How to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile?


How to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile?


Are you using your LinkedIn Profile to its fullest to get a job? If you find a job listed directly on LinkedIn in which you are interested in, check out how you are connected to the hiring manager. You may also consider requesting a LinkedIn recommendation if you know someone at the company, which can help boost credibility in the eyes of the employer. LinkedIn provides a template for recommendation requests that you can edit and personalise to your liking.

Endorsements from network contacts for various skills and competencies are another way to go. An endorsement emphasises that you do, in fact, have a certain skill listed on your LinkedIn profile.  

How to get your skills endorsed on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn endorsements are a feature that adds credibility to your skills. After all, you can put that you are an Astronaut as a skill, however, would someone believe you?  By having a skill endorsed, recruiters are more likely to think that you are good at that skill. Below, the number next to the skill shows the ones that people have endorsed me for:

How to get your skills endorsed on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn will automatically send random messages out to your network in their feeds, asking them if they support you for a skill. You can also click on someone's profile and see the following box:

How to get your skills endorsed on LinkedIn?

If the skill that you want to endorse the person for is not in the box. You can then go further down the profile to the Skills section and click the + symbol to endorse them for a skill. As you can see below, the following skills have been endorsed as they have numbers next to the skill.

How to get your skills endorsed on LinkedIn?

The most common way to increase your skill endorsements is by reaching out to people in your network, endorsing them for a skill and generally, they will return the favour. If they do not, you can always send them a message, asking them to click on your profile and endorse you for the skill that you want to be noticed for. 

Another great way is if you import your email contacts, you will be notified when the accept your connection request. When they do, send them a message, and ask them if they can endorse you for a skill or leave a testimonial.

Ask for a recommendation

A recommendation is different from an endorsement.  A recommendation on your LinkedIn profile is a written reference. A strong character or job-related recommendation from those who have worked with you highlights your strengths and shows that you were a valued employee. The best recommendation to have on your profile is one from a previous manager. However, you can also request them from colleagues, stakeholders you have worked with, e.g. on projects and other people in your connection. 

Endorsements are also a great way to highlight specific skill sets you have. An effective way to gather up some of your own is by going through your trusted connections and endorsing them for skills.

You can actively reach out to your past managers and work colleagues to get recommendations from them, using the Recommendations section of your profile. 

Ask for a recommendation
  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select View profile.
  3. Scroll down to the Recommendations section and click Ask to be recommended.
  4. Type the name of the connection you'd like to ask for a recommendation in the Who do you want to ask? field.
  5. Select the name from the dropdown that appears.
  6. Fill out the Relationship and Position at the time fields of the recommendations pop-up window and click Next.
  7. You can include a personalised message with your request by changing the text in the message field.
  8. Click Send.

You can also request a recommendation from a connection's profile. However, this section is only displayed once you give or receive a recommendation that isn't hidden.

If you want a recommendation that will make you stand out from the pack, hint at why you're asking for the recommendation (to get more clients, to find a new job, etc.) and also at what types of things the recommender can comment on. (e.g. "Melissa, I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a recommendation in regard to the ABC project that I worked on which resulted in us increasing sales by 120%.")

Please note: Recruiters can see when a recommendation has been given/received. Therefore, to add more credibility to your recommendation, communicate with the person whom you would like a recommendation from and let them know why you need the recommendation and that you will add a recommendation on their profile 1-2 months afterwards.

Once your LinkedIn profile has been optimised for maximum engagement, including a professional photo, background, and interesting content you are ready to start building your network!


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