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How to Make a Winning Cover Letter | FREE TEMPLATE & SAMPLES
Your covering letter is designed to introduce yourself, provide a summary of who you are and detail your talents, skills, knowledge, and personal qualities. To make the most of your chances, inject a good and optimistic tone into your application....
551,300 jobless Australians minus 1 | How The Perfect Resume Helped a Client Secure an Interview Despite A 7-Year Career Gap
The Client | Jenny and Her Family Jenny, a job seeker from Brisbane, planned to re-enter the workforce after a 7-year hiatus. She and her husband, Mark, decided stepping down from her hospital administrator role would be the best decision for...
Get To Know Yourself Better To Achieve Job Satisfaction
Wondering how to get a better job or improve your work performance? The answer is by self-exploration and awareness or knowing yourself better. Gain job satisfaction with the help of these no-sweat exercises and job securing tips prepared by The Perfect Resume team's Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaches.
How to Land the Job of Your Dreams in 2022: Our 3 Easy Resume Tweaks
Claim it! 2022 shall be the year you land the job of your dreams! Wondering how? Through this career advice blog. So, if you are wondering how to tweak or improve your resume to help you pass the computer screening tactics and get noticed by employers when applying online or traditionally, dive in! You'll learn how to tweak your resume like a professional resume writer and see effective examples.
Decide Whether You Should Step Up, Get Out, Slide Sideways or Stay Put!

Career planning is a crucial step in ensuring career development. It helps professionals, ranging from graduates to executives, seamlessly move up around various career stages. Learn why you should start thinking about your career development early on in life and effective ways of devising strong career planning strategies from The Perfect Resume experts.

NO WAY! You're Firing Me? What do I do Now?😱
Compassion comes in unique ways and forms. A simple smile can better the day and change the life of a troubled person. As for those who have been recently made redundant or are feeling anxious about the possibility of termination,...
Boost YOUR Interview Rate via LinkedIn with 3 Easy Steps
  If you've ever wanted to successfully get multiple job interviews in days – not weeks or even months – you're reading the correct blog post. You’re about to discover The Perfect Resume team's 3-step method to immediately get noticed and receive...
Australia's Top Resume Writing Training Provider
Are you a stay at home mum who is looking for some additional income and considering becoming a resume writer? Wondering which resume writing certification course is the best in Australia? Do you have the relevant skills and want to learn how to create The Perfect Resume from the comfort of your home? Get started with The Perfect Resume Writing Training Course today!
Are you expecting an unstructured interview anytime soon? Have you been preparing yet find it difficult to gain confidence for you don't know what questions to expect? Do you need help with crafting and polishing your answers for an unstructured...
What to do if you are made redundant

Are you wondering what the process is when you have been made redundant? Do I need a solicitor for my redundancy? Is there anything that can be done to prevent being made redundant?

The Perfect Resume is a leading provider of redundancy outplacement and career services for displaced workers. We have helped thousands of people find new employment, and we’d like to help you too. We offer many different types of support for our clients, including resume writing, interview coaching, career advice, career outplacement counselling and more. Read on to learn how we can help you after a redundancy.

You’ve probably found THE ONE – the job you love! You now look for the latest copy of your resume and perfect it. But what about your cover letter? A cover letter is a one-page document that aims to express your intention of securing the spot. Wondering what your cover letter must include and how to address selection criteria? Read on and polish your application. Catch our FREE cover letter and selection criteria samples!
Top 7 MUST-DO Career Change Tips When Addressing Selection Criteria in your Job Application

Addressing selection criteria can seem frightening, but it can be easy to highlight your skills and experience with the right approach. In this blog post, career change experts from The Perfect Resume will help you understand what Key Selection Criteria are, provide tips on how to address key selection criteria effectively, and even give FREE examples from which you can gain insight. Read on for more information and craft the perfect responses for your dream job!

Have you been staying at that same company and still receiving nearly the same rate upon your entry? Worried that you may sound greedy or cause an awkward moment of silence in an interview when stating your ideal salary? Maybe...
The Great Resignation in Australia: You have resigned... now what? 
Are you a Millennial who enjoyed working from home and now your boss has pulled you back to the office and you are hating life? Did you have a post-pandemic epiphany and realise you only get one chance at life? Perhaps you are feeling burnt out because of all the extra hours the coronavirus has created. The Great Resignation in Australia is looming, just as it has done in the US. Therefore, soon, you will be wondering, 'if I resigned from my job title, what should I do next?'.
LinkedIn Profile Guidelines To Make You A LinkedIn Rock Star
Are you looking for a job and are thinking to yourself, how do I know if someone is on LinkedIn? What's the best way to connect with people I don't know? or what's the difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms? If so, you have come to the right place as we have all the answers!
Resume Writing Secrets to Get you Working in Australia
How to write an Australian-style resume? This article will assist you with the resume writing secrets to get you working in Australia, especially when preparing your standout resume examples!
Job Search Trend 2022 | Paper Resume vs Video CV
Are video CVs the future of resumes? Are they better than paper resumes? Let's dive into this job search trend this 2022. In this blog post, we will compare paper resumes against video CVs. Video resumes are also one of the most excellent ways of showing off one’s personality to potential employers. But what should YOU consider before filming one?
Career Pathway Case Study: Envision a Promising Future as a CFO

Are you dreaming of having a C-suite title seven to 10 years from now? Start making a path towards securing a Chief Financial Officer role in the future today! This case study is aimed to help recent graduates or those who are lost along their career paths towards toggling their way up the career ladder.

Is Your Resume Holding You Back From Your Dream Life?
Embarking upon the task of finding a new job can be daunting, to say the least. Digging out your old resume stirs up all the feelings of insecurity and unpreparedness, and in some cases, sheer panic… especially if the resume feels like it is from the Middle Ages, hiding in a dark cupboard somewhere all covered in cobwebs on a floppy disk. Even if you had your resume updated only a few years ago, trends change quickly and what was once modern and eye-catching now looks outdated and boring. Gone are the days of arriving without an appointment to knock the socks off the HR (Human Resource) Manager, in your most professional outfit and best smile. These days, every job application must be submitted online in electronic Microsoft Word or PDF format, often accompanied by a Cover Letter and at times also featuring a document that addresses the role’s Key Selection Criteria. 
Be the Author of Your Own Story!
Choosing the right course is a super tough decision, I totally get it! You can’t go past The Perfect Resume for quality with a team of professional writers lighting the path ahead of you. There are so many elements to consider when making this decision but first and foremost I chose a company that aligned with my values. PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY, and a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE are values that I endeavour to live by in all aspects of my personal and professional life. Becoming the best version of myself has taken many interesting and exciting twists and turns and I am overjoyed to add Professional Resume Writer to my list of accomplishments.  
TPR Writer Certification Course

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