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Are you applying for a job and need some resume help? It is true recruiters have been known to reject a resume in six seconds! The team of Professional Resume Writers at The Perfect Resume have conducted research, below are the top 20 areas Manager's look for in a resume:

    Resume help to have the best chance of being shortlisted within six seconds

    Have a look at your resume and find out if you have what managers are looking for!

    1. No typographical errors
    2. Standard formatting 
    3. Noticeable effort
    4. No bulls**t 
    5. Qualifications
    6. Job specific knowledge
    7. Technology systems used
    8. Aptitude
    9. Personality
    10. Commitment
    11. Quality of work experience
    12. Achievements
    13. Leadership qualities including the sizes of teams handled
    14. No signs of "job hopping" 
    15. Continuous learning 
    16. No career gaps
    17. Specialities 
    18. Outstanding grades
    19. Volunteer work
    20. Length is no more than two pages

    My name is Melissa Peacock, the Founder of The Perfect Resume. I have since moved on from the world of recruiting and senior management, yet I still revolve around the same industry ecosystem as a Professional Resume Writer. I now help people get their resume ready for their job search. I provide free resume reviews every day. Some are not bad, some are terrible. But every review deserves constructive feedback in areas that can be improved. 

    When I first receive a resume, I ask myself several questions:

    • Is the resume formatted is the best possible way?
    • Does the resume showcase the candidate’s achievements in a figurative way?
    • Can I tell what position the candidate is applying for?
    • Will the resume stand out?
    • Is there any spelling or grammatical errors?
    • Is there a career gap? 
    • Are there any biases the candidate needs to eliminate?

    There is no reason you cannot harness the same skills as I do. You can develop your own resume and ask yourself the same questions. If you really want a job, in today’s competitive job market, you are going to have to put in the effort. There is no such thing as a “band-aid” resume that lands you a job today.

    Are you ready to put time and effort into your job search, or are you happy with half-hearting it and crossing your fingers? A serious candidate will be playing a serious game, and they will be your competition. You may need to rethink your job search strategy! 

    If you find a job you really want, do your due diligence. Craft a resume that speaks directly to the manager’s desires. Sit on it, then reflect. If you don’t have the WOW factor, change your approach and try again.

    The length of your resume is one of the biggest factors for many of the Managers. Generally, a person's personality comes across in the resume. If someone's resume is more than three pages long, they are seen as someone who either talks too much or is overly confident. Both traits that are somewhat annoying to work with. What does your resume say about you? Take advantage of a free resume review by clicking here. 

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