Create a Winning Resume Format for 2022

Create a Winning Resume Format for 2022

Are you planning to go on a job search in 2022? Do you need help with formatting your resume to secure a better career next year? Are you trying to figure out which style, content, and format would work best for your resume?

Job search is expected to be tougher with the entry of the year 2022. Therefore, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest resume formats and hiring trends, especially if you are or will be looking for employment. Fortunately, we've got a sneak peek into future job seeker expectations and a handful of tips that will help create a winning resume format for 2022. Read on and be make your job search easier!


Easy Guide to Choose the Resume Format Every Employer Prefer

Choosing the right resume format is very crucial. Due to being time-deprived and the voluminous job applications they usually receive; hiring managers and recruiters spend less than a minute to look at a resume. To be precise, according to Indeed, employers skim over resumes for only six to seven seconds on average. Due to this, it is essential to formulate an attention-grabbing template!

With a well-structured presentation, your desirable qualifications and experiences will be easily spotted by prospective employers. Once you get them hooked with engaging information, your resume will surely be irresistible and your readers will just keep on wanting more – oh, we meant reading more!

So, the main question is: What’s the best format employers will continue to wish to see until 2022?

There are three most common resume formats used today, namely reverse-chronological, hybrid, and functional. Let’s dive in and examine all three!

Resume format #1: Functional Resumes

Also known as the skills-based layout, functional resumes spotlight your qualifications, training, and skills over your work history experiences. Ideally, this format is best for recent graduates, first-time job seekers, or even those industry shifters. In addition, those who possess an array of qualifications can also make the most of this format and gain a leg up in a difficult job market.

Despite being a widely used format, a functional resume can pose a threat on your job hunt! Sadly, they are not Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)-friendly. This means that if the company you are applying for uses ATS, there is a massive chance of you receiving an unsuccessful message. Worst case scenario, you might never even hear anything back.

Why? Simple!

Once you submit your resume and other application documents, a system will initially read them. This system or the ATS is not fully capable of reading functional resume formats. Therefore, it will rank your application documents poorly. Straight to the “NO” pile you go.

Resume format #2: Reverse Chronological Resumes

One of the most traditional yet very practical and effective resume formats used for years, this format enumerates your relevant work experience in a reverse-chronological manner, hence earning its title. You start putting your most recent position at the top.

Reverse Chronological Resumes can certainly highlight your career progress and other work-related achievements, including the skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Emphasizing heavy on dates and other details, this resume format is best for experienced professionals who have spent numerous years of their career journey in the same industry. Therefore, if you are a first-time job seeker or have any noticeable employment gaps, using the reverse chronological resume template is not for you.

However, using this specific resume format can give you the upper hand in your 2022 job search for it brings several advantages. In 2021, this resume structure has been the ultimate favourite of many recruiters and HR managers. It’s very easy to skim over and presents the relevant information that prospective employers seek. In a short period of time and with great clarity, your readers can easily sense your professional growth without a head-scratch.

Resume format #3: Hybrid Resumes

Often referred by many as “combination” or “combined” resume format, this style blends together the best aspects of both functional and reverse-chronological resumes! Imagine, why choose between Barbecued snags and Lamingtons when you can get the best of both? That is the idea with Hybrid Resumes!

Like functional resumes, this format features your most relevant skills and career achievements. You will need to add a dash of explanation to demonstrate, instead of simply stating, how you leveraged these skills or even how they are important to the role you are trying out for. Additionally, if you needed to take a step down at some point in your career, maybe due to studying further or having a baby or even other reasons, this format is best for you! The hybrid style can help you avert judgemental eyes from your gaps without lying for or hiding them.

Unlike the first two resume’s we have discussed, the Hybrid format can cater to job seekers from entry-level up to executive professionals! Very versatile! Placing fair emphasis on both skills and work history, this resume format can allow you to demonstrate the advantages of hiring you using less space!

Now that we have an idea about the three main resume formats used by numerous job seekers and encountered by many hiring managers, which should we use in 2022? What resume template is most successful? Well, here’s what The Professional Resume experts say:

We recommend going with a hybrid resume format for your 2022 job search.

Currently, the reverse-chronological has been the favourite of many employers and resume experts. Yet, the hybrid resume is a rising star and is proven to be catching the attention of not only recruiters and hiring managers, but also the ATS (of course, by doing it right).


Top 5 Resume Hints: How Resume Must Look in 2021

It's no secret that resumes are difficult to create. Not only do you have to showcase your skills, but you must also make sure the resume is error-free and the format must be easy for employers to read. For all those job seekers out there, the resume mystery is a common concern. In 2021 how should resumes look? Will they really be digital or paper copies? If you are looking for a job in 2021-2022, here is a guide for you.

Resume Guide #1: Don’t make it lengthy

How long should a resume be? Don’t even attempt to make it three! Go for one or two pages only.

Remember, for every job offer, you must tailor your resume. Address the wants and needs of an employer by including the relevant details. Since the space is limited, every word should count!

Resume Guide #2: Show off your numbers

Make your resume stand out by sprinkling in some numbers or metrics. Let employers know exactly how much income you’ve generated, how many people you’ve trained or even the processes you’ve streamlined. Recruiters do love seeing these details for they can help them imagine the impact of the work you did and how you can be an asset to their company!

Resume Guide #3: Throw in relevant keywords

To speed up and optimise the recruitment process, employers have taken advantage of technology. Now, applicant tracking systems (ATS) are used to filter out resumes and other application documents, such as cover letters and selection criteria responses, to hire the top talents. By adding in some keywords, you can pass the initial level of the hiring process and have a higher chance of being interviewed.

You can acquire the needed keywords by checking the job listing itself. Sort out and analyse what the employer wants and incorporate the words in your resume.

Resume Guide #4: Keep it simple yet catchy

Complicated formatting will place your resume in the “no” pile. Why? This is because the ATS will have trouble reading your resume. Yet, this is not an excuse to make a boring document. You can still show some creativity by adding graphics on the header, choosing an appropriate font, such as Calibri, and putting some appealing information on your resume’s footer!

Resume Guide #5: List your accomplishments

Adding your job description on your resume will not work in 2020, nor the succeeding years. Employers want to know what is in for them, not what you have done. Therefore, ‘wow’ them by stating what milestones you have reached, the KPIs you have exceeded – in short, the perks of having you in the team.


Gain a Hassle-Free Leg Up in Your 2022 Job Hunt

If you are planning to secure a job in 2022 and unsure of how to craft The Perfect Resume, we can help. Give us a call at 1300 217 374 or send us the latest copy of your resume to, and one of our Professional Resume Writers will review it for FREE. We will give you tips on making prospective employers hire YOU over ALL OTHER CANDIDATES – without paying a penny! 

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