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Do you need some guidance from a Career Coach? Helping people achieve the job they want is a speciality of The Perfect Resume Career Coaches!


At the Perfect Resume, our Professional Resume Writers are also experienced Career Coaches. They help over a hundred professionals apply for jobs every month. This gives them invaluable expertise across all industries and all levels of your job search. Whether you are searching for a job, writing your CV, preparing for an interview, starting a job, leaving a job, changing industries, looking to upskill or generally thinking about your next career steps. The Perfect Resume career experts can help!

A Career Coach can help you with the following areas:

What are the benefits of having a Career Coach?

One-word sums this up! Confidence!

Most people gain considerable personal insight into what motivates them, what their direction is and what makes them passionate after speaking with a Career Coach. A Career Coach also identifies trends that keep reoccurring with all jobs you have had. A root cause analysis can identify personal barriers you put in place or coping mechanisms you need to work on.

After the first session, you will feel more confident in your career direction. After a few sessions, you will understand, perhaps for the first time ever what personally drives you to experience positivity at work.

What gets you out of bed? What gives your life meaning and purpose?

Similar to a life coach, a career coach identifies your strengths and weaknesses and helps you achieve more, strive for your goals and succeed.

Your talents will be identified. You will also be able to tap into insights to shape your career progression. Not everyone is on the path to becoming a CEO of an international company. Your career path is unique to you and for many people, this is currently hidden from their line of sight.

If you have experienced frustration at work a career counselling session can be tremendously powerful for you. It will bring a sense of clarity to your career direction.

The Perfect Resume has Career Coaches available to speak to you one-on-one via telephone or face-to-face for those local to the Gold Coast.

How much does a session with a Career Coach cost?

A 1-hour session with a Career Coach costs $100 and includes tools and resources the Career Coach provides to you. Click here to book your session.

What happens on the call with a Career Coach?

Your Career Coach will create a strategy on a page. This identifies what the issues are, what are some potential barriers. Strengths you can utilise. What your future goals are. What your current state is and forms helpful milestones to get you to where you ideally want to be.

How many sessions will I need?

Some people only need one. Some need ongoing weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to keep them on track with their goals.

How can I book a Career Coach?

Enter your details in the comment box below, introduce yourself, explain what you are after and a Career Coach will reply to your enquiry and let you know the next steps. 

As the Founder of The Perfect Resume, I look forward to helping you on your career journey. 

Melissa Peacock | The Perfect Resume


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