Create a Winning Resume Format for 2022
Are you planning to go on a job search in 2022? Do you need help with formatting your resume to secure a better career next year? Are you trying to figure out which style, content, and format would work best...
Make The Perfect Resume and Get Hired | Free Resume Tips and Examples
We know resume writing can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! If you're struggling with resume content or formatting, then fear not! In this blog post, we are going to give you resume tips that will help land you your dream job, insights on what makes the perfect resume, and how to create one yourself!
How Do You Write a Cover Letter in Australia?
The job search can be frustrating when the employer doesn't leave their contact details on the job advertisement to call them. It's even more annoying when they don't provide clear instructions about what is expected from you. Well, don't despair. If you try to accommodate the following tips when writing your cover letter, you'll immediately be well above average.
Are Resume Writing Companies Worth It?
Are you guilty of using an online free template to create your resume? Are you worried for you haven’t heard from any potential recruiter after sending your CV and Cover Letter out? And are you now considering having your resume written by a professional?

Are you currently having no luck with impressing potential employers? Have you ever thought about getting the help of industry experts but don’t know how and where to find credible ones? Perhaps, you have had an awful encounter with a resume writing service provider in the past and lost trust?

This blog post will dive deep into what to look for when striving and scouting five-star resume writing services and how to avoid getting scammed by "resume mills." 

Making a Burden-Free Industry Switch
Sarah's success story is an inspiration. Despite her change of heart and her wanting to have a better purpose, she was encouraged by her doubts and troubles. She knew that she had The Perfect Resume to back her up and they would never fail her; they showered her with support, not only on paper but also emotionally.

Have you ever started writing your resume and right in the middle, YOU JUST STOP? You’ve probably read too many FREE resume writing tips online and are now feeling lost. Are you thinking about what to put and what to exclude on your CV? Consider hiring a resume writer to help you tick this errand off your list. But are they REALLY worth it?

How do you make a resume in Australia?
It's hard to get a job when you have no experience, but it's even harder if your resume is badly formatted, or just plain bad. The best way to solve this problem is by getting help from someone who knows what they're doing. Our team of experts have created some hot tips so you can learn how to make a resume in Australia with step-by-step instructions on creating the perfect resume for any kind of job search or application.
What are the examples of resumes that have landed an interview?

You want to land a job, so the solution is simple, you need an interview-winning resume to compliment your job search. Unfortunately, it's not as straightforward as it sounds! Firstly, do you know what the perfect resume is? What should it include? What is a relevant resume example, and what is not? You may think you have a fair idea of what to include, but you're not 100% sure.

We're here for you! The Perfect Resume team will collaborate with you along the process, so you know exactly how to write a resume that stands out from the crowd and gets interviews with a 96% success rate.

What is a CV vs resume?
Resumes are the most important document you will ever need in your professional life, but the vast majority of people do not know how to write them or where to start. Many people have no idea what a resume is...
Here's Some Hot Tips on How to Write a Resume
A resume is your first impression when it comes to job hunting, so you want to make sure that it's perfect. Here are some tips on how to write a great resume!
Introducing The Perfect Cover Letter: A Tailored Cover Letter For Every Job
It’s time to get that job you deserve! Would you like to get more notice from hiring managers? These days, it's more important than ever before to have a tailored cover letter. To ensure that you get the job you...
Want To Get Hired? Start With Your Cover Letter

This one-page cover letter technique is the secret to getting interviews, and it’s free!

Here’s How Your DIY Resume Is Falling Short With Recruiters
We all know that a resume is an important document, but what if yours isn't showing recruiters the value you have to offer? This blog post will help you understand some reasons why your DIY resume might not be working for you, including how your current methods of job-seeking can be hurting your chances and which changes need to happen to improve your opportunities of getting hired.
Should You Include Your Address On Your Resume?

Do you need your suburb, state and postcode on your resume? YES! Many companies have location as a minimum requirement in the applicant tracking system (ATS). If you don't have your location in the correct format and place it in your resume, there is a chance that the ATS will reject your application straight away. Here are some tips on how to write your address on your resume.

How to Hire a Professional Writer for a Clinician Resume?

Everybody is different and every CV is consequently unique to that person. Some people's lives and career paths are relatively simple, others are much more complex. So what makes a good Clinician resume and how to hire a Professional one to write it?


20% of people self-identify as procrastinators. We’ve all been guilty of it. Maybe it’s not social media for you but news sites or pondering an upcoming holiday. Whatever it might be, it is impacting your work.

Do you have a natural ability to recognise, evaluate and manage health and safety hazards in the workplace? Perhaps, you are a strong advocate for achieving workplace change regarding health and wellbeing? If this is the case...
How To Write The Perfect Resume
Are you currently on a job search but can’t seem to land on an interview? Are you having difficulties in crafting the perfect resume that can make your application stand out above others? Are you confused about what to put in your resume?
How to Tailor a Cover Letter

You’ve found the best job for you and you have written The Perfect Resume, now what?

Of course, the next step is to write the The Perfect Cover Letter! But where do you start? Read on and we’ll guide you to the write the best Cover letter suited for your needs.

From 0 to 96%: How a Woman Boosted Her Chances of Securing a Spot in Mining

Who is Sue?

A woman, like a man, wears so many hats. She can be a mother, caring for her own family and raising a lady who is an achiever. She can be a wife, supporting her strong and loving husband who’s undergoing stress and grief. She can be a passionate educator, imparting her knowledge and experience to the world. In short, a woman plays a wide range of roles within our society. Meet Sue, a superwoman.