Do I need a cover letter?

Do I need a Cover Letter?

As a recruiter, the candidates I appointed to roles were the ones that I felt absolutely certain that they had the proven skills and abilities to do the job, and do it well. I would write the job description as “The Perfect Candidate" and know that I might not get a candidate that hits each of the points. If a candidate demonstrated 7/10 points, I would shortlist them. 

Did I read cover letters?

YES! If, the resume gave me enough intrigue to shortlist the candidate but, not enough. The mistake most people make with a cover letter is they need to add extra things in because their resume is lacking in detail, doesn’t have the information the recruiter needs etc. If the resume already has the detail, then the cover letter was a nice addition to help me make certain that I was making a good selection.  

The way The Perfect Resume structures your resume, is it has everything the recruiter needs to know in it. Skills, education, experiences and achievements. This ensures the recruiter can feel certain that you are The Perfect Candidate. The cover letter then draws a correlation between the job description and your skills and achievements in a more targeted fashion. 

The team at The Perfect Resume has been trained on how to strategically structure each paragraph of the cover letter, matching your experiences and achievements to the job description.

Generally, we focus on your most recent position, however, if we don't have enough transferable skills in your current job, or, your most recent position wasn't in the same industry, we draw correlations to previous positions, educational experiences etc.

Cover letters have been shown to increase your chances of being shortlisted by 40%. If you would like us to tailor a cover letter for you, send us an email 

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