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Job Search Trend 2022 | Paper Resume vs Video CV
Are video CVs the future of resumes? Are they better than paper resumes? Let's dive into this job search trend this 2022. In this blog post, we will compare paper resumes against video CVs. Video resumes are also one of the most excellent ways of showing off one’s personality to potential employers. But what should YOU consider before filming one?
Career Pathway Case Study: Envision a Promising Future as a CFO

Are you dreaming of having a C-suite title seven to 10 years from now? Start making a path towards securing a Chief Financial Officer role in the future today! This case study is aimed to help recent graduates or those who are lost along their career paths towards toggling their way up the career ladder.

Is Your Resume Holding You Back From Your Dream Life?
Embarking upon the task of finding a new job can be daunting, to say the least. Digging out your old resume stirs up all the feelings of insecurity and unpreparedness, and in some cases, sheer panic… especially if the resume feels like it is from the Middle Ages, hiding in a dark cupboard somewhere all covered in cobwebs on a floppy disk. Even if you had your resume updated only a few years ago, trends change quickly and what was once modern and eye-catching now looks outdated and boring. Gone are the days of arriving without an appointment to knock the socks off the HR (Human Resource) Manager, in your most professional outfit and best smile. These days, every job application must be submitted online in electronic Microsoft Word or PDF format, often accompanied by a Cover Letter and at times also featuring a document that addresses the role’s Key Selection Criteria. 
Be the Author of Your Own Story!
Choosing the right course is a super tough decision, I totally get it! You can’t go past The Perfect Resume for quality with a team of professional writers lighting the path ahead of you. There are so many elements to consider when making this decision but first and foremost I chose a company that aligned with my values. PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY, and a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE are values that I endeavour to live by in all aspects of my personal and professional life. Becoming the best version of myself has taken many interesting and exciting twists and turns and I am overjoyed to add Professional Resume Writer to my list of accomplishments.  
TPR Writer Certification Course

Are you interested in becoming a professional resume writer and gaining experience writing resumes that get results?

Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competition in the competitive certified professional resume writing market by obtaining a top-tier or specialised certification?

Through our cutting-edge training with award-winning writers and our distinct resume writer certification, TPR will set you apart. With our course, you will be confident that you can tackle any resume challenge and be acknowledged as one of the finest in the market because you are a TPRW team member.

Cover Letter Blunders to Avoid
Knowing what to include on your cover letter is only a portion of making it effective. By learning what to leave out, you can focus on driving your expression of intent as attention-grabbing as possible. Dive in and increase your chances of securing an interview by learning how to write cover letters like a pro! 
Redundancy Outplacement Services You Can Trust
The Perfect Resume has specialists available to support, advise and guide individuals who are facing unemployment into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible. Our specialist team provides practical and emotional outplacement services support to help them move forward, including a wide range of support options such as help with resume writing, career coaching, preparing for interviews and more. To speak to one of our consultants, please contact us today at or 1300 217 374.
Tickling the Job Market: Resume and Cover Letter Writing
The job market is tough, and competition is intense. One way to stand out is by writing resume templates that capture your interest and highlight exactly why you are qualified for it. When applying to a company or applying online, a cover letter accompanies the resume. Cover letter samples should be brief but still, provide enough information about who you are and what you want so that employers will take notice of your qualifications.
The Whys and Hows of Cover Letters | Free Example and Review

Are you asking yourself if hiring managers even read the cover letters you take time to write? Are you wondering if you should still make one even if the job advertisement only mentioned a resume? Are you clueless about what your motivation letter or personal statement is for or should look like?

In this blog post, we're going to explore what goes into a cover letter and give you some tips on how to write an effective one.

Everything You Need to Know About Redundancy Outplacement Services in Australia
Suppose you need to strengthen your bottom line. In that case, you can look at making operational processes more efficient and organisational structures more refined, or you can look at outplacement, which will help you expand with talented people in the right roles while strengthening your bottom line. You can reduce career transition risks and expenses while helping your employees move into new opportunities through The Perfect Resume's market-leading redundancy outplacement services in Australia. In this article, we'll provide an overview of everything you need to know about outplacement and its advantages for your organisation and employees.
The Job Search Strategy Every Applicant Needs

Finding a job you deserve and love in the middle of a global pandemic can feel like an uphill battle. With so many people vying for the same positions, it seems impossible to find one that is both well-paying and fulfilling. With this information in hand, your search should be much easier!


This case study narrates the story of a young and compassionate graduate who is far away from home. With nothing else, but her Social Work degrees and genuine desire of helping people, she bravely jumped into the job pool with the hope of establishing a career within the health and disability sector. Regardless of being in a foreign country, Chao-xing never felt alone throughout her professional journey. Discover how the Perfect Resume team supported her all the way! 

Workforce Restructuring Outplacement Services

Are you looking to undergo workforce restructuring projects?

If the answer is yes, you need to consider outplacement services. Following a workforce restructuring event, outplacement services are provided at no cost to employees. An individual can receive a freshly written, targeted and optimised resume and social profile, personalised career coaching, and access to highly targeted job leads through these services. The Perfect Resume can help. We have helped thousands of people with resume optimisations, career coaching and more. If you would like to get in touch with us, send an email to

Create a Winning Resume Format for 2022
Are you planning to go on a job search in 2022? Do you need help formatting your resume to secure a better career next year? Are you trying to figure out which style, content, and format would work best for...
Make The Perfect Resume and Get Hired | Free Resume Tips and Examples
We know resume writing can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! If you're struggling with resume content or formatting, then fear not! In this blog post, we are going to give you resume tips that will help land you your dream job, insights on what makes the perfect resume, and how to create one yourself!
Case Study: A Career Change at 40 in Australia
There are plenty of reasons why job seekers decide to start a new career especially at 40. One motivation can be as simple or as strong as HATE! As for Noah, he didn’t have any hate. Yet, his career path, he decided to navigate! But at 40, isn’t starting a new career a little too late?
How Do You Write a Cover Letter in Australia?
The job search can be frustrating when the employer doesn't leave their contact details on the job advertisement to call them. It's even more annoying when they don't provide clear instructions about what is expected from you. Well, don't despair. If you try to accommodate the following tips when writing your cover letter, you'll immediately be well above average.
Are Resume Writing Companies Worth It?
Are you guilty of using an online free template to create your resume? Are you worried for you haven’t heard from any potential recruiter after sending your CV and Cover Letter out? And are you now considering having your resume written by a professional?
Case Study: A Job Success Story


How our services and resume makeover aided James to gain job traction and stay on top of his search? Let me give you a glimpse of how we work with our clients.


Are you currently having no luck with impressing potential employers? Have you ever thought about getting the help of industry experts but don’t know how and where to find credible ones? Perhaps, you have had an awful encounter with a resume writing service provider in the past and lost trust?

This blog post will dive deep into what to look for when striving and scouting five-star resume writing services and how to avoid getting scammed by "resume mills." 

Making a Burden-Free Industry Switch
Sarah's success story is an inspiration. Despite her change of heart and her wanting to have a better purpose, she was encouraged by her doubts and troubles. She knew that she had The Perfect Resume to back her up and they would never fail her; they showered her with support, not only on paper but also emotionally.