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The Perfect Resume Writer Certification Course (TPRW)

In today’s hectic life of being pulled in so many different directions, I am so grateful to have found a career that is made for me. I was looking for a job with a better work-life balance and I am so happy to have found it. Not only do I gain the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping people find their dream jobs, but I also get to apply and expand my creative language superpowers every day! I keep my mind stimulated and engaged while making a tangible difference in the lives of others. What more could I ask for? Writing is not only something I’m great at but also something I thoroughly and completely enjoy. I was the student that had to delete words because I had gone over the limit… I was the girl to which words painted a beautiful picture, stirred the dreamiest emotions, and connected me to places, people, opportunities, and adventures beyond my wildest dreams. To craft an articulate impactful sentence that grabs the attention of the reader and makes them take notice is so very rewarding! Once on a roll, the words pour out faster than I can type. 

Using my superpowers to help others feels AH-MAZING!! The client brings their skills and experience, often wrapped in plain brown paper and I get to decorate them, adding descriptive glitter, eye-catching appeal, and flowing bows galore so that their resume writing package stands out from the rest. I highlight the client’s uniqueness and use my natural people skills to delve deep into their gifts, weaving them into a document that delivers exactly what the prospective employer is seeking while presenting their talents in a way that aligns with the organisation’s values and vision. By researching the role, organisation, industry, and specialist areas of expertise, I tailor the resume document to focus on exactly what the position requires. Articulately bundling all the client’s magnificence, achievements, and potential, my words are designed to pull the reader like a magnet. Employers have no choice but to add my clients to the exclusive list of interviewees.  

Making Every Chapter Count

The benefits of working from home are vast and varied. Flexibility, fun, and freedom are at the top of the list! Have you ever rolled out of bed, grabbed your laptop, and settled down to work with coffee in hand, sitting in your favourite chair under your favourite frangipani tree to create magic? If not, you are seriously missing all the awesomeness working remotely has to offer. With exceptional organisation skills and the ability to manage your time and juggle competing demands with style and precision, you are already halfway there!  

Have an appointment across town? I pack my laptop and set up my office at my fave café for a couple of hours while I wait. Need a day trip to the mountains or forest? Yep, you got it… I pack up my laptop and head for the hills! As a mother, I can plan my day around the needs of my family or drop them all at school and escape to my beach office. As the author of my own story, I get to allocate MY time and energy to maximise personal fulfilment and create a schedule and routine that works for ME. So, if freedom is an important factor in building a life that feels amazing then a career as a Professional Resume Writer is built for YOU. 

What does a day as a Professional Resume Writer look like?  

To put it simply, a day as a Professional Resume Writer looks like FREEDOM and tastes like FUN yet will be as unique to your life as it is to mine! You get to make it your own, mould it and shape it to fit like a glove. Resume Writers earn an average salary of $25,000 in Australia but like many things in life, you get back what you are prepared to put in. I created a life that fulfils not only my need to earn an income but also my need for autonomy, connection, growth, and satisfaction. Oh, my heart bursts with joy when I receive client emails announcing how excited they are to be accepting an opportunity of a lifetime! Each morning I get to open my laptop and welcome a day full of possibilities and limitless opportunities to connect employees with employers. I have the freedom to set my own pace, organise my time to suit my life, and prioritise my tasks within a schedule that is right for ME. I am dedicated to my clients with a commitment to delivering a document they are proud of, ensuring the client is satisfied and deadlines are met with ample time to spare while also prioritising my own needs. I have produced some of my most spectacular creative writing, taking the reader on an adventure that will change their life while sitting at home in my favourite pyjamas and my comfiest slippers. A day in the life of a professional resume writer is never boring, no two days are the same, no two clients are the same, and variety is indeed the spice of life. So, if you are ready for a job that brings you FLEXIBILITY, FUN, and FREEDOM, you enjoy helping others succeed, can weave your words together to create magic, and want to earn an income that will grow with you… then The Perfect Resume Writer Certification Course is calling you.  


Which certificate course is best for resume writing you ask?  

Choosing the right course is a super tough decision, I totally get it! You can’t go past The Perfect Resume for quality with a team of professional writers lighting the path ahead of you. There are so many elements to consider when making this decision but first and foremost I chose a company that aligned with my values. PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY, and a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE are values that I endeavour to live by in all aspects of my personal and professional life. Becoming the best version of myself has taken many interesting and exciting twists and turns and I am overjoyed to add Professional Resume Writer to my list of accomplishments.  

Never stop growing and learning, that is what makes life so darn exciting. The link below is the sign you have been waiting for. Join us to create the life of your dreams too!


“I'm so impressed with your exceptional and professional work! I've never seen my resume being so detailed, to the point and inspiring! It's simply incredible. I honestly couldn't do it without your expert help. Thank you for showing me the way -  how it has to be done in real life. “  Veronika, Melbourne, VIC 

 About the author

Debbie Walsh | The Perfect Resume Writer

Debbie Walsh

Professional Resume Writer/Proof Reader

Equipped with a Bachelor in Tourism Management, and expertise spanning corporate, small business, administration and accounting domains, Debbie has developed her skills in both the New Zealand and Australian tourism environments, excelling in her career as a Conference Sales Executive with an international hotel group.

Debbie’s interpersonal and communication talents shine through, with the ability to turn both her verbal and written words into pure gold. She applies them in her role as a Professional Resume Writer to connect the potential employer with the unique magnificence of the applicant. Coupled with a lifetime of creative writing endeavorsin 2019 Debbie also became a certified Reiki Master, inspiring women on their journeys to soul empowerment.

With a deep call to help others build confidence and believe in themselves, Debbie infuses every project with love, sprinkling magic upon every masterpiece she creates. Boasting a flair for accentuating skills and highlighting talents, she succinctly captures the essence of each candidate through divine expressionAs a valuable and versatile member of The Perfect Resume team, Debbie is firmly aligned with our vision of supporting others to fulfil their dreams and reach for the stars.