Case Study: A Job Success Story

Case Study: A Job Success Story

How our services and resume makeover aided James to gain job traction and stay on top of his search.

The Attractors

Bearing business expertise and over 7 fruitful years across the Financial, Retail, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical and Education sectors, James was ready to achieve more. He wanted to draw the best position possible with the skill set he possess. Meanwhile, The Perfect Resume (TPR) team was on the mission of helping job seekers. With the pure intention of giving people the chance of standing out, the team wanted to use their proficiency with words to help clients, not only to look for a job but to be one step higher on the career ladder. This is the start of a meaningful relationship built by traction. Indeed, “you attract what you manifest.”

The Challenge

The competition in the Australian job market is very tough. Whether you are a graduate or a qualified professional with the right skills and experience, you may struggle with gaining employment; what more landing a job you desire! Therefore, more and more job seekers opt to get the support of resume writing services. However, many fall for scams or even false promises given by the resume mills out there which is exactly what James was exactly trying to avoid.

The Steps

To guarantee his career advancement and have the freedom of choosing the job he wants, James’ goal was to gain more traction. He wanted to be seen and he knew that one way of achieving it is by improving his resume. Thus, he decided to look for “the one,” the perfect team to help him craft the perfect application documents.

Sadly, despite trying to be very careful, James fell for bait! He was guaranteed the best resume for half the price but there was a catch! His document was made by a couch writer, one who has no background in the industry. So, for the price he paid, he got a half-baked resume and a very generic cover letter.  

Oh well, trial and error. So, he lost his trust and decided to make a better one by himself. Yet, as soon as he was done putting in his name, contact details, and address, he paused. “What’s next?” he said.

Resume writing can be very stressful and time-demanding. Hence, he scoured the internet one more time to find the right help. This time, he had criteria that were all met by The Perfect Resume.

The Result

“After inquiring from various resume writing services, I gained a lot more traction towards you than others. You did not fail me for you have exhibited exceptional writing skills and you completed the tasks in a timely and efficient fashion. Additionally, I was hired for a position I wanted with my resume.” James   

To aid our clients in achieving their goals, we focus on the quality of each document. Unlike these resume mills, we guarantee a 96% of success rate and hands-on support. We offer unlimited revisions until our clients are confident to give their documents a test drive.

Through our professional resume writing services and dedication, we did not only achieve James’ goal of being seen, but we also aided him to stand out amongst the crowd. Now, he is confident and ready for stepping on a higher level of his career ladder. So, he returned to the TPR once again to help him craft an impactful cover letter for a position he is currently targeting.

I am very happy to give you a glimpse of how we work with our clients. I am proud of the relationships we have fortified due to quality and communication. I believe that for James, there is nowhere else to go but up!

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