? It's also great if you offer any links to samples that will help illustrate your experience too! If work experience is mandatory, it would be worth your while to gain voluntary experience or complete an internship.

Organisations such as the Red Cross or Salvation Army serve as great outlets to simultaneously practice your verbal, written or interpersonal skills. Social service or education providers in your area may also offer case management to help establish goals and set you up with a volunteer opportunity within your skillset. Internships represent an excellent way to explore fields of interest while getting real-world experience closer to home. However, it is essential not to take too much time off from studying because it can be difficult for anyone but recent graduates who are 'just coming out' into the world of work to get back in after an extended break.

Can you get hired as a (Senior) Finance Business Partner without a cover letter?

Most hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals will require you to submit a cover letter with your job application. Even if they don't request a cover letter, they will be expecting one. But put in the effort to tailor it. You will not only be wasting your time but that of the employer as well if it's not tailored specifically for the job advertised! So, can you get hired without a cover letter? Yes, however, it's always best practice to send one simply because your resume is a formal document that highlights everything you are currently doing and what you have done. The cover letter is an opportunity for you to explain who you are as a person and why you are qualified for the (Senior) Finance Business Partner position.

How can The Perfect Resume Team Help With Your Job Search?

To be successful in your job search, you need to have a compelling cover letter. It's the first thing that hiring managers will read, and it can help make or break an application. A well-written cover letter should tell the hiring manager why they want you on their team.

How to write the perfect resume

However, if you still don't know where to start and struggling to find some time, email us at with your resume and link to the specific position. We can review what you have and provide some feedback so you can stop wasting your time writing generic fluff and increase your interview chances!

Alternatively, clear here to purchase a cover letter update and we will write it for you!