The importance of proofreading your resume and cover letter!

The importance of proofreading your resume!

In today's marketplace, there's no excuse for poorly written resumes. If you're not a natural writer, or you're struggling to craft the right resume, seek help from a Professional Resume Writer.  After all, your resume is your masterpiece, highlighting your career history. An autobiography you should be proud of, listing your achievements, education and work history all rolled into one important document. People are unique; therefore, an individual’s resume should also be unique, not a copy and paste of something you found on the internet, or the same job description as everyone else!  Simply playing around with written words and their meanings can build and present a whole different picture and introduce grammatical errors!

That is why proofreading is a very important step.

Proofreading a resume is an art usually done by professional proof-readers and sometimes double readers. A single proofreader checks content in the traditional manner then passes it on to a second reader who repeats the process. They are not only looking for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but between the two, they are searching for clues in the text that may throw a reader off track.   

For example:  Affect and effect!

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According to a survey conducted by Grammarly, the average job seeker has at least one punctuation error on their resume, and 60 per cent of errors are grammatical.  If the job requires attention to detail or if you promote yourself as “meticulous,” how can a hiring manager trust that you are what you say you are? One cannot underestimate the importance of proofreading.

Misspellings and grammatical mistakes are common, and they happen to everyone. Most spell-check programs do not recognise contextual spelling errors, including “achieve” versus “achievement”. Grammatical tense is also an area that is commonly mistaken. If you are still employed in a position, use the present tense, unless you have achieved something, then your present role needs past tense!

Wait, there is more!  

Our brains don't read words on screens with as much detail or care as we do when the words appear in print. Once you've edited your resume on the computer, print it in black and white. You may even want to print your resume in a completely different font. This subtle change to your resume format will make it easy to pick up on errors. You can also dial a friend!  Having a friend review your resume for contextual spelling mistakes missed punctuation, and inconsistencies is a good idea.

Which grammatical tense should I use?

Use past tense if you’re no longer there. Stay consistent and use an active voice. Catching language inconsistency is part of the proofreading process. Take the time to proofread your resume, cover letter, social media profiles etc. Make sure there are no errors! Or you can get The Perfect Resume team to do it all for you!

Read it out loud and backwards

While it may feel awkward, reading each word of your resume out loud calls attention to awkward phrases and misspellings that you may otherwise overlook. If you find yourself stumbling over your sentences as you speak them aloud, chances are, the new hiring manager will have the same problem. Once you've read your resume out loud, reread it, word-by-word, starting at the bottom of the document and working your way back up. This technique works well when you're trying to catch stray spelling mistakes.  

You can submit your resume for a free review by sending your resume to  In addition to providing resume tips on the content of your resume, we will also inform you how your resume will perform within the applicant tracking system (ATS).  What is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Proofreading is a mandatory step!

Proofreading your resume is extremely important. If you have submitted it with errors, there is nothing you can do to salvage it. Success comes to those who work the hardest they say!

So proofread your resume, cover letter, online portfolio, selection criteria, LinkedIn profile, industry blogs etc. Proofread the email you send to the recruiter or hiring manager! Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

How can we help?

At The Perfect Resume, we have a team of Professional Resume Writers, skilled in proofreading. Your resume will pass through not one, but three quality checks to pick up any errors. Each stage has a different reader, looking for various perspectives, including resume design, content and proofreading. Our proofreaders have been trained the old-fashioned way, before the use of computers and fast typing. They have an eye of detail and a built-in programmed brain looking for errors and clues. Spies of the English language you could say!

When you see the perfect job, it’s easy to get excited and click, “APPLY” before thoroughly reading your resume or your generic cover letter. However, if you have spelled the name of the company wrong or worse, the Hiring Manager's, it’s unlikely you will be emailed back!

Don’t waste your time and effort! Your time is precious. You cannot forget that! 

The team at The Perfect Resume want you to get to the job interview! We celebrate your successes! Click here to see some of our latest celebrations!  So, would you like that dream job you have always wanted? Send us an email

Alternatively, Grammarly has a free service that you can use to check for common spelling and grammar errors. Click here to go to the Grammarly site to get started.

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