How to search for jobs near home?

How to search for jobs near home


Are you new in your town or city and would like to enter the workforce for the first time? Or perhaps, you are one of those who are becoming wary of long commuting lines and wish to work closer to home. Working within your local area brings a great many advantages. Not only that you can save time from less travel, but you will also work more productively. Less stress will also have a positive effect on your health and social life, giving you a nice boost with all the time you save.

How to find jobs in your local area?

If you do not live in a metropolitan area, it may be difficult to advance your career since most international companies are in and around the major cities. But don’t worry! The best way to find employment in your town or city is to use multiple strategies at once.

We listed below some of the techniques you can use to find a job in your area. You may not need to use all these strategies. Just pick the ones that are right for you.

  1. Talk to members of your local community

Often there are opportunities through word of mouth that haven’t been advertised. If you ask around, often, the person will either know of a job available or know of someone who is looking for someone, especially if you would like a casual, hospitality, tourism or contractor position.

  1. View opportunities on community boards

Take advantage of community boards on locations such as the post office, Woolworths, or Coles to help you find a job quickly.

  1. Utilise job search sites that focus on local jobs in your area

The first step is to do the right research. Online job search engines, such as Seek, Indeed, CareerOne, and LinkedIn offer a wide range of employment resources that can help you find jobs hiring in your area. It is a valuable tool as they provide you resources for networking, employment , job search opportunities, other job search engines, and several other local and national employment resources. Try using the advanced search function to specify the areas, zip code, or mile radius, from your home that you are willing to consider.

Below are some of the best job sites Australian companies will likely to advertise their open roles. There’s a lot more to choose from but these are good sites to start your job search.

Best websites to search for jobs


It is said to be the best job site in Australia. It is used and known by quite a large number of Australians. This site allows you to search for jobs by location, classification, and salary. It let you choose from thousands of jobs across the country.


Adzuna is an employment search engine that aggregates thousands of jobs from websites including and MyCareer into a single location. You can search for jobs by salary, company, location, title, date listed, and more. This helps you to easily filter jobs that fit your profile.


This site allows job seekers to check company profiles, give career advice, and job hunting tips. Aside from thousands of jobs, It also provides employment updates, online courses, and train job seekers in writing and building their resumes.


It is an employment search engine that advertises millions of jobs where Job seekers can search for jobs in a metropolitan area as well as regional areas and other countries. You can search for jobs here in all categories.


This website is popular with industries like hospitality, services, manufacturing, and construction. Here, you will find thousands of jobs including jobs with small businesses.


According to their site, the Australian branch of the popular global job search engine Indeed has over 10 million visitors per month. It allows job seekers to upload their resume so that employers can easily find their profile online. It is one of the most favorable job sites by many employers.

Job Seeker

Jobseeker is a government job site that offers career opportunities to all job seekers. It is a government website where you can look for jobs in either government, health, community, disability, welfare, youth, and non-profit sectors.

All Jobs Australia

It is a nice job board where you can find job vacancies in all regions in Australia. You can search for a job by state, description, company name, and region.

APS Jobs

It is a government website that offers jobs from Australia’s public service sector. If working for the federal government is your thing, this site is for you. It will link you to vacancies in the Australian Parliamentary Service (APS) and other Australian Government agencies. Here, you can sign up for job alerts and save job advertisements to apply later.

Australian Job Search

This job portal allows you to search for short-term or contract work, part-time or full-time positions, local government jobs, traineeships, and apprenticeship. It gives job application tips to all job seekers and a great site to also search for government jobs in Australia.


Glassdoor is considered one of the biggest job sites in the world. It offers thousands of jobs to all job seekers in Australia. It has a large database with millions of employee reviews, benefits reviews, and salary reports for companies.

  1. Take advantage of your network

Networking is still the number one way in which jobs are found, so don’t be afraid to take full advantage of it. Think of all the people you have met throughout your education and job experiences, like your classmates, colleagues, and even acquaintances in Career Fairs. Talk to your connections. Don’t be afraid to ask people how they got their job.

There are many networking sites you can connect to people. Not only will they direct you to your old friends, but you might also connect yourself to people in your chosen career and gain new acquaintances that will help you land your coveted job. Take the below list as an example.

Best networking sites to connect to people and find a local job


It is the best site to go if you want to build your profile and connect with employers and colleagues or other professionals in your field. Here, you can create your professional identity and engage with your professional network or access knowledge, insights, and job opportunities. Jobs will be given to you based on your job searches, and you can subscribe to some companies to be updated on what positions they have available.


The real advantage of Facebook is that it’s a real-time social networking site. While LinkedIn is still the leader in professional networking and recruitment, Facebook has shown to provide its own set of benefits to job seekers and employers seeking to hire top talent. It has a job search feature where a company can publish job postings on their Facebook page and you can simply click the “Apply now” button if you are interested with the job post.

Also, you can join to group pages and communities related to the job that you are looking for. Just remember to keep your professional online presence as balanced as possible when you want to utilize Facebook or any other social media sites.


With so many people interacting on Instagram, it can be a great resource in your job search. Not only is Instagram a good way to establish your brand, but it also demonstrates a marketable skill (social media) and enhances your overall digital-savvy. It might even help you connect with future employers and differentiate yourself from the competition during the job interview process.

Make the most of your Instagram account, and use this visual network to show employers who you are and what you can offer them.


Twitter can also help enhance your job search if you are into following individuals and institutions that are closely related to your particular field or industry and if you have a clear perspective of where you want to be in your career. In addition to posting or reposting the opinions and observations of others, you can create and post original content publishing your own original work or blogs. It could also be an opportunity for you to showcase your skills.

Networking sites can be a useful tool in your job search. Just a tip, don’t spam groups looking for work. Establish yourself as a professional and develop relationships from there.

  1. Read the newspaper

While online resources are a great way to go about finding an open job in your area, you need to remember that they are not your only option. In fact, newspapers are still an effective way to find a local job. Most companies choose to advertise their job vacancies on local newspapers because it allows them to focus in on a specific geographic audience, and thus, hire locally.

Reading a newspaper, keeping an eye on the recruitment section, will not only give you an idea of the available jobs, it will help you understand the industries that thrive in your area. You will also find that most opportunities are local already; therefore, you don't have to worry about sorting through national employment opportunities. You may be asked to mail in your resume or submit it in person depending on the job opportunity or the company in question. Should you mail in your resume, you will want to create a cover letter for yourself. When creating your cover letter, you will want to outline where you learned about the job in question, like from your local newspaper. This may help you, as it can identify you as a local resident who may be available to come in for an interview at just about any time.

  1. Visit Job Fairs

Along with online resources and newspapers, there are also local resources that you can take advantage of in your job search such as Job Fairs. In Australia, Job Fairs are free events that are conducted face-to-face or online by the Australian Government. These events are a great way for job seekers to connect with local employers to discuss current opportunities in the region.

Jobs Fairs offer interactive presentations that provide useful hints and tips to help you get job ready. You can access information on a range of local employment support services and training options as well as engage one-on-one with an experienced professional to review your resume or work on your interview skills.

Employers can showcase their businesses and discuss the skills they are looking for to job seekers. You can talk to them directly and discuss what you can offer about the job. You never know, you might even be speaking to your next employer. They will also conduct interviews and if you are lucky, you may be hired on the spot.

  1. Utilise an Employment Agency

If you are a professional or you are skilled labor, a headhunter or employment agency can be a valuable tool in helping you find a job. They will also teach you when, or if, a recruiter is a good option for you.

What is the best way to search for jobs?

There are many resources available if you are keen to look for jobs in your area. Rather than focusing on one or two of these resources, it is recommended to take advantage of as many of these strategies as possible. Maximise your job hunting and your ability to find a job. You can never have too many feelers out when you are looking for work. Competition is high and, in some sectors, with this pandemic going on, jobs are scarce so use all the resources you have available to you.

Lastly, before you start looking for a job locally, make sure that your resume and cover letters are ready. Take advantage of our resume review today and email your resume to for a free review or view our services at