Did you know you have six seconds for your resume to impress your next employer?


  • The importance of proofreading your resume and cover letter!

    When you see the perfect job, it’s easy to get excited and click, “APPLY” before thoroughly reading your resume or your generic cover letter. However, if you have spelled the name of the company wrong or worse, the Hiring Manager's, it’s unlikely you will be emailed back!
  • Job Search Tips: How long do you wait for an interview call?

    You have been in job search mode for a while. You found the perfect job. You eagerly put in your application. One day, a week, a month goes by without a word. You give up! Does this sound like you? 
  • Handling Unsuccessful Emails | The Perfect Resume

    When you receive an email rejection always reply to find out why. Many times, you will get a generic answer, however, sometimes the recruiter will give you some solid feedback which you can use to make a change. A free email template has been included!

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