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Video Resume | The Perfect Resume

In a competitive market, you need to stand out. 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool. The beauty of the platform is you are not restricted to paper. You can create a video resume!

It's time to gain a competitive edge over your peers. A video will be seen by millions of people, not just the recruiter. Your video will be presented directly in front of CEOs, executives and the actual managers who are looking to hire someone. 

This package includes a 3-5 minute professionally edited video. We will write your script for you. All you need to do is rehearse it and take the video with your smartphone. We will then edit it for you. Add special effects and distribute the video on our LinkedIn profile with access to over 4,000 recruiters and Managers Australia-wide. 

It's time to be ahead of the game. Contact us now to learn more. 

Video Resume | The Perfect Resume

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