Making a Burden-Free Industry Switch

Making a Burden-Free Industry Switch
“Overall, I had a positive experience and would feel comfortable recommending The Perfect Resume to others, and I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again in the future.”
– Sarah

The Customer

The Perfect Resume (TPR) has been helping fresh graduates to kick start their professional journeys since 2018. Additionally, despite the brief span of time, TPR has made a stellar reputation by aiding over a thousand highly experienced professionals in making dramatic industry transitions, including our blog's featured character, Sarah. She proudly bears over 10 years of building and furnishing her corporate career.

As a high performing professional filled with great dreams and willing to make big moves, she remains loyal to the sector. A couple of years ago, she was awarded multiple times for the revenue-rearing strategies and efficiency-boosting approach she formulated.

She is a natural achiever but despite all her successes, she now realises that her heart is in the wrong place. Her non-stop quest for power turns into an unquenchable thirst for delivering care. So, she flips the page and enters a different chapter that will lead her to the health care industry.

The Dilemma

A healthcare career is a rewarding and broad opportunity for it allows the use of one’s skills in the service of others. On the other hand, a function within the corporate sector targets various facets of a firm, including revenue, client, and productivity-improvements processes. For over a decade, Sarah has been enjoying the perks of working for large corporations – from on-site day-care and gym to dry cleaning services and eat-all- you can treat! Enticing, right? Well, these “freebies” came with a price. She pays for these privileges through a painful currency… tremendous and unceasing stress.

Our lead character, worried yet excited, decides to cut off this burden. “I am ready to make a difference; I want to make an impact on the lives of others within a space that isn’t as nonchalant as where I am today,” Sarah sighed. As the old saying goes, be careful about what you wish for!

Days went by and little did she know, this desire she placed at the back of her head slowly grew and manifested in her life. A relative, her favourite aunt, fell ill which opened her eye to the real value of life. To her, money can solve an array of problems, but it can never bring the perished back. Over the course of days, as this special person grew weaker, it became clearer to Sarah just how much she cared for her family and those people around her. She then decided to take the biggest risk of her life.

Sarah converted her despair and passion for helping others into a strong inspiration towards retraining to be a Registered Nurse. At this point, a bigger dilemma unravelled! With entirely different skillsets, she did not know how to produce a resume that was relevant to her pathway change.

If there is one thing she learned from her days in the corporate world, it is to know the perfect time to seek help and the value of teamwork. So, she grabbed her sticky note and jot down a list that contained the following items: (1) industry expert, (2) real results, and (3) reliable customer service. These were her criteria. After storming google and carefully considering online reviews, “this is the one,” Sarah voiced while hopefully staring at the website of The Perfect Resume.

Life-Changing Approach

There are instances when one tries to buy a specific product online, and right when that person is ready to check out, his or her guts yells “SCAM.” For Sarah, she knew that she was in the right place and felt very positive. Consequently, after examining the website, the services, and the honest client feedback, she was overjoyed to discover that she could have her resume reviewed for free.

Trusting the process, she immediately sent her documents to the team and within the day, she got a response! It wasn’t only very prompt, but it was filled with priceless information about how she can improve her resume tenfold and secure a spot within a new industry.

It was revealed to her by The Perfect Resume team that many areas were alarming. They carefully explained how her resume wasn't aligned with the nursing role she was targeting.  Additionally, her document greatly exposed her to a recruiter bias that presented her overqualified for an entry-level nursing position due to her extensive corporate sector management exposure. On the other hand, the information she had on her resume gave away the fact that she was very underqualified for a nursing management position.

After receiving the feedback and without a blink, Sarah ordered Resume Package 1, which included a resume and a tailored cover letter. Excitedly, The Perfect Resume started the work for her; extensive industry research here, resume designing there and incorporating engaging achievements all over. She was thrilled to scan the resume draft which was happily sent to her by one of the industry-savvy writers within 24 hours only. Since TPR encourages collaboration and is dedicated to delivering the best-personalised services, Sarah’s resume draft was carefully designed and strategized by the members, thereby allowing her to provide some input with ease.   

Then, she sent the document containing the information she has contributed for final editing and proofreading. She also found a Nursing Graduate Program which she was keen on being part of. And as soon as the team was informed, no time was wasted! Hand-in-hand, the writers took care of her resume revision and tailored cover letter, whilst Sarah was taking care of her family and getting ready for her upcoming job hunt. Finally, the documents were ready!

No Hindrance Entrance

Sarah's story is an inspiration. Despite her change of heart and her wanting to have a better purpose, she was encouraged by her doubts and troubles. She knew that she had The Perfect Resume to back her up and they would never fail her; they showered her with support, not only on paper but also emotionally.

As soon a Sarah laid eyes on her finalised resume and cover letter, she was blown away. Her documents were not only Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant and visually pleasing but were also 100% aligned to a nursing position. Generously, Sarah gave back to the team by proactively delivering positive feedback on how happy she was with the result and their hands-on assistance.

With great satisfaction and confidence, she hurriedly sent her cover letter for a Graduate position within one of Southeast Melbourne’s largest healthcare organisations.

Now that we are reaching the final lines, bear in mind that this story doesn’t bear an end but a brand-new beginning. Within few weeks of applying and putting her documents in tests, Sarah was delighted to accept a hospital's offer to start in the Nursing Graduate Program!

Sarah is a fantastic example of what can happen when you put your mind to something. So, if you would like to triumph you industry switch just like her, email us at or call us at 1300 217 374! Our team awaits you!