Getting Fired is Hard. Outplacement can help

Getting fired is never easy. It's a feeling that no one wants to go through, and yet we all know it can happen at any time in our careers. After getting fired, the most important thing for an exiting employee to do is getting back on their feet as quickly as possible - but how? One of the best ways is by utilising outplacement services.

What is Outplacement?

The first step towards successfully navigating through outplacement services requires an in-depth understanding of what these services provide. When a company is going through a restructure, downsizing activity or pivoting towards a different future, they may need to reduce the staff headcount. When this is required, outplacement services help the exiting employees with valuable career advice and coaching - something they will likely not get from a traditional resume writing service.

The process starts with a 1:1 session where an outplacement specialist will ask the exiting employee about their goals, background, skills, and more. One of the most significant benefits is that they can provide feedback on ideas to move forward in a strategic direction before they start wasting months and months on applying for jobs they may not get.

Often, an unemployed candidate can be looking for positions without any income coming in for about six months. Outplacement services fast-track this process by providing valuable insight into their next career move.

Outplacement services include:

  1. Career coaching
  2. Resume writing services
  3. Interview preparation
  4. Networking support.

Candidates who receive Outplacement Services have found this service extremely valuable, as it provides them with support to highlight their skills and experiences in their resumes, confidence to represent themselves at interviews, and a way to reach out to recruiters hiring managers on LinkedIn.

If you need to terminate some staff and are worried that you will be leaving them in the cold, don't panic. Remember that outplacement services can help - they're a great way to help the exiting employee get back on their feet and find new opportunities in no time at all. If you want assistance with the process of getting started or would like to learn more about what our team offers, send an email to We are here for you every step of the way!