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Helping Staff Adapt To Change

Change is inevitable and everyone, from employees to managers to leaders, have to be willing to adapt. Change can come in the form of a new manager, a new company policy or simply a shift in operations that will have a direct impact on your employment. The best way to get ahead of change is by being aware of the signals early on and adapting your behaviour accordingly. At TPR, we help employees to adapt to change so your company transition will be seamless.

What types of change does a business endure?

There are three types of change that affect businesses. These include:

Market Change

Over time businesses need to evolve, for example, regulatory legislation may change, technology may advance, prices fluctuate or your customers desire for a particular product or service increase or decrease significance.

A company redesign can mean revamping your messages, adding new customer-facing services, or updating your business model. If you're about to launch a rebranding campaign, now is the time to take all measures necessary to set your people and overall culture up for success! The team at TPR can help.

Competitive Change

In business, it's rare to have a monopoly over the market. There are usually competitors that you need to compete with, for example, you will need to compete with prices, innovate new services or look for ways to stand out from the crowd. If you're changing your competitive position, it's important to be aware of how this will affect your employees and their performance.

Change originating from your company's strategy can be expected, but still, impact staff adversely if not well managed. TPR can help you with internal messages, coaching and leadership development workshops to ensure people feel included in the decision making process.

Environmental Change

Business restructures or innovative solutions may be necessary to diversify or reduce environmental risks. For example, climate change or global warming. Businesses may need to adapt to regulatory changes or changed target audience mindsets. TPR can prepare your staff for these changes and even facilitate ideas to overcome employee engagement issues.

How does change affect a company's success?

The change affects every company differently, however, to lessen the impact, employees need to feel supported, have a sense of continuity and job security.

Most importantly, employees need reassurance that they are not the only ones affected by the change. A change in direction for an organisation can be scary and stressful but it's important to rally as a team and support one another as you work towards a common goal.

The right cultural factors have been shown to help employees manage stress and minimise negative impact. When an organisation starts to become aware that change may be on the horizon, it's important for them to understand what is driving the need for change. A thorough investigation of all aspects will help the business better prepare its people.

The advantages and disadvantages of change

For employees, the advantages of change can include gaining new skills and knowledge as they can be cross-skilled or introduced to new roles across the organisation. The opportunity to learn something new and share it with others can substantially maintain a sense of morale. For an employer, reskilling staff can ensure the IP is not lost and the knowledge of specific processes and procedures can continue without impact.

The disadvantage of change for employees includes the loss of a sense of identity and autonomy. Often, employees can feel like they no longer know who they are or what they do as their role is now obsolete with the changes in policy. It's important for employers to take this into consideration when dealing with reskilling staff during a change period.

How TPR helps organisations adapt to change

Focusing on three key areas, we can create an environment where change is understood and handled in a supportive method.

1. Ensuring employees feel supported

TPR help leaders and managers to have open communication with their employees, increasing the transparency of information and ensuring employees understand what changes will occur and why they are necessary.

2. Educating individuals to accept change

We have practical strategies that businesses can implement to ensure their teams have more resilience and feel equipped with the knowledge to deal with disruption.

3. Setting a new future vision

TPR look at behavioural expectations, processes and procedures, resources and your team's ability to embrace change rather than fear it.

By focusing on these core areas, your TPR partner can help your business adapt to change in a seamless transition. If you need assistance with your change management plan or any other HR related matters, please contact our friendly team at TPR.

Helping your business and employees thrive through a changing environment

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