The lazy person’s resume writing services job search tip!

The lazy person’s resume writing services job search tip!

Are you someone who applies for a job on Seek, LinkedIn etc. and never follows up on it? You might get an unsuccessful email and think.... which job was that for? Well, this lazy habit needs to stop. Today! 

If you are serious about your job search, our resume writing services can take the time and effort out of the recruitment process, and if you are really looking to land a new position, The Perfect Resume team have created a nifty follow up email that you can quickly template out and send to your prospective employers: 


Example follow up email: 


Subject: [Insert position title] opportunity,


Dear [Insert Hiring Manager's name],


On [insert date], I applied for the [insert position title] with your company through [seek, the website, etc.].


I would like to firstly thank you for the opportunity to apply for the position as I have been looking for one such as this for quite some time, as such, I’m eagerly awaiting your response on whether I have been shortlisted for an interview.


I appreciate you have a hard decision to make, therefore I would like to reiterate the qualities which I can offer the role:


  • Extensive experience in…
  • Adept in…
  • Highly skilled in…
  • Sound [insert] skills with the ability to…


I also have the required experience, qualifications, and attributes you are looking for in your candidate; therefore, please find my resume and cover letter attached and contact me at [insert number] or reply via email if you require any further information.


I look forward to hearing from you once a decision has been reached.


Kind regards

[Insert your name]


Obviously, there are more proactive ways to follow up, such as going to the actual office and handing in your resume and cover letter, contacting them by phone, or even sending them a box of chocolates with your resume and cover letter in it, including a note saying, "While you are enjoying these chocolates, it would be an opportune time to consider me for an interview!" 

In today's job market, it is more competitive than ever. This job search tip might be the difference between you landing an interview or being rejected!