What is the quickest way to find a job?

What is the quickest way to find a job?

We hope everyone is staying safe. Many job seekers may be thinking it's time to pause their search while others are taking advantage of the job hunt. Here's what recruiters on LinkedIn are telling us from the front lines:

100% Virtual Hiring Has Started

While unemployment is climbing, many companies have an urgent or anticipated need to hire as things calm down in the coming months. Many recruiters are reporting business as usual hiring trends with dips in retail, hospitality and tourism sectors yet high numbers in mining, healthcare and finance sectors. However, without the ability to interview face-to-face, all interviews are being done virtually via phone, Skype, Zoom etc.

How can you land a job in the current climate?

The hiring world is likely to fall into new patterns as the coming weeks play out. As a job seeker, it's essential to stay positive and get creative. For example, start looking for jobs outside your normal industry.

Now more than ever, you want to make it easy for HR to quickly see your skills, experiences, and qualifications by keeping your resume ATS-optimised, clean, relevant and easy to navigate.

Finally, it is cheaper for employers to advertise on LinkedIn than Seek. Therefore, we are noticing thousands more roles being advertised on LinkedIn as companies try to save as much money as possible.

LinkedIn is also the best place to connect with recruiters. They have the inside scoop on which jobs are available and can help you figure out what type of job is the best fit for you right now. If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile, it is time to get one!

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