What is a CV vs resume?

What is a CV vs resume?

Resumes are the most important document you will ever need in your professional life, but the vast majority of people do not know how to write them or where to start. Many people have no idea what a resume is and they're too afraid to ask for professional help. The secret is that the people who land an interview are the ones who had their resumes professionally updated! The Perfect Resume can show job seekers exactly what goes into writing an incredible resume and get them one step closer to their dream career!

What is a CV vs resume?

A CV and a resume both refer to the same document. There are no differences. Generally, in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South America, they utilise the word, 'CV'. In Australia, US and Canada, they utilise the word 'resume'. At The Perfect Resume, we cater for Australian candidates therefore we will refer to them as resumes. 

What is a resume?

Whether you prefer to call it a resume or a CV, the actual resume template will be the first impression when job hunting, so you want to make sure that it's perfect. The problem is, most people don't know what a resume is. Many people think that it is just a collection of resume examples, information about your education and professional work history, however, it is actually much more important than that. Your resume template is your personal marketing document. It spells out your personal branding statement. It shows what you are proud to represent and also shows how successful you are at your work. Most employers want to see your resume, but they'll never tell you exactly what it should look like. Luckily, The Perfect Resume team is very forthcoming with their free feedback. Therefore, we can teach you exactly how to create the perfect resume for any job or industry. It's our secret formula that we've used on thousands of resumes every year and we've helped thousands of people land their dream jobs with it! If you get stuck, please feel free to send your resume to info@theperfectresume.com.au and we can provide some personalised feedback for free. 

What’s The Perfect Resume Writing Formula?

Keep a simple, yet visually attractive resume template so your relevant information will filter through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

With your content, always think to yourself, 'Does the employer want to know this?' and 'Is this relevant to the job that I am applying for?' If it is relevant, keep it in! However, if the content has sentimental value only, you are the only one who cares for it, and it will not get you an interview. When you content is relevant, it will have proper keywords that are likely to rank you higher against others when you apply for a job. 

The keywords you use in your resume examples are important as they will be used by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to shortlist you for an interview. The ATS is the gatekeeper when it comes to your job applications, and they are not easily fooled. If you're not careful, an ATS can reject even the most qualified candidate. 

The Perfect Resume can review your resume for applicant tracking system compliance. We use the ATS as a tool to help us create ATS compatible resume templates and then to cater your resume towards your chosen position. If you would like to receive personalised feedback on how to improve your resumes effectiveness so it gets noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) send your resume to info@theperfectresume.com.au and we can provide some personalised feedback for free. If you choose to go ahead with one of our packages, we'll help you rework your entire application until it passes every automated test thrown at it!

Resumes sell, sell, sell!

Don't forget your resume is a marketing tool for you. Be positive, upbeat, specific, explicit, and succinct. Make the employer interested in you!

Good resumes hit the highlights.

Remember that your resume is only one aspect of the application process. It should highlight targeted, specific and relevant information that can be backed up with more detail in your cover letter. 

Excellent resumes clearly speak to the desired audience and are easy to read. 

Understand what the employer is looking for and be confident in meeting their criteria. Make sure the formatting is correct on multiple devices, primarily if you use a MAC or Apple device. They do not convert readily into Windows-based Word documents that most recruiters and organisations use. Use bullet points or numbered lists for any qualifications that apply.

The Perfect Resume eliminates all the position description type fluff!

Think of your resume as a summary of the best bits of your career, like a 2-minute commercial into selling your best version of yourself. Therefore, you want to be as concise as possible with each line to not overwhelm employers with extra details they don't need right now. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet by limiting them to three sentences max at most per paragraph. It's also important not only what you say, but also how you say it.

The Perfect Resume is a company that will help you make your resume stand out from the crowd. Do you have an outdated, boring or cliched resume? Contact us for free advice and we'd be happy to give some pointers on how to re-write it to catch the eye of potential employers, so they call you for interview! Our team can also help with cover letters and job applications if needed as well. If what you're looking for is professional writing services at a competitive price, get in touch with our experts today!

In conclusion, resumes or CVs are both a relevant summary of your work experience and education.  Remember, to keep the resume concise and professional and personalise the information to ensure you have the interview winning resume! If you want some help with The Perfect Resume formula, send us an email at info@theperfectresume.com.au for our free review service today.