Introducing The Perfect Cover Letter: A Tailored Cover Letter For Every Job
It’s time to get that job you deserve! Would you like to get more notice from hiring managers? These days, it's more important than ever before to have a tailored cover letter. To ensure that you get the job you...
Want To Get Hired? Start With Your Cover Letter

This one-page cover letter technique is the secret to getting interviews, and it’s free!

Here’s How Your DIY Resume Is Falling Short With Recruiters
We all know that a resume is an important document, but what if yours isn't showing recruiters the value you have to offer? This blog post will help you understand some reasons why your DIY resume might not be working for you, including how your current methods of job-seeking can be hurting your chances and which changes need to happen to improve your opportunities of getting hired.
Should You Include Your Address On Your Resume?

Do you need your suburb, state and postcode on your resume? YES! Many companies have location as a minimum requirement in the applicant tracking system (ATS). If you don't have your location in the correct format and place it in your resume, there is a chance that the ATS will reject your application straight away. Here are some tips on how to write your address on your resume.

How to Hire a Professional Writer for a Clinician Resume?

Everybody is different and every CV is consequently unique to that person. Some people's lives and career paths are relatively simple, others are much more complex. So what makes a good Clinician resume and how to hire a Professional one to write it?

How to Communicate Effectively in an Interview
Are you really nervous about an incoming interview? Perhaps you were recently interviewed and felt that you could have done better. Either way, to be successful in the future and make an awesome first face-to-face impression in an interview, you need to be confident to communicate effectively.

20% of people self-identify as procrastinators. We’ve all been guilty of it. Maybe it’s not social media for you but news sites or pondering an upcoming holiday. Whatever it might be, it is impacting your work.

Do you have a natural ability to recognise, evaluate and manage health and safety hazards in the workplace? Perhaps, you are a strong advocate for achieving workplace change regarding health and wellbeing? If this is the case...
How To Write The Perfect Resume
Are you currently on a job search but can’t seem to land on an interview? Are you having difficulties in crafting the perfect resume that can make your application stand out above others? Are you confused about what to put in your resume?
How to Tailor a Cover Letter

You’ve found the best job for you and you have written The Perfect Resume, now what?

Of course, the next step is to write the The Perfect Cover Letter! But where do you start? Read on and we’ll guide you to the write the best Cover letter suited for your needs.

From 0 to 96%: How a Woman Boosted Her Chances of Securing a Spot in Mining

Who is Sue?

A woman, like a man, wears so many hats. She can be a mother, caring for her own family and raising a lady who is an achiever. She can be a wife, supporting her strong and loving husband who’s undergoing stress and grief. She can be a passionate educator, imparting her knowledge and experience to the world. In short, a woman plays a wide range of roles within our society. Meet Sue, a superwoman.

Secured a 96% Success Rate on a First Entry-Level Job Hunt
If you’ve spent weeks, months, or even years on your job search but seem to run out of luck, well then, today is your lucky day! You can get help on landing your first entry-level job from The Perfect Resume (TPR). 
How to attract recruiters to view your LinkedIn profile?
How can you make your LinkedIn profile visible to recruiters? LinkedIn is much more than just an online resume; your profile is a networking tool that shows recruiters and hiring managers a glimpse of you personally and a comprehensive overview of you professionally. It is an innovative way to represent your experiences, skills, objectives, knowledge, and what your interests are, all within a professional context. Read to learn more.
How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job?

Here are some tips to boost your employment prospects using LinkedIn.

How To Build Your LinkedIn Network?

People in your LinkedIn network are connections, ranging between 1st - 3rd degree connections.

As a professional, student, or jobseeker you should first aim to build a strong network representing those you know and trust. Leverage these connections to ask for skill endorsements, recommendations or to ask for introductions into a job or opportunity in which you are interested.

How Social Media Can Help You Land a Job Quicker?
Is cyber surfing part of your daily routine? Do you simply love online socialising and want to figure out how to take advantage of it in your career? Are you wondering how to use Social Media in your job search?
How to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile?
Are you using your LinkedIn Profile to its fullest to get a job? If you find a job listed directly on LinkedIn in which you are interested in, check out how you are connected to the hiring manager. You may also...
How to keep a strong LinkedIn Profile
According to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to headhunt candidates or eliminate people on their shortlist. Therefore, you DO NOT want a LinkedIn profile that will disadvantage you.
Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System
For the first time ever, a software program is assisting recruiters and hiring managers find, track, reject and hire applicants through an automatic process that cuts time and saves lumpsum money. And, at the heart of the technological revolution is the Applicant Tracking System. 
Personalities Matter On Your Resume

Are you struggling with what to write on your resume? Would you like some help?

Crafting The Perfect Resume
On a Monday morning of December 15, 2020, the Founder of The Perfect Resume (TPR), Melissa Peacock, was invited by the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node to be a Keynote Speaker and share her wit and wisdom with Year 10 students on the importance of creating resumes that would help them stand out.