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Career Counselling | Career Coach

Life works in weird and wonderful ways. Often, we can purposely open one door in life and close another. Other times the door flies open and life rushes in on the candidate and the candidate feels overwhelmed. If the doors appear to be slammed shut, it is time to find an alternative exit to start living life to the fullest! You step through doors the same person. If you choose to leave your baggage behind the door as you step through, you will start seeing a myriad of opportunities everywhere!

The 60-minute career counselling session is extremely useful for providing direction to your job search. Narrowing down exactly what you want and focusing the resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile towards those roles become easy when you set career goals, understand your barriers to success, achievements etc.

People who opt for career counselling in a package have a greater success in landing an interview because the application is tailored to what the manager is looking for.  

There are three subsets of career counselling services: interview preparation, skill coaching, and counselling.

Interview preparation

Interview preparation helps you with skills on how to successfully pass an interview.

    Skill coaching 

    Helps you with skills on how to find a job, leadership, communication, culture development, and change management.


      Helps define and coordinate a career pathway including post-redundancy support, individuals changing careers/industries, identifying limiting beliefs, strengths/improvement areas, address barriers to success and self-confidence issues, goal planning and coping with change.

        Students generally had a career counselling session before they graduate to find out 'what they want to be when you're older'. You are now 'older' and have a wealth of experience, therefore this is your opportunity to have a 60-minute phone consultation with a Career Coach to discuss your upcoming promotion, a desire to change careers or provide helpful advice backed by Fairwork Australia if you are struggling at work.

        The career session is conducted via phone call so you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

        Career Counselling | Career Coach

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