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Most resumes are poorly written and don't present candidates in the best light. Little to no information about a candidates achievements also make your job as a recruiter or hiring manager extremely frustrating. You need to trust the candidates that you are putting forward, and often, the words the candidate puts on a page are full of generic job description type statements that shed no light on how they will perform in a role. 

To add, poorly written resumes can severely impact candidate's mental wellbeing as they go into the never-ending cycle of applying for jobs and getting rejected for them. By becoming an affiliate partner in our resume writing service, you'll be able to uplift the quality of resumes in the market, which will ultimately allow you to make better decisions about who is suitable for the job. We're here to make sure your company hires the perfect candidate!

Become an affiliate partner with The Perfect Resume

Are you a recruiter, career coach, or employment consultant and would like to refer clients to have their resume, cover letter, selection criteria, or LinkedIn profiles written? Perhaps you have a website that targets individuals between the ages of 21-50 and would like to monetise your site? We can help!

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You Can be part of a Jobseeker's Success!

join as an affiliate partner today so you can be paid to Promote The Perfect Resume Services

What we offer

  • Our program is free to join, easy to set-up and requires no technical knowledge. 
  • You receive a 10% commission on any purchases, after GST when your affiliate code has been used. Based on our current prices, this is between $5.64 and $286.28 per package sale.
  • To increase the customer's incentive to purchase, we offer a 10% discount that you can pass on.
  • We provide a done for you Affiliate Kit, including banner ads that you can add to your blogs, websites, emails, social media and more!
  • There is no minimum payment threshold unlike other companies. This means that you don't need to wait until you receive $100 to release the funds. If you sell a single cover letter for $69 AUD (our cheapest service offering) you will receive $5.64 no questions asked (see below for the calculation method).
  • There is no commission cap, you can sell as many or as little packages every week. 

How Does It Work?

Fill in the Form

We will send you a unique discount code that you can send to your customers, giving them 10% discount off the total price.

Promote The Perfect Resume

Publish The Perfect Resume banner or text links on your site, blogs, social media, emails or other marketing collateral.

You Get Paid

Visitors click on your links and purchase a service. On successful order completion, we pay your 10% commission. 


What services does The Perfect Resume offer? 

We are specialists in career development and offer individuals with career-related services, such as career counselling, interview preparation, resume, cover letter, selection criteria and LinkedIn profile writing services. We also offer premium business services, such as Outplacement services which are our top-tier priced products where you can earn up to 

Can I still be an affiliate if I don't have a website?

Yes! There are many ways that you can refer clients. For example, if you are a recruiter and receive a call from an unsuccessful candidate, you can let them know that you recommend they get their resume professionally updated with The Perfect Resume. You can then email them the referral code which will give them 10% off their package price. We will do the rest. You can also promote The Perfect Resume on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 

How do I get paid?

When a client orders a service with your discount code, we will contact the client directly to complete the service. Once the service has been finalised, we will transfer 10% of the total sales amount, less GST, into your preferred payment method (bank transfer or PayPal)

* How does the commission get calculated?

Calculation for the 10% commision is as follows:

$Total service price

- 10% client discount

- 11% GST

*10% Your commission 

Am I referring clients to a high quality, trusted service?

Absolutely! We have a customer-first approach and take pride in our 96% success rate in helping jobseekers secure an interview. Last year, we helped over 3,500 candidates with their career and attracted a high word of mouth referral rate. 

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate differs greatly, dependent on your marketing tactic and quality of the traffic. To help you, help us, we do the heavy lifting, nurturing your leads so you don't have to rely on the link working on its own. When the referral comes through the website, we offer free resume reviews which have a high conversion rate and a further free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions they may have.  

How can I cancel the affiliation?

You can terminate the affiliate at any time by removing the affiliate links from your marketing material, website, blogs etc. The Perfect Resume also reserves the right to suspend. modify or terminate the referral at any time and for any reason. Please note, we do not tolerate any abusive or fraudulent activity. 

That's it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at