Here's Some Hot Tips on How to Write a Resume

Here's Some Hot Tips on How to Write a Resume

What is a CV vs resume?

A CV and a resume both refer to the same document. There are no differences. Generally, in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South America, they utilise the word, 'CV'. In Australia, US and Canada, they utilise the word 'resume'. At The Perfect Resume, we cater for Australian candidates therefore we will refer to them as resumes. 

What is a resume?

Whether you prefer to call it a resume or a CV, the actual resume template will be the first impression when job hunting, so you want to make sure that it's perfect. The problem is, most people don't know what a resume is. Many people think that it is just a collection of resume examples, information about your education and professional work history, however, it is actually much more important than that. Your resume template is your personal marketing document. It spells out your personal branding statement. It shows what you are proud to represent and also shows how successful you are at your work. Most employers want to see your resume, but they'll never tell you exactly what it should look like. Luckily, The Perfect Resume team is very forthcoming with their free feedback. Therefore, we can teach you exactly how to create the perfect resume for any job or industry. It's our secret formula that we've used on thousands of resumes every year and we've helped thousands of people land their dream jobs with it! If you get stuck, please feel free to send your resume to and we can provide some personalised feedback for free. 

How do you make a resume template that is suitable for Australia?

It's hard to get a job when you have no experience, but it's even harder if your resume is badly formatted, or just plain bad. The best way to solve this problem is by getting help from someone who knows what they're doing. We review thousands of resumes every year and the truth is that most people don't know how to format their resumes properly or how to write the content in the resume to make them sound good. As a result, they end up sending out poorly-formatted resumes and never hearing back from employers. Our team of experts have created some hot tips below so you can learn how to make a resume in Australia with step-by-step instructions on creating the perfect resume for any kind of job application. If you get stuck, please feel free to send your resume to and we can provide some personalised feedback for free. 

Tell your work history examples in your own words.

"Tell me about yourself" This is often the question that job seekers hate the most! It is also a question that many people struggle with. To make it worse, you need to be able to explain who you are and what you can offer in just one paragraph! How much should you share? What should you include? You need to tell your story in a way that best represents who you are as an individual, so it is easy for potential employers or customers to get an idea about who they might be working with if they hired or bought from you. 

Differentiate yourself from other applicants through examples from experiences.

Share the story of a time where your work ethic or skills helped propel you to success. Perhaps you have been complimented for being a hard worker or someone who uses initiative to get the job done. These facts, figures, statistics and the context behind challenges make you unique and ultimately why the hiring manager will pick you over someone else. 

Emphasise what you can do and the benefits to the employer on your resume in terms of what you have to offer.

Give examples of what you can do for the company, list some of the benefits that you can bring to the employer, showcase your skills and education on your resume and seek advice from someone who has been in a similar position before. These steps will help you be proactive in ensuring you eliminate any questions about your ability to do the job and present a personality that fits the company's culture. 

Your resume template should not just be visibly attractive, it should also convince the employer of your abilities to solve their problems.

Before you start writing your resume, brainstorm some of the problems you needed to solve and challenges you needed to overcome. Then, in bullet point form, let your potential employer know the context behind the problem and explain how you solved it. Include any qualifications or experiences you leveraged to solve the issue and any statistical figures you can add to show you did an exceptional job.

Mind your language!

Don't use 'I' at the start of the sentence; instead, start with action verbs, such as produced, designed, wrote or presented. Additionally, make sure your tone is professional and confident throughout the entire document without coming off as egotistical.

Tell the truth throughout your resume and stick to facts.

When stating your experience and education, avoid any attempt to exaggerate your qualities to make your point. Stay on topic and don't get sidetracked. Make sure not to use any words that are too complicated or unfamiliar. Be specific when explaining your position, but be concise and use simple language so everyone can understand what you're saying. 

Talk the talk!

Use language that is appropriate to the industry or field you are applying for. Use action verbs, identify key phrases and terminology, but beware of unnecessary jargon as a non-technical person is usually the first person to see a resume and the first person to reject you!

Keep a simple, yet visually attractive resume template so your relevant information will filter through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

With your content, always think to yourself, 'Does the employer want to know this?' and 'Is this relevant to the job that I am applying for?' If it is relevant, keep it in! However, if the content has sentimental value only, you are the only one who cares for it and it will not get you an interview. When you content is relevant, it will have proper keywords that are likely to rank you higher against others when you apply for a job. 

The keywords you use are important as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are the gatekeepers when it comes to your job applications, and they are not easily fooled. However, if you're not careful, an ATS can reject even the most qualified candidate. 

The Perfect Resume can review your resume for applicant tracking system compliance. We use the ATS as a tool to help us create ATS compatible resume templates and then to cater your resume towards your chosen position. If you would like to receive personalised feedback on how to improve your resumes effectiveness so it gets noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) send your resume to and we can provide some personalised feedback for free. If you choose to go ahead with one of our packages, we'll help you rework your entire application until it passes every automated test thrown at it!

Resumes sell, sell, sell!

Don't forget your resume is a marketing tool for you. Be positive, upbeat, specific, explicit and succinct. Make the employer interested in you!

Good resumes hit the highlights.

    Remember that your resume is only one aspect of the application process. It should highlight targeted, specific and relevant information that can be backed up with more detail in your cover letter. 

    Excellent resumes clearly speak to the desired audience and are easy to read. 

    Understand what the employer is looking for and be confident in meeting their criteria. Make sure the formatting is correct on multiple devices, primarily if you use a MAC or Apple device. They do not convert readily into Windows-based Word documents that the majority of recruiters and organisations use. Use bullet points or numbered lists for any qualifications that apply.

    The Perfect Resume eliminates all the position description type fluff!

      Think of your resume as a summary of the best bits of your career, similar to a 2-minute commercial into selling your best version of yourself. Therefore, you want to be as concise as possible with each line to not overwhelm employers with extra details they don't need right now. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet by limiting them to three sentences max at most per paragraph. It's also important not only what you say, but also how you say it.

      The Perfect Resume is a company that will help you make your resume stand out from the crowd. Do you have an outdated, boring or cliched resume? Contact us for free advice and we'd be happy to give some pointers on how to re-write it in order to catch the eye of potential employers so they call you for interview! Our team can also offer assistance with cover letters and job applications if needed as well. If what you're looking for is professional writing services at a competitive price, get in touch with our experts today!

      Critical Sections for a Resume That Will Get You An Interview

      Let's recap, what is the purpose of a resume? Let's say, you want a better job and you're not getting it. Your resume sucks! It's boring, it's hard to read, there are no keywords in there. The hiring manager doesn't even know what your skills are because they can't find them on your resume. Resume writing is a skill that takes time and effort to develop but we've done all the work for you. Our successful clients have been blown away at how we have transformed their terrible resume into an outstanding one that they are proud to put forward for a job. As a result, they have been hired faster than ever before. Below are some hints about each section in your resume, so you can make your dream job a reality, quicker than ever before!

      Personal Details

      Make sure your details are accurate and that email addresses are appropriate for a professional audience. 


      In this section, make a precise statement of about 4-6 lines stating your personal qualities, what you can offer the company, what skills you have that are relevant to the position and your amount of experience in the industry. 

      Example Profile

      A resilient and respected senior leader with over 15 years of operations management experience across the sports and education sectors. Team-oriented with impeccable relationship management and communication skills, offering the ability to deliver community engagement and development programs. Highly skilled in proactive management of team performance, with a commitment and passion for building strong, healthy, and cohesive communities.

      Skills List or Career Highlights

      Research the employer and job carefully to ensure that your career objective fits with what they are seeking. Remember, your resume is not the place to be modest! It is usually the initial opportunity that you have to create a positive impression and will be the thing that gets you an interview - or not!

      • Look at the position description and selection criteria, then pick three to 8 major skills/knowledge sets required to be your headings. 
      • Establish what you have to offer by backing up your claims with hard evidence. For example, if they are looking for customer service skills, let them know that you 'responded to approximately 50 calls per day with a professional phone manner, including responding helpfully to their queries.' The specific nature helps to demonstrate your skills. 
      • For each of your skill headings, construct 1-2 lines starting with action words or skill level. For example, instead of saying that you have 'good communication skills, you could say, "Fluent in 3 languages, including Japanese, French and Mandarin with natively written comprehension across the scope of the English language.'
      • Quantify your level of skill by giving an example of your level using the STAR technique (Describe the SITUATION, outline the TASK required of you, explain the ACTION or the APPROACH you took and explain the RESULT or outcome of your effort) For example, 'Communication: Wrote a series of 3 scientific reports as part of academic study, resulting in securing a high distinction for the unit and positive feedback in the level of accuracy and quality content'.

      Example Skills List 

      • Leadership: Adept in motivating teams of up to 30 staff members in various roles towards a unified target, using exceptional influencing skills to achieve goals, maintain enthusiasm, embed operational strategies, focus on streamlining processes and meet 100% compliance ratings.
      • Strategic Planning: Highly developed foresight and planning skills to set objectives and determine the optimum course of action, focusing energy and resources to strengthen operations toward common goals and adjusting the organisation's direction in response to a changing environment.
      • Executive-Level Communication: Strong communication skills with the ability to frame audience-specific messages with clear strategic objectives, desired outcomes, and well-defined challenges and opportunities.
      • Internal Compliance: Proven ability to understand, interpret and apply financial legislation, funding agreements, policies and procedures, including regulatory compliance and oversight, and risk assessment.
      • Project Management: Strong time management and organisation skills to drive high performance, use appropriate judgment and expertise, support smooth operations, and meet project deadlines easily.
      • Professional Code of Ethics: Known for representing an organisation honestly and ethically, supporting a culture of integrity and professionalism with resilience and adaptability in high-pressure environments.
      • Technology: Proficient in using technology and has competency across many software applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Salesforce, Teleconferencing platforms, Surface, HP, Windows, and Google.

      Example Career Highlights

      • Written & Verbal Communication: Presented reports to up to 20 graduates within tutorial groups, using audience-specific language to convey research findings. 
      • Research: Wrote articles for the University magazine about bushwalking club activities.
      • Customer Service: Effectively served customers of various backgrounds at Coles Supermarket as a part-time cashier for 3-years. 
      • Teamwork: Cooperatively planned work schedules with 4 staff at Rebel Sports
      • Prioritisation: Negotiated with colleagues regarding task allocation for major projects at University. 
      • Goal Attainment: Played an active role in attaining customer service goals at Coles. 

      Employment History

      • Put your most recent positions first
      • Do not undervalue your work skills and experiences
      • List key tasks and challenges that you overcame
      • Include specific achievements

      Professional Development

      Include any relevant examples of training that links to your career objective or highlights additional skills and qualities. 

      Other sections that may be relevant

      • Technology skills
      • Voluntary work
      • Licences
      • Memberships and affiliations


      Referees should be able to comment on your academic abilities, vocational skills and personal attributes. Always gain their permission first and do not include more than three. For bonus points, send them a copy of your resume so they can be clear on dates and the tasks you did in the role, especially if it was more than 3 years ago. It is also a good idea to keep them informed so they can look out for a call. 

      Example Resume



      A business-oriented, dynamic, and highly respected senior leader with over 20 years of experience across strategic operations management, customer experience, and business development. Offering the ability to build organisational capability through people and systems while demonstrating a proven history of negotiation, procurement, and client management expertise. Skilled in leading high performing teams to deliver business objectives while increasing profit margins, improving efficiency, and optimising growth opportunities.


      • Revenue Management: Improved market position and established XXX as the preferred customer choice by leveraging professional associations and industry expertise and developing lucrative professional relationships with community leaders and key industry players.
      • Business Growth: Achieved a return of 10% YoY growth for XXX by implementing new customer pricing across XXX stores, leveraging essential account management skills and carefully managing market spends of approximately $380K.
      • Strategic Planning: Provided industry expertise and feedback as one of the leading Global Remittance players, participating in groups with industry associations and regulatory bodies such as XXX and XXX.
      • Risk Management: Served as an active member of a Regional Governance group, providing a quarterly update to the Board of XXX on business and operational risk management to ensure business continuity in both countries.
      • Compliance: Initiated a global compliance program, partnering with regional and central compliance teams and addressing policy/process improvements, delivering the best customer experience.
      • Commercial Management: Derived revenue margins of 10% by leveraging commercial negotiation and contract management skills and nurturing the relationship with an existing key partner and 7 new retail and digital partners.
      • Sales Management: Amplified business growth by 60% and expanded the network across 5 Pacific Island countries by effectively partnering with vital strategic businesses in the area.
      • Negotiation: Optimised regional cost by 20% by realigning administration resources, aligning with a new vendor to offer broader service value and increasing the XXX staff engagement with the product.
      • Cross-Functional Teamwork: Expanded the XXX network by piloting the community consultant model with 2 community leaders, resulting in the onboarding of 15 new agents in 1-week and 20% incremental volume growth.
      • Relationship Management: Successfully renewed a commercial contract with the largest state-owned bank in XXX, resulting in business continuity across 18,000 bank branches and 14% of the XXX network.


      • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
      • Bachelor of Engineering   




      Regional Head (Australia, New Zealand & Oceania) | XXX | 03/2019 – Present

      Provide high-level regional leadership and strategic advice supporting organisational goals to amplify revenue, enhance people and culture, financial management, information technology, and communications. Contributions include:

      • Delivered regional priorities of $30M in revenue by collaborating with cross-functional leaders and providing business performance and inputs to the Executive Leadership team, supporting regional business growth.
      • Optimised marketing spending and corridor expansion by developing and executing the Go-To-Market strategy across Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania region, with key partners.
      • Grew XXX's distribution and volume by 20% with white spot mapping and working closely with the partner sales organisation, resulting in the acquisition of 100 new ethnic retail stores.
      • Acquired 5 new partnerships in Australia in the first year, delivering an incremental revenue opportunity of $2M by leveraging business development skills to provide a customer-centric solution to a high standard of excellence.

      Business Development Manager | XXX | 01/2018 – 02/2019

      Led teams across Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania region, including Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Palau, and Saipan, while overseeing business growth, people management, strategic partnerships, and performance. Contributions included:

      • Recognised for outstanding performance as the recipient of the Excellence Award.
      • Delivered network expansion through strategic and collaborative partnerships in existing markets, including leading expansion into 4 newer countries in the region across retail and digital product channels.
      • Streamlined the agent's onboarding process through continuous engagement with functional leaders, effectively reviewing the business environment and introducing alternatives, such as direct agent model and digital partners.
      • Established 5 new strategic partnerships with a projected incremental net revenue of $500K per annum, including developing a strategic relationship with 5 community leaders to act as Brand Ambassadors.
      • Achieved incremental revenue growth of 90% by spearheading the rapid addition of the direct agent network and adding 100+ new agents in 12-months.
      • Improved revenue margins by concluding commercial discussions with one of the top XXX providers, including ongoing contract negotiations and integration.

      Business Development Manager | XXX | 07/2017 – 01/2018

      Provided high level professional and executive leadership, including implementing processes and seeking opportunities to optimise revenue, process efficiencies, and performance outcomes in line with strategic goals. Contributions included:

      • Delivered new business sales of $412K with gross revenue of $104K in 12-months by contributing to the acquisition of 10 major clients, thereby optimising the customer's expense cost and focusing on law and aged care firms.
      • Delivered incremental sales pipelines, leveraging superior relationship-building skills to represent the company and engage key decision-makers monthly XXX events, further generating revenue opportunities of more than $500k.
      • Maximised cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by improving category opportunities and instigating customer interest, including holding quarterly customer reviews to highlight savings opportunities and efficiencies.

      NSW Account Manager | XXX | 05/2015 – 06/2017

      Managed an account portfolio of 300 clients valued at $500k, including building professional relationships and industry networks while delivering 10% revenue growth. Contributions included:

      • Secured a $1M ongoing contract by leveraging new business development skills, acquiring 29 new customers that contributed $300K annually in new business revenue, maintaining revenue margin over 20%.
      • Optimised revenue margins by 5% by identifying cross-sell opportunities in new categories and offering a customised solution to the client to increase monthly sales.
      • Developed cost comparison and savings template to demonstrate savings opportunity among prospective clients using the XXX product range to simplify their decision-making process.

      National & Regional Manager| XXX | 08/2011 – 02/2015

      Directed business expansion and strategic direction to achieve revenue growth while overseeing the National and Regional team in various countries, such as India (9), Sri Lanka (6) and the Maldives (3). Contributions included:

      • Delivered 6% revenue growth against a target of 3%, raising $15M for West India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives by collaborating with XXX and deploying marketing investment focusing on growth and continual improvement.
      • Facilitated a successful joint program resulting in revenue growth to Sri Lanka from Canada (29%), Qatar (21%), France (20%) by leveraging specialist knowledge and industry expertise with a commitment to service excellence.
      • Gained incremental revenues from XXX inward remittances by expanding new products to Sri Lanka, working with cross-functional teams, including development, marketing, operation, projects, finance, treasury, and IT.
      • Presented 2 key recommendations resulting in the successful rollout across the XXX network, delivering 600K revenue growth (10%) against the country growth of 5.5%.
      • Renewed the XXX Contract with exclusivity intact, no change in commission structure, and nil sign-on bonus, securing 80% of XXX business by participating as a team member of the strategic Think Tank initiative.
      • Received accolades and recognition from the Managing Director, Country Director, and Marketing Director for demonstrating core values and leading a country-level Consumer program that delivered 9% Year-on-Year growth.
      • Renewed a 5-year exclusive contract with 3 bank partners, including the XXX largest state-owned bank, leveraging commercial and negotiation skills optimising 3% revenue margin while securing over 26% of the volume.

      Strategic Business Development Manager | XXX | 12/2008 – 06/2011

      Operated within the strategic Business Development team, engaging CXOs of a broad range of financial institutions to forge partnerships for insurance distribution by leveraging active customer bases. Contributions included:

      • Forged opportunities within 4 chemical, fertiliser, and gas distribution companies by delivering alternate product distribution channels and establishing pilot programs with government entities.
      • Secured partnerships with 6 banks and XXX, delivering an industry-first achievement with an incremental annual revenue of $20M and access to over 3 million customers.
      • Developed partner pitch and RFQ documents to cater to the government procurement processes by working closely with product and marketing teams.
      • Developed 10 cross-sell opportunities in Group Insurance, product handballing to a specialist team leading to an incremental revenue opportunity of $5M.


      References and further career history are available upon request.


      If you would like assistance writing your resume and increasing your chances of securing an interview, send your CV to We will review your resume for free, provide some feedback and recommend the packages that suit your situation.