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Are you looking for a new job? Would you like more money in the bank? More time with your family and friends? Perhaps you want to get out of a toxic work environment. We have helped 3,500+ people to secure interviews with the aid of our professional resume and cv writing services.

What you can expect?

ATS Compliance

We will parse your resume through a popular ATS to check if your contact details, education section and work experience filters through as expected. If it doesn't, we will let you know ahead of your next job application.

Language Optimisations

Yes we know a good resume needs proper English! We will check your spelling and grammar. However, more importantly, we will provide feedback on how engaging and relevant your resume is compared to other candidates.

Recruiter Bias

Recruiters may be put at risk for discrimination if they tell you this feedback! However, we will be transparent about potential biases that are putting your application at risk.

How the process works

Enter your details into the form below. Within 48-hours, your resume will be reviewed by one of our resume writers or career coaches.

While you wait...

Search for jobs you are interested in and send the links to info@theperfectresume.com.au. The links will help us provide you with personalised feedback.

Your review will be sent to your email with actionable feedback.

Take Action

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We know that it can be hard to get a job, especially if you don't have the right tools.

That is why we are here for you!

It doesn't matter what industry or position you are applying for because we have seen them all before! Our recruitment experts are ready to give you their feedback to give you an edge over other applicants.

We will review your resume against other successful candidates to let you know how you compare. You'll also receive personalised feedback on how to improve your pitch. We will make sure that every aspect of your application looks polished and professional - from modern resume templates to tailored content and language usage. We will also recommend the resume writing services that you could benefit from to save time and get it right.

Don't let a resume maker/generic application or cv hold you back from getting an interview for that perfect job.

When you partner with The Perfect Resume to assist with creating your resume, we leverage a recruiter bias called the halo effect. This simple yet powerful psychology backed approach ensures your potential employer and hiring manager sees how skilled and valuable you are as a candidate. We also build a resume and ensure your application is easy to read, highlights your professional experience, and demonstrates the value you bring to the team.

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