Job Search Tips: I submitted my resume and have heard NOTHING back!

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Are you currently in job search mode? Have submitted your resume and haven't heard anything back? Not even an unsuccessful email. Here is the reason why!

No emails can be a good sign. It could mean a few things:

  1. Your resume passed through the applicant tracking system and landed on the employer’s desk 😊 They may have deemed you unsuccessful for one reason or another however have forgotten to put the rejection through the system. This then doesn’t trigger the ATS to send you an unsuccessful email.
  2. You have been shortlisted however the job hasn't closed yet and they are still accepting job submissions or interviewing candidates but want the job remained open.
  3. The employer hasn't used an Application Tracking System and relies on a human recruiter to reject the candidate and this hasn't happened due to manual processes being timely.

As a Professional Resume Writer and previous hiring manager, my biggest tip when this happens is to call the hiring manager directly and find out why you haven't heard anything. It might be your resume is missing something that needs to go on your resume or an internal applicant was picked. Whatever the reason, at least you have a better idea and can change the approach if needed.

For senior roles, always touch base directly with the employer before submitting an application to speak to the hiring manager. Get a feel for the role, their challenges as an organisation and then offer them the expertise you could bring to the role.

After getting to know you briefly, let them know you will put in an application. This tactic then puts a “human” as a candidate instead of a piece of paper.

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