20% of people self-identify as procrastinators. We’ve all been guilty of it. Maybe it’s not social media for you but news sites or pondering an upcoming holiday. Whatever it might be, it is impacting your work.

How to attract recruiters to view your LinkedIn profile?
How can you make your LinkedIn profile visible to recruiters? LinkedIn is much more than just an online resume; your profile is a networking tool that shows recruiters and hiring managers a glimpse of you personally and a comprehensive overview of you professionally. It is an innovative way to represent your experiences, skills, objectives, knowledge, and what your interests are, all within a professional context. Read to learn more.
How To Build Your LinkedIn Network?

People in your LinkedIn network are connections, ranging between 1st - 3rd degree connections.

As a professional, student, or jobseeker you should first aim to build a strong network representing those you know and trust. Leverage these connections to ask for skill endorsements, recommendations or to ask for introductions into a job or opportunity in which you are interested.

How Social Media Can Help You Land a Job Quicker?
Is cyber surfing part of your daily routine? Do you simply love online socialising and want to figure out how to take advantage of it in your career? Are you wondering how to use Social Media in your job search?
How to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile?
Are you using your LinkedIn Profile to its fullest to get a job? If you find a job listed directly on LinkedIn in which you are interested in, check out how you are connected to the hiring manager. You may also...
Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System
For the first time ever, a software program is assisting recruiters and hiring managers find, track, reject and hire applicants through an automatic process that cuts time and saves lumpsum money. And, at the heart of the technological revolution is the Applicant Tracking System. 
How to search for jobs near home?
Are you new in your town or city and would like to enter the workforce for the first time? Or perhaps, you are one of those who are becoming wary of long commuting lines and wish to work closer to home. Working within your local area brings a great many advantages. Not only that you can save time from less travel, but you will also work more productively. Less stress will also have a positive effect on your health and social life, giving you a nice boost with all the time you save.
How to get your Resume or CV ready for your job search?
Have you decided to start a new job search? Would you like to know how to build a perfect resume that will get you results?
How The Perfect Resume Clients Increase Their Interview Chances by 73%
Are you facing the job search journey with no idea how or where to start? Have you had the same position for years and never had to write a resume before? Have you been lucky enough to have networked your way into all your previous roles? Perhaps you are fresh out of school? Whatever your circumstance, we are here to help you get started with your resume and cover letter!

Recruiters can be very picky during the hiring process, therefore, ask yourself, “How confident am I with my resume and cover letter?” Sadly, even simple mistakes such as a typo or grammatical error can cost you a job interview. The second question you need to ask yourself is, “Am I 100% sure that my resume and cover letter will successfully be sorted and scanned by the infamous Applicant Tracking System?”

Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression therefore, don’t forget the last step before hitting that “send” button on your computer! Proofread your resume and cover letter!

What is the quickest way to find a job?
Many job seekers may be thinking it's time to pause their search while others are taking advantage of the job hunt. Here's what recruiters on LinkedIn are telling us from the front lines: