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Why is The Perfect Resume one of the Best Resume Writing Services in Australia? 

In an increasingly competitive environment and with the introduction of digital recruitment including Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), individuals are finding it difficult to land interviews as their resumes are not formatted correctly. By empowering people to strive for their career aspirations, The Perfect Resume (TPR) provides professional resume writing services in the correct format. TPR also provides career counselling to professionals across all industries. Based on market research and broad industry knowledge gained throughout her career, the Melissa Peacock, the Founder of The Perfect Resume Writer sees a unique opportunity to bring a modern perspective and give candidate’s the edge they need to stand out.

The Perfect Resume's Mission Statement

Mission statement: Empower people to strive for their career aspirations.

Vision: Be passionate about the career journey. Act with determination and celebrate personal growth.


  1. Deliver service excellence – Provide value-added services with a touch of finesse.
  2. Commit to a successful outcome – Go above and beyond for the candidate to ensure goals are met.
  3. Act with integrity – Prioritise the candidate’s best interest as an upmost priority.
  4. Co-create courageously – Deliver personalised services and innovative solutions together with a shared vision.
  5. Be transparent – Educate candidates and provide ongoing assistance.

What Services do The Perfect Resume offer?

Perfect for corporate professionals, school leavers, graduates or those looking for a new job, The Perfect Resume (TPR) is a career service catering for entry-level and graduates through to C-level executives and Board-level professionals across all industries. Our Career Counsellors come from management and are 100% dedicated to helping candidates achieve their chosen career direction. The average Australian spends 75,000 hours at work in their lifetime. At TPR we work with individuals to guide them into a job they are truly passionate about.  We have two main service offerings:

  1. Professional Resume Writing Services 
  2. Career Counselling Services 

Professional Resume Writing Services

Unfortunately, the human element has been removed from the initial stages of recruitment. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have replaced junior HR roles. Once upon a time, human eyes would initially scan candidate’s resume for keywords and identify whether they were a suitable candidate or not. Today, the ATS robot scans candidates resume for keywords. Unlike a human, who can scan the entire page and admire fancy fonts etc. ATS systems are rigid. If the candidate’s resume is not in the correct format, they will be deemed unsuccessful without a human even seeing the effort they have placed into their application.

TPR can help the candidate succeed not only by creating a new resume that passes through the gates of ATS software.  Our resumes are modern and graphically designed to help the candidate stand out from others positively.  Resume's are created with a focus on quality over quantity as sadly, the candidate has just six seconds for the candidate’s resume to impress their new employer and for them to decide whether the candidate will be shortlisted or not. Our Professional Resume Writers have received thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of people throughout their careers, therefore, they know exactly what managers look for in an application.

Career Counselling Services

Perfect for corporate professionals, graduates or anyone looking for advance their career, a 60-minute career counselling session is extremely useful for providing direction to the candidate’s job search. Narrowing down exactly what the candidate wants and focusing their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile towards those roles become easy when the candidate sets goals, understands their barriers to success, achievements etc. People who opt for a comprehensive package have greater success in landing an interview because the application is tailored to what the manager is looking for. The career session is conducted via phone call so the candidate can relax in the comfort of their own home.

Professional Resume Writing Services 

  • Free resume review
  • Modern resume updates
  • Resume creation 
  • Expressions of interest
  •  Key selection criteria
  • Tailored/Generic cover letters
  • LinkedIn profile updates
  • Proofreading
  • DIY Resume templates with free proofreading.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

  • A 73% greater chance of landing an interview
  • A 41% greater chance of landing the job!
  • Greater sense of hope
  • Save time!
  • Increased confidence
  • Consistency across the document

Features of Professional Resume Writing Services

  • Free resume review with constructive feedback
  • ATS compliance
  • Fully customised modern designs
  • Editable MS Word and PDF format provide.
  • Use a concise document highlighting quality over quantity
  • Colour psychology
  • Unlimited revisions until they feel confident applying for jobs with the documents.

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