TPR Writer Certification Course

TPR Writer Certification Course

Certifications & Training For Resume Writers

Welcome to The Perfect Resume Writing (TPRW) Certification Course.

Are you interested in becoming a professional resume writer and gaining experience writing resumes that get results?

Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competition in the competitive certified professional resume writing market by obtaining a top-tier or specialised certification?

Through our cutting-edge training with award-winning writers and our distinct resume writer certification, TPR will set you apart. With our course, you will be confident that you can tackle any resume challenge and be acknowledged as one of the finest in the market because you are a TPRW team member.

TPR provides training and accreditation options for all stages of the process. You're most likely in one or multiple of these situations:

  • You're thinking about professional resume writing and wanting to know how to get started.
  • You've been writing resumes for a while, either personally or professionally, and you realise it's time to get certified as a resume writer.
  • You already hold a resume writing certificate, but you understand the market is competitive and want to emphasise your differences from other professionals.
  • You have industry experience and want to work from home around your family commitments
  • You want to go from excellent to spectacular with your abilities

If any of the above describes you, please click here to view our TPRW Certification Course and mentorship program.

Resume Writing Courses & Mentoring Options

The Perfect Resume Writer Certification (TPRW)

Do you want to create professional resumes and CVs that are unique, powerful, and hard-hitting? Would you like to empower your clients with the confidence to look forward to job interviews? If you already know you want resume writing training and want to get the distinct advantage that personal mentorship from our award-winning instructor can offer, start here

This intensive program is created by an award-winning resume writer, Melissa Peacock.

The TPRW certificate is ideal for your first resume-writing certification. In fact, it has the most renowned name but also the lowest price of comparable credentials throughout the industry. As a TPRW Certified Writer, you will become more competitive in the market by demonstrating your expertise. You'll be able to set yourself apart from other certified resume writers and enhance your confidence in your skillset.

Start here if you want to create resumes that appeal to niche industry clients that are looking for professional help or if you wish to brand yourself as a resume writer who is an industry expert.

What are the benefits of becoming a Professional Resume Writer?

… I'm thankful for being able to work from home around my family commitments.
… Working in my corporate job was so stressful, now, I work on my own terms.
… I now have a job that I truly find rewarding!

Would you like to transform a job seeker's life by helping them find a job when they are facing impossible odds?

The livelihood of an individual is at the core of their confidence, quality of life, freedom, pleasure, and life balance. As a professional resume writer, you can help them achieve their goals, thereby contributing to changing people's lives!

So, let me tell you how TPR got started...

There once was a time when there was a team of 1, me! I ran a successful resume writing and career coaching service. However, I knew I was at the mercy of the following industry practices:

  • Charging too little and unsure how to increase my rates without losing business.
  • Working 60+ hours per week, stressed out and struggling to achieve a work/life balance.
  • Trying to learn engaging marketing techniques without a hint of a marketing degree.
  • Struggling to figure out how to get ahead and really make the business work.
  • Earning less than $50K per annum and struggling to get from week to week.

Then, I found a system that worked!

Not only did I crush my 6-figure financial goal in my business, but I did so within two years of starting. My clients ranged from new graduates, customer service employees to C-level executives.

I found a way to earn $100K+ annually without working myself into the ground.

I created a comprehensive set of simple, focused techniques and solutions, and they worked beautifully, enabling job seekers a 96% chance of securing an interview. Now, I'm sharing my expertise to help you earn a decent income while working around your personal commitments.

It's time to take a break from reinventing the wheel to get right to super-charged success, fulfilment, and life balance.

I am so proud to know that everything within TPRW is proven to work and provides the easiest, most effective way to attain success!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about TPR and for your enthusiasm! I look forward to working with you in the near future!


Melissa Peacock

The Perfect Resume