Job Search Trend 2022 | Paper Resume vs Video CV

Job Search Trend 2022 Paper Resume vs Video CV

Are you currently on a job search this 2022? Still thinking about making the perfect resume that will make hiring managers and recruiters need you for an interview? Well, have you been thinking about whether to stick to the paper resume or join the video CV bandwagon?

In today’s digital age, technology evolves at an alarming rate. After TikTok introduced its resume feature in 2021, many job seekers, especially the millennials and those part of Gen Z, have been jumping into the trend or hype of creating video resumes. Due to this, many aspirants are thinking of ditching the traditional or paper resume. But is it a wise thing to do?

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you must adapt to the latest trends in the job market. And that’s why we’re discussing paper resumes vs video CVs today. Let’s take a closer look at each option and decide which one is best for you.

Paper Resume: What It Is and How to Choose the Perfect One

A resume is a critical part of your job application. It is a one or two paged summary of your skills, experiences, and qualifications. A paper resume is a hard copy of your CV and is designed for you to hand out or send to potential employers. All you need is word-processing software or an ATS-friendly resume template, such as these:

Job Search Trend 2022
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In 2022, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect paper resume for you. Let’s table down the steps on how to make an effective resume. In the world of resumes, it is important to make sure you are using the tool that will help get your name out there. There is no one-size-fits-all when making resumes, and for yours to be as successful at finding jobs, you need an effective strategy; therefore, let us look through these steps on how exactly YOU can create YOUR own perfect paper CV:
  1. Select the suitable resume format. Why is choosing the right resume format important? Well, you only have 6 seconds to capture the attention and impress your next employer. Having the right resume structure can help you highlight your most irresistible skills and experiences that might help you unlock an interview or even move up on the career ladder. According to The Perfect Resume team’s pool of professional resume writers, an ideal format for your paper CV is one that contains the crucial elements that can aid you in championing the six-second resume test, namely your name, correct and updated contact information, career snapshot, certifications and qualifications, header, and professional title. Therefore, make sure that these essentials can be easily located on your paper resume.
  2. Indicate your work experience and detail your achievements. It is undeniable that many hiring managers and recruiters go for experienced employees. They are believed to contribute faster and require less attention and training; therefore, fewer company resources, such as time and coaching capital, are needed. However, if you are a newbie in the industry, you still can pull your paper resume off! How? Simply by adding your notable achievements whilst attaining your degree or volunteering activity. Make sure to include the names of the companies you have worked for, their locations, employment dates, your job role, the skills you demonstrated, and the awards or milestones you have reached.
  3. Show off your qualifications and education. Did you know that adding your qualifications to your paper resume can set you apart from the competition? It is imperative to include an easy-to-read and ATS-compliant list of your qualifications on your CV. Hiring managers and recruiters are keen on knowing if you have the right training and degree needed to do the job. With this said, include a section that displays your educational attainment, training, and recognitions.
  4. Customise your job search information for a specific job. Every job advertisement requires different skill sets and experiences. They are as unique as every job seeker. Therefore, make sure your paper resume is tailored specifically to what they need. Be creative with how you present yourself so that hiring managers will notice! Be sure to read and identify the job requirements carefully. Usually, you will find repeated keywords, such as project management skills, leadership, collaboration, team player, etc. It is best for them to appear on your paper resume.

After crafting the perfect paper resume, you can eventually have it printed and then sent to employers OR have it delivered via email.

This specific job search tool is best for conventional industries, such as the domains of legal services, medical, and academic, wherein strict corporate culture is required. Paper resumes are more formal and present you in a professional manner. They are a great way to showcase your portfolios and samples.

Video Resumes: What Are They and Should You Have One?

Coming directly to the point: Video resumes are short videos made by job applicants or candidates seeking employment in different organisations. The candidates make these resumes and upload them online or mail them to the hiring managers to review.

In these videos, job applicants share complete details of their qualifications, experience, and skills. Like paper or the traditional resume, a video CV can either be general or for specific companies and positions. Many networking and job search sites provide users with different mediums of incorporating video resumes into their profiles.

By using a video maker, you can easily make budget-friendly video resumes for yourself.

Your video resume can serve as a crucial add-on to your job application based on the industry in which you’re looking for employment. This tool can help create the right first impression and aid you market your skills, qualifications, and experience to prospective employers. Do it right, and you might very well land a job! But how do video resumes help job seekers?

  1. Video resumes engage the hiring managers. Your video resume can add personality to your well-strategised print or paper resume. By utilising it, you can easily share your skills, qualifications, and experience with prospective employers whilst showing your expressions, language, and tone of voice. So aside from print resumes, these resumes can also make it easier for applicants to narrate their stories.
However, your video resume doesn’t need to be complicated to make a mark among employers. Just create a simple and professional-looking video resume without relying much on jargon and fancy visuals.

Keep the background blank; put in some text and add a bit of colour to make it more appealing. Your resume should be a very strong sell for your experience and knowledge. Try showcasing your presentation skills and your qualities without going overboard.

  1. Video resumes prove to be great demonstrations. Video resumes tend to be specifically advantageous for individuals in a profession that need strong communicative skills. Job seekers in the creative field can also benefit from good quality video resumes because they can demonstrate their innovative skills.

Nevertheless, poorly done resumes can instantly backfire by demonstrating a job seeker’s lack of creative skills and artistic talents. One of the best things about video resumes is that once they’re online, they remain there forever to share with all the future employers that you would like to.

But you need to ensure that the content in your video resume and its style is perfect for the occasion before you send it to a prospective employer or post it online.

  1. Video resumes are versatile. Video resumes are versatile because there are various other ways of using these resumes for job hunting. Job seekers can use the power of these resumes for purposes beyond just landing interviews.

You can also create a video as a thank you note that you can send to the employers after the interview. You can use your video resume as a tool for promotion at a current job or as a way of asking for help with your job search.

It always works to send thank you notes after interviews because this impresses the hiring managers. Well, you can send these notes even through emails, but a video thank-you note is a better option.

Just attach the video to your ‘thank you’ email, or you can even include it as a thank you GIF in your written mail.

Paper Resume or Video CV: Which Job Search Tool is More Effective?

Nowadays, there are a variety of ways to search for a job. Apart from the traditional newspapers ads that come directly to you through mailboxes around town, job seekers are constantly bombarded with various modern methods, including online sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. With the entry of 2022, aspirants are wondering whether to go the video CV route and put their paper resumes aside. 

The short answer is a big NO!

"Why are you hating," you may say.

This article is not meant to diss the patronage of video resume; it aims to point you in the right way!

Paper or traditional resumes, especially their soft copies in editable MS Word format or PDF, are still required by most companies in Australia

On the other hand, a video resume is one of the most excellent ways to show off your personality. They work wonders for people serving client-facing roles or for people whose job involves charming prospective buyers.

For job seekers in the creative and visual fields, video resumes are instrumental in highlighting their valuable skills. For example, your video resume is advantageous when it comes to showing your performance-based work, like acting on stage or animating a Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) effect.

However, these videos are used for supplementing, NOT replacing the paper resumes.

Despite the advent of social platforms, and job search websites in Australia, such as LinkedIn, Seek, CareerOne, GlassDoor, and Ethical jobs, having an updated traditional or paper resume, including their soft copies will always be a great investment. Why? Like you and me, technology has its flaws, too. So, in case a technical malfunction or gremlin arises, you can still be unstoppable in your job search!

But hey, if you have the resources, why not have both?

How can I get started?

Email your resume and a current link to the job you would like to apply to We will review your resume and provide honest feedback without costing you a penny. Our tips can help you stand out from all other applicants. With the help of our professional resume writers, you can easily create job search tools, such as cover letters, selection criteria responses, and LinkedIn profiles, thereby giving you a 73% chance of landing an interview. If you wish to unlock your dream job this 2022, call us at 1300 217 374 and learn how.