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Are you a Recruitment Officer or HR Manager who either personally sends job application rejection emails to candidates who have applied for a position in your company or delegates a member of your team to?

My name is Melissa Peacock, the Founder of The Perfect Resume and like you, have personally been responsible for emailing hundreds of rejection email templates for job openings. I wanted a way to lessen the blow to every candidate who applied, especially those who had poured hours into writing key selection criteria, or had moved through the recruitment process of almost landing an interview. 

I personally contacted those I was required to reject, some of them didn't remember applying for the position! However, some of them cried, some of them felt hurt, and quite frankly rejected and not worthy.  I would like to connect with you, and therefore those who are attracted to your organisation, or simply applying for every job on Seek because they are desperate, by offering a 20% off discount on The Perfect Resume or Career Counselling Services which you can weave into your unsuccessful job application template or a code that you can use for your own application!

Once the script has been added to your unsuccessful template there is nothing further you need to do, except you will know in the back of your mind that the candidate you are about to disappoint, who is still searching for a new job, will have the opportunity of improving their application and will hopefully land the next job they apply for. 

They will also be more likely to re-apply with your organisation again in the future as they won't be disheartened, only next time, their skills, experience and talent will be clearer, their application will be more concise and pleasurable to read, and you will have a better quality application to assess. 

Would you like to start giving the candidates some hope?

Simply fill in your details below and I can send you the 20% discount that is unique to your organisation and an example script you can use, so we can get started. 

Kind regards

The Perfect Resume

Melissa Peacock - The Perfect Resume

Founder of The Perfect Resume


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