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      Do you need some resume help? Your resume, alternatively known as a curriculum vitae or "CV" is your personal marketing tool when applying for a job. Even a highly skilled and experienced person will have difficulty getting a job in today's competitive market if a resume is poorly presented or badly written. 

      Taking the time to work on your resume is vital. While The Perfect Resume offers professional resume writing services, we recognise that not everyone can afford to hire us. We do however want everyone to have the opportunity to land the job they want. 

      Below is a selection of DIY Resume Templates which have a modern design and can be adapted to the position you want. They all pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters and have been designed using psychological triggers to help influence the employer's hiring decisions. 

      Our DIY templates also come with support. If you get stuck or are unsure what to write etc. you can email a Professional Resume Writer and ask a career expert for advice. Now that is a service that other resume building sites can't offer you!

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      0 services

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