Are you currently having no luck with impressing potential employers? Have you ever thought about getting the help of industry experts but don’t know how and where to find credible ones? Perhaps, you have had an awful encounter with a resume writing service provider in the past and lost trust?

If you have answered “YES”, then you and this article are surely a match made in heaven! There are plenty of resume writing services out there, but not all can give you the best results. How do you know which one is the BEST?

This blog post will dive deep into what to look for when striving and scouting five-star resume writing services and how to avoid getting scammed by "resume mills." 

Persuade Without Breaking a Sweat: Resume Writing Service

A strong resume can give you a leg up in your job search. But not every applicant has the capacity to formulate a convincing resume. Isn’t it quite unfair -- how others are gifted with the ability to place words on a sheet that eventually turns into their dream jobs and wealth? Well, this is where Resume Writing Services come into play.

Is a resume writing service worth it? Should I pay for a professional resume? Yes, and yes! Seeking the help of a professional writer to review, write, or even revise your resume can help lighten the ever-stressful job-hunting burden for you. With the right resume writer who knows the perfect words to put, you can get more attention that may lead to more interviews and higher career jumps. Whether you’re a fresh graduate in need of a resume to kick start your or an experienced professional making a big switch into the federal government or the corporate environment, an array of resume writing services can help.

People often hire these services to make favourable first impressions. Aware of the fact that potential employers only take a couple of seconds to look through the document, resume writers can help a job seeker strategically formulate a document that presents the candidate's credentials, job history, and skill set in a clear and comprehensible format.

Many resume writing services offer packages you can select from. You may be asking, “how much should a resume writing service cost?” Well, if you want to cut your expenses, you can commission one of your writer relatives or friends aka a “Couch Writer” who might charge you $0 – $99. This is a smart and cost-effective way but keep in mind that if your resume is not done by a pro and you have a smaller chance of guaranteeing their output’s effectiveness.

Speaking of pros, experienced to expert resume writers and job search firms in Australia charge $300 – $5,000 for different packages. On the other hand, according to the Resume Writers’ Digest Annual Industry Survey — a resume in 2021 costs around $500. So, no matter how much your budget is, somewhere out there, there is a perfect package for you!

Choose The Right Resume Writing Service Without Going Troppo

Writing your own resume can be extremely difficult and stressful. Yes, we know that we are the perfect fit for the job; we have all the needed skills, and we are go-getters. Despite that, many among us still find it challenging to transform ideas and traits into readable and compelling words. Sometimes we even ask ourselves, “what did I even contribute or achieve during my tenure?” We end up getting lost in our own thoughts or overthinking that we may be bragging a little too much. No one likes a cocky candidate, right?

Due to distraction and confusion, people might end up spending hours, days, and even weeks to carry out this simple-looking yet sensitive task. Sadly, others end up tapping out and purposely missing the deadline for the job advertisements posted on Seek, LinkedIn, and other job search platforms.

So, why miss an opportunity you might not even have again? Seek the help of a Professional Resume Writer! But with all the frauds online waiting to be bitten by desperate job seekers, finding a reliable service can be very tough! Consider these factors before handing in your hard-earned money:

  1. Hunt for honest reviews. The best thing about being online is that we, the customers, are given the voice and power to build or break the credibility of a company, product, or even service. Long gone are the days when we relied on traditional word-of-mouth feedback. Now, we can easily search for “resume writing services near me” and google will lead us to the website of many different service providers. There, you can easily spy on what their clients say. Those reviews will help us determine whether we will be spending our money right.
Admittedly, we, The Perfect Resume have been receiving appreciation from those clients we crossed paths with. The truthful feedback we regularly get does not only motivate us to better our services but also help our small yet high-performing team to widen our reach and serve our purpose of helping as many job seekers as possible. Here are a few recommendations from real customers:
Rewrite Writer Education Position
Vicki H.
Absolutely brilliant! Fast, reliable, and blown away with the ability to craft a response to match the key selection criteria so fluently and eloquently. Very grateful. Thank you.
Experienced Resume, Cover Letter, and Key Selection Criteria
Courtney S.
You are simply amazing at what you do.  I take my hat off.  I am a writer who has written and published sixty books, and I cannot do that.  So well written and crafted.  I greatly appreciate your effort and applaud your skill.
CV and Cover Letter
Will M.
Team, I have sent my documents to a friend of mine who is a seasoned recruiter, she was very impressed with your work as am I. Thank you for the fantastic service!
  1. Keep an eye out and run away from questionably cheap resume writing services. Cheap deals easily catch the attention of unsuspecting and frantic shoppers. Don’t be carried away. Even as many resume writing service providers are legitimate, the internet has made it possible for scammers to rip hopeless job seekers off. Watch out for bogus websites that look like genuine ones. As an old saying goes, “you always get what you pay for;” spending 1% of what you might earn annually from a potential new function to boost your chances of securing it is a form of a good investment.
  1. Request for an industry-savvy. Different industries or sectors use different keywords, skillsets, acronyms, certifications, and jargon. Better look for a professional resume writer who has a solid background or at least substantial exposure within your chosen field. This can help ensure that your experiences will be presented effectively and accurately, and not lousy.
  1. Inquire about the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) compliance. What not many people know is that for years, the initial human element within the hiring process has been eliminated and replaced with a contemporary software application. This means that before your resume, cover letter, and other career-focused documents reach the eyes of a human, they must pass through the doors of the ATS. Through this, applications are filtered depending on a company’s criteria. Yes, it saves time but unlike a human, these systems are very unforgiving. So, it is best to find a resume writing service provider that conducts thorough industry research and is up to date with the latest ATS trends.

If you are interested to learn more about the Applicant Tracking Systems, and how it works, and tricks to beat it — you are one click away towards mastering it!

  1. Know the turnaround time. Before seeking the help of a resume writer, you must first know how much time you can spare. Know your deadlines and then find a professional resume writing service that can meet your needs. The turnaround time could range from 24-hours up to 30 days, or even more.


We, The Perfect Resume, offer different packages and empower our clients by allowing them to pick their ideal completion time. The services we deliver guarantee a turnaround time of 5 up to 40 hours, encompassing the writing and/or consultation process. To have a glimpse of our packages, their costs, and total delivery time, you may click on this link, or from our website’s home page, hop on to Services & Prices.

Being an Industry Rockstar is a Matter of Having the Best Resume

We are now aware of what to take into account prior to making a deal with a Professional Resume Writer. Despite this, a question is still left hanging — Who writes the best resume?

The answer is pretty simple; the BEST ones are those who can consistently guarantee and deliver high quality. Remember that with good quality comes good and quantifiable results! Strong writing and editing skills, including industry acumen, can never be learned overnight.

The best professional resume writers are equipped with years of exposure and significant resume credentials.

These may include a bachelor’s degree and Australian certifications, such as Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW), Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM), Certified Resume Specialist (CRS+X), Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW), Master Resumes Writer (MRW), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Academy Certified Resume Writers – ACRW.

In our case, to meet each client’s intricate needs, The Perfect Resume only screens and employs seasoned and qualified Professional Writers. Bearing the commitment to successful outcomes, TPR writers have received thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of people throughout their careers, therefore, your search MUST end right here. The team exactly knows what managers look for in an application and how to uniquely present every job seeker on paper!

Let The Perfect Resume do the Heavy Lifting 

We want you to feel confident, hopeful, and be successful in your job search. That is why we work so hard with our clients - from start to finish to ensure that they are ready for the next step in their career path. Why not see what it feels like to have an expert on your side?

Do yourself a pretty little favour and invest in your CV today! Increase your chances of landing interviews and getting hired faster than ever by taking advantage of our resume writing services!

The Perfect Resume cares! Send us the latest copy of your resume to info@theperfectresume.com.au and one of our Professional Resume Writers will review it for FREE! Know the strengths and weaknesses your CV has without even paying a penny. Moreover, if you find this blog handy, don’t forget to share and pass the kindness!

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