Everything You Need to Know About Redundancy Outplacement Services in Australia

Suppose you need to strengthen your bottom line. In that case, you can look at making operational processes more efficient and organisational structures more refined, or you can look at outplacement, which will help you expand with talented people in the right roles while strengthening your bottom line. You can reduce career transition risks and expenses while helping your employees move into new opportunities through The Perfect Resume's market-leading redundancy outplacement services in Australia. In this article, we'll provide an overview of everything you need to know about outplacement and its advantages for your organisation and employees.

Suppose you need to strengthen your bottom line. In that case, you can look at making operational processes more efficient and organisational structures more refined, or you can look at outplacement, which will help you expand with talented people in the right roles while strengthening your bottom line. You can reduce career transition risks and expenses while helping your employees move into new opportunities through The Perfect Resume's market-leading redundancy outplacement services in Australia. In this article, we'll provide an overview of everything you need to know about outplacement and its advantages for your organisation and employees.

The Perfect Resume is a bespoke outplacement services business and redundancy specialist who offers CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, selection criteria and resume writing services, interview preparation, job search coaching and job outplacement services throughout Australia. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and be their trusted advisors, helping people from graduate to senior executives develop their careers and leadership potential. 

Businesses change frequently, and roles are regularly adjusted or terminated. Suppose you're honest and allow your workers to apply their abilities to other opportunities. In that case, we can help them present well on paper and in-person to secure a new job and even increase their salaries. As a result, they will locate new employment faster and may advocate for their previous work experience at your company. In addition, the workers who continue working will have a greater sense of job security and loyalty, resulting in increased productivity and retention.

When an organisation must make difficult choices about staff headcounts, outplacement is one of the essential parts of the procedure. Whether you're a small business or a large organisation undergoing a restructure or simply downsizing for the future, how you manage the redundancy process is crucial. The Perfect Resume can assist in making the outplacement process go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved with individualised programs. Backed by experienced Career Transition and Outplacement Coaches with specialised Australian market knowledge, we can support you and have various pricing plans that help workers connect with employers and secure jobs that are in line with their interests and abilities, which quickly increases the number of individuals who get hired after a redundancy.

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During World War II, Bernard Haldane created and offered a job counselling service to veterans returning to the labour market after an extended absence. Outplacement services for individuals were designed to help them adapt to a new position. The nature of the labour force has changed remarkably over the last 50 years. Since then, the world of work, how and when people find jobs, and what workers are looking for in their next career move has changed considerably.

In the 1960s, when the formal name for Bernard Haldane's service 'Outplacement' came in, childcare was rare, smoking was trendy, and it wasn't until 1963 that annual leave had been invented! Women in the workforce were non-existent! It took another 30 years for personal carer's leave, maternity/paternity/adoption leave and equal pay to be adopted. Since then, people have increasingly questioned the types of work they do and for whom they reflect on their sense of purpose, alignment with personal values, and need to see how individual effort contributes to overall corporate and societal goals.

Thanks to COVID-19, the traditional 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday work week has transformed into various business models, including 4-day work weeks, part-time, flexible, and remote positions or hybrid in-office and remote work models. Employees today also have more flexibility with the hours they work, with some starting the workday earlier, ending later or blocking time during the day to handle personal and family obligations. Outplacement has become increasingly well-known and understood as a critical component of the employee lifecycle process. Furthermore, over the last five years, we have seen technological advances accelerate communication, make way for virtual work, and eliminate the need for physical presence in the workplace. Zoom, email and Microsoft Teams have made it simpler to conduct business from any place at any time, providing today's workforce with more flexibility than ever before. These technology efficiencies also make way for streamlined processes, the gig economy, automation activities and reduced headcounts. It also gives companies the flexibility to meet the demands of today's work environment, such as laying off staff to make way for automation and time to manage transition periods, departing staff, employer branding, and, in the end, the company's long-term reputation. Given widespread changes in the world of work, we identified a need to support the modern workforce through contemporary outplacement.

When faced with the prospect of losing their job, many people do not know what to do or where to turn. Many people are familiar with the traditional way of applying for a job, such as responding to an advertisement in the local paper and walking into an office with their hard copy resume. What they don't know is that job searching has never been easier. With the advent of internet job listings and application processes, the smartphone revolution has connected the world to our fingertips, enabling us to conduct informal job searches while sitting in a café or on the train. After dinner or during the weekends, they may submit applications. Even interviews have advanced to include video interviews and phone pre-screens, completed from home or anywhere else. As a result, career counselling and job search activities can now be done in private, at home, and whenever it is convenient. However, in many situations, today's job outplacement services still do not reflect this job search evolution and force individuals to adhere to constraints of time and place. This blog post will give you everything you need to know about outplacement services so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time for your outplacement specialist to be hired!

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Confucius

What is career outplacement support?

Career Transition Support - Helping Individuals Move Forward with Confidence

Companies outsource career outplacement support services for many reasons, but outplacement is most often used because of redundancy or as part of a capabilities business transformation. Employees and employers alike are affected emotionally regarding a career change. When workers lose their jobs, how the transition is managed can have a significant influence on a company's reputation and morale and productivity. Role competition, Chinese Whispers, and a lack of straightforward procedure may both be draining for employees and leaders. You can reduce the change's impact by assisting your people in making the transition and supporting them with skills to locate new possibilities through redeployment and outplacement initiatives. Individualised outplacement services help individuals uncover their unique strengths and talents, gain career insights, rebuild confidence, map out their desired career paths, and take a targeted approach to the job search.

Over the past decade, outplacement services have improved significantly. Even though many service providers have modified their services and solutions to meet the demands of today's digital workforce. Unfortunately, traditional and outdated outplacement models still exist among some leading outplacement firms today. The Perfect Resume Writers are experts when it comes to innovative, modern and contemporary career development, including an in-depth understanding of how applicant tracking systems work when it comes to online recruitment methods, as well as how important it is to include relevant keywords and experience on a resume to ensure candidates will be ranked among the top competitors when algorithms are used for automatic sorting. Furthermore, black and white resumes are a thing of the past (because we have moved on from typewriters!), so we have graphically designed resumes that immediately create a powerful impact and leave a positive first impression.

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We start the outplacement process by meeting 1:1 and discussing their career inspirations. We then progress through the job outplacement services to:

  • Reduce the suffering and trauma caused by redundancy while maintaining a professional corporate image and reputation.
  • Attain clarity of the next step in their career and momentum in securing an interview.
  • Create a bespoke resume and other career-related documents to ensure the candidate stands out from their competition.
  • Pique the interest of employers and recruiters by highlighting their distinct values.
  • Refine their interview and negotiation skills to be more confident throughout the job interview and contract phases.
  • Accelerated time from redundancy to redeployment through targeted job applications and a streamlined job search approach by distilling it down to its most essential elements.
  • Develop a distinctive personal brand that allows them to capitalise on their abilities, leverage their strengths, and secure their dream job.
  • Maximise their visibility and credibility on social media/LinkedIn profiles.

Some of the benefits of mapping out the exiting employee's career paths include:

  • Access to experienced redundancy specialists to assist with supportive separation conversations and any emotions that may arise as a result
  • Help for as long as they need it

Updated resumes, interview coaching, LinkedIn profiles, job search strategy creation and personal branding are just a handful of services we offer your employees. As part of our outplacement packages, we also prepare executives to conduct practical separation discussions to reduce the risk of legal action by helping redundant employees move forward through consistent and well-received messaging. This step of the process also helps to maintain the morale of existing employees as they won't receive harmful communications from their departed peers.

We assist thousands of individuals every year in managing this complicated transition process, including assisting displaced workers in finding new employment and minimising workplace disruption.

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How much do companies pay for outplacement services?

Outplacement services are given by a professional third-party firm, such as The Perfect Resume. The outplacement services fees for a job seeker using their services are generally reimbursed by the employer who dismissed them. We have a range of services to support your company following small or large-scale company redundancies, restructures, or downsizing initiatives.

Our Executive Outplacement Services will help you:

  • Open doors for your employees
  • Mitigate legal risks
  • Ensure positive branding
  • Equip your deserting employees with confidence and support in their transitions
  • Raise the morale, loyalty, and productivity of your remaining employees
  • Attract positive reviews and interest from qualified talents
  • Create positive workplace culture for employees and management

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The executive outplacement services cost is determined by the firm's needs, the skill level of the employees who have lost their jobs, the number of impacted workers, and the degree of support provided to staff – such as the amount of coaching time and duration for which services are accessible. Other components to consider are additional services and programs, such as a career development program.  

Here at the Perfect Resume, we will ensure that your employees will feel supported during this transition by empowering them to move confidently to the next chapter of their professional careers. Our personalised outplacement services will equip them with the tools to direct their next steps and define their career roadmaps. As their Trusted Career Partner, we will provide them with professional support and direction in an increasingly competitive job market to help them secure the right job opportunity quickly and effectively.

We have four Outplacement Services Packages to choose from:

  1. Bronze Outplacement Services Package: Kick Start Your New Job
  2. Silver Outplacement Services Package: Jam-Packed Career Services with Personal Branding
  3. Gold Outplacement Services Package: Complete Career Services with Personal Branding & Networking Strategies
  4. Platinum Outplacement Services Package: Comprehensive Career Services with Personal Branding, Networking Strategies, and Active Career Support

All the above are tailored to each individuals' unique circumstances. Additionally, all clients are equipped with a team of 3-4 dedicated professional writers and career coaches who are all supported by ground-breaking technology developed from the bottom up to provide an integrated and easily scalable solution.

We maintain the highest level of professionalism.

The Perfect Resume | Bronze Outplacement Services Package

Our BRONZE package is our most cost-effective and affordable outplacement service option, ideal for entry-level employees. This package will equip your transitioning employees with the crucial documents necessary for a successful job application. The BRONZE package includes a one-on-one interview preparation session with a Certified Career Coach, an ATS compliant resume, and an optimised LinkedIn profile. Additionally, we will throw in a 2-hour Interview Hacking course to increase their chances of landing their target job positions.

Bronze Outplacement Services Package inclusions:

  • An applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant resume with unlimited revisions. Available in editable Word and PDF formats.
  • A tailored cover letter focusing on the role and emphasises their transferrable skills.
  • A complimentary cover letter template that matches the resume design. This document can be edited as necessary and includes coaching around what makes the perfect cover letter.
  • An optimised LinkedIn profile update, including research around the optimal keywords and networking tips.
  • Free proofreading service for cover letters they write until they land a new job.
  • Loads of helpful guides and tips to support them on their journey.
  • 2-hour jam-packed interview hacking course that ensures they not only reach an interview but ace it to secure the job.
  • 1:1 60-minute interview preparation session with a career coach to guide them in responding to interview questions, whether in-person, phone-based or virtually.
  • The total number of consultation times included: 10-15 hours.

The Bronze Outplacement Services Package helps professionals overcome hurdles and gain confidence in transitioning to the next chapter of their careers.


The Perfect Resume | Silver Outplacement Services Package

Our SILVER outplacement package includes everything from our Bronze service offering, with an addition of a video-based mock interview and a phone-based personal branding session. This package is highly recommended for entry to mid-level employees. The SILVER package will equip your transitioning staff members with valuable learnings on communicating with impact and clarity, providing them with presentation skills in the best way possible to achieve their career goals.

Silver Outplacement Services Package inclusions: Everything in the Bronze Package PLUS the following:

  • TWO tailored cover letters focusing on the candidate's target roles and emphasising their transferrable skills.
  • 60-minute video-based mock interview session to prepare them for the next step in their application. This session will equip your employees with the experience of answering tough interview questions and feedback to help improve their responses.
  • 60-minute, phone-based personal branding and a rapport-building session focused on helping you or your employees develop their communication style and highlight their existing skill sets.
  • Total number of consultation times included: 15 – 20 hours

The Perfect Resume | Gold Outplacement Services Package

Our GOLD outplacement package includes everything from our Silver offering, with the addition of 12-months of virtual coaching support and a 30-minute LinkedIn strategy session. Very highly recommended for Mid to Executive Level employees or those who have had longer company tenure spanning 3 to 6 years. The GOLD package will provide you or your transitioning employees with more intensive career assistance, giving the candidate ample time to prepare and find the right opportunity to advance their careers.

Gold Outplacement Services Package inclusions: Everything in the Silver Package PLUS the following:

  • FIVE tailored cover letters focusing on the candidate's target roles and emphasising their transferrable skills.
  • Key Selection Criteria underscoring their essential skills, knowledge, and attributes to perform the role effectively and excellently.
  • 30-minute LinkedIn strategy coaching session focused on building professional presence and connecting strategies to help them stand out from other candidates.
  • 12-months of virtual support from our Certified Career Coaches.
  • Total consultation time included: 20-25 hours + 12 months virtual support.

The Silver Outplacement Services Package is a multi-pronged approach to finding the type of employment the individual truly desires, coupled with ongoing support, even when they secure a job for up to 12-months.

The Perfect Resume | Platinum Outplacement Services Package

Individuals who have been laid off or separated from their jobs have a range of emotions as part of the grieving process, such as disappointment, anger, resentment, shame, anxiety, and uncertainty, leading to reduced confidence. As such, they may profit from additional support and guidance. Our most comprehensive outplacement package, the PLATINUM offering, includes all career services from our Gold package, including 5 x consultations with our Career Consultant. Recommended for Mid to Executive Level employees who have been in one company or organisation for more than six years.

The PLATINUM package will provide you or your transitioning employees with a comprehensive end-to-end career coaching program, helping them find security and stability in the shortest time possible.

Platinum Outplacement Services Package inclusions: Everything in the Gold Package PLUS the following:

  • TEN tailored cover letters focusing on the candidate's target roles and emphasising their transferrable skills.
  • FIVE 30-minute fortnightly counselling sessions with our Career Coach.
  • Total number of consultation time included: 25-30 hours + 12 months of virtual support

If you would like us to partner with you to support your staff member in the best way possible, please book the package to get started. Alternatively, please feel free to head to the Contact Us page to book a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation with one of our career coaches.

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Our expert guidance will help your employees reach their professional goals at every stage of the career transition process.

How do employers' benefit from providing outplacement services?

You've mastered the art of onboarding employees but learning how outplacement is changing to assist businesses and employees adapt to change and to build a confident, agile, and valuable workforce is just as important. It's not simply better for the individuals departing if you get it right; it's also better for the team left behind.  

It may appear counterintuitive to invest in outplacement services when trying to save money, especially as outplacement services can be quite costly as an upfront expense, especially for large-scale redundancies. However, the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term cost. For example, by investing in Outplacement services, The Perfect Resume team can support your exiting employees so you can focus on money-making activities such as:

  • Improving remaining employees' productivity and engagement.
  • Uplifting overall customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Creating a successful marketing strategy that boosts your bottom line
  • Building a more sustainable future with automation and streamlined processes
  • Building partnerships by reinforcing your reputation as a responsible employer
  • Saving money!

Despite the organisational benefits of restructuring, for the exiting employee, looking for a job is stressful, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. There are so many applications to sift through that it can be overwhelming; then comes the competition for your desired position—and you've already spent hours researching company culture and evaluating potential employees. Exiting employees may face unexpected fees if outplacement services and other ways to assist them are unavailable. Laid-off employees are more likely to talk negatively on social media or review sites like Glassdoor, which will harm your company's image and make it more complicated – and expensive – to hire skilled people in the future. They are also more likely to sue the company for unfair dismissal, leading to an insurmountable amount of money in legal fees.

When business and hiring pick up, firms with established reputations for treating their workers well will be more desirable employers. A good brand reputation can also assist companies to gain new clientele by encouraging consumers who want to do business with a firm. We work with thousands of individuals all over Australia every year, connecting them to the best hiring managers. So, contact us for further information on how our consulting services may assist you in reaching your company goals.

What are The Perfect Resume's customers saying?

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Resume and Cover Letter for Smart Job

Absolutely amazing job! I would recommend Melissa to anyone. I never knew how good my resume could be and have already been telling all my friends they need to use her to make their next big career move!

Resume and Cover Letter Re-write

Fast, professional and exceptionally written. Drafts were quickly revised and amended to incorporate feedback and the response time was fantastic. I got a call from a recruiter almost immediately after using my resume so Thank you. You alleviated much of the stress in applying for my first job.

Need resume

Melissa and her team did a fantastic job with my resume and cover letter. Extremely patient, responsive, friendly and professional!

Resume Update

When I first became a mother, it was very difficult to find employment. Most employers prefer full-time workers but I also needed to provide my newborn and family with love and financial support. This dilemma led me into seeking out The Perfect Resume's services which highlighted all my attributes on paper! Their team helped make sure that I stood apart from other candidates. I eventually got so many callbacks and landed on the job I applied for!

Writing Selection Criteria 3 Different Position

Melissa & her team were pretty good in writing selection criteria and submitted them before time.

Resume writer Education position

Absolutely brilliant! Fast, reliable and blown away with the ability to craft a response to match the key criteria so fluently and eloquently. Very grateful. Thank you!

Resume and Selection Criteria

I would like to say thank you to Melissa and her team, especially Debbie who has worked so closely with me to make sure my resume stand out at the same time still seems like it's my work. Debbie is very patient and helpful and has welcomed me every time I asking her for making changes to the document. I would highly recommend her work. The only thing I would recommend having verbal communication before jumping into work is to understand the customer's goal and to know what they want. Other than that, everything else was great!

Professional resume and LinkedIn refresh

Was super accommodating towards getting the CV ‘right’ and really happy with the end result.

Selection Criteria Editing

Melissa was fantastic, very professional and completed my application so quickly - Thank you so much! Will definitely be coming back in the future.

Resume and cover letter

Melissa and her team are amazing! I am so happy with my resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile! They attended to all the questions and concerns I had and ensured that I was happy with the finishing touches. Thank you again!

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What can I expect from career transition and outplacement services?

Restructuring is never easy, so you want a successful outplacement service that is personalised, results-driven, and scalable, with both employees and HR benefiting from a genuinely seamless and straightforward experience. The Perfect Resume takes much of the stress away from HR professionals and managers by assisting departing workers with a range of support and programs, such as helping them make a fresh start, enabling managers to focus on keeping those who stay engaged.

Modern technology has made it possible for outplacement services and career transition support to be offered virtually. Our contemporary outplacement approach has updated the obsolete prototype from the 1960s. Instead of being confined to an office, The Perfect Resume's outplacement services use technology to provide personalised support and expert virtual assistance, allowing all career transition services to be provided over the phone, email, video conferencing, and online resources. At the end of the service, the employee will walk away with confidence, especially after receiving a CV/resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and selection criteria writing assistance, interview preparation, job search coaching and more.

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When you partner with The Perfect Resume to assist your departing employees, you can expect the following:

  • Each employee is paired with a career transition coach based on industry expertise for personalised assistance rather than geographic location. These coaches assist individuals in conducting a skills gap analysis, assessing their abilities, developing a strategic roadmap and learning plan, preparing for job interviews, and more.
  • A professional resume writer works with each job seeker to develop a unique resume and cover letter that sells relevant experiences and achievements to date. This includes fine-tuning resumes and profiles for the keywords that recruiters and applicant tracking software (ATS) systems are looking for and branding specialists who ensure that branding materials are engaging.
  • Job application reading and application tailoring is time-consuming. As a contemporary outplacement firm, we link impacted employees with a personalised career concierge who tailors the resume and cover letter to relevant job possibilities based on their skills, abilities, and current preferences.
  • Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job, especially when non-advertised positions are part of the hidden job market. We help job seekers to maximise their LinkedIn profiles to locate individuals and begin discussions that open up job opportunities.
  • As part of the modern outplacement program, your staff will have access to all of the tools and best practices they'll need to succeed, from preparing for interviews to negotiating salaries and standing out from the competition.

Outside of the packages, outplacement training sessions can be provided on an individualised basis and can include the following subjects:

  • Outplacement Services: Moving Past Retrenchment and Redundancies
  • Five Key Steps Towards a Successful Career Change
  • Four Steps to Finding a Perfectly Matched Position with Less Stress
  • The Right Person for the Right Job at The Right Time: How to use Online Recruitment Platforms
  • Ten Tips for Crafting The Perfect Cover Letter
  • 11 Proven Strategies for Writing an Effective Resume
  • 5 Ways you are Being Rejected from Jobs without even Knowing it (and what you can do about it)
  • Land Your Dream Job with these Proven Interview Strategies
  • Referee Strategies That Work
  • Add $10K to Your Salary With Impactful Negotiation Skills

Employers who decide to give outplacement services enable their staff to move forward successfully and pursue new prospects. This assistance indicates that businesses care about their employees and the corporate brand. When partnering with you, our primary aim is to be self-assured and successful in their career change. When workers depart us, they are both excited about the future and clear on their talents and worth. To demonstrate social proof in this area, see a handful of testimonials below:

The Perfect Resume offers job outplacement and career transition services, coaching and support at our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and regional centres across Australia. Contact us today to find out how we can help your employees make the next move in their careers.

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