Did you know you have six seconds for your resume to impress your next employer?

Hiring a Resume Writer to Apply for the Jobs for you!

Have you had your resume and cover letter already updated with us and finding it a struggle to find the time to apply for jobs? Applying for jobs can be a full-time job in itself! Why not hire a Resume Writer to apply on your behalf?

Our recommended approach is to call each prospective hiring manager prior to applying for the position to have the best possible chance of being shortlisted for an interview. While applying for jobs on your behalf isn't our recommendation, we understand many people have busy lives, and applying for jobs just takes too much time.  

What does the job application service include?

Each job applied for is charged at 1.5 hours and requires upfront payment. The payment includes:

  • Tailoring the cover letter and resume with what the recruiter is asking for, the specific applicant tracking keywords etc.
  • Recording the details of each job applied for in a central location, so you can keep track when you get called for a phone interview, this includes a link to the company website, the position description of the job, the job advertisement, the cover letter and resume used to apply.
  • Applying for the job through the job board; Seek, Indeed or LinkedIn.
  • Connecting with the recruiter on LinkedIn
  • Following up with the employer one week after the job has closed to indicate you are still interested.
  • Following up any unsuccessful emails to gain recruiter feedback.

What does the job application service NOT include?

  1. We don't search for jobs for you. We do still require you to search through the job boards and email through the links to the ones you would like to apply for. This ensures we don't apply for jobs, and get you interviews for positions you are not interested in!
  2. If the job requires selection criteria to be addressed, this is an additional cost. 
  3. We don't attend the interview for you! 
  4. We don't contact the prospective employer for you! Why? Because they need to trust you as a candidate.

Is this the service you have been looking for? Feel free to purchase your first one and we can start setting it up for you, alternatively, send an email to info@theperfectresume.com.au if you would like to learn more! 

Hiring a Resume Writer to Apply for the Jobs for you!

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