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Are you still unsuccessful after numerous job applications? Unfortunately, while some seem to get positive results with their job search in Australia almost immediately, others seem to take more time.

It's a numbers game. Tweaking your multiple resumes, writing selection criteria, and tailoring cover letters, following up with phone calls and subscribing for job alerts all help however, that is no substitute for having a line-up of interviews. What if you feel like you are doing all the right things and you still haven’t received a call?

Have you reviewed your resume lately; do you see any further resume writing improvements that could make a substantial difference? Gaining recruiter feedback is essential. Feedback is what you need from the recruiter, so you evolve your job search.

Regarding positions, many times you need to think like a private investigator! LinkedIn is great for finding sources of information. The best way is to search for the company, then find out who works there. Generally, all HR personnel can be found this way or even the current person in the role that is advertised. This is your best-case scenario as you can message them and get insider information. Ask them about the challenges, why they are leaving etc. and who is the manager!

Then call the company. If you say “Hi, can you please put me through to [name]” you will have a better call response rather than “Can I please speak to someone in the recruitment team or the manager.” When they ask what the reason is, tell them, “It is a private matter however [name] is aware of the context.” Then you bypass the customer service rep.

The customer service rep will tell the recruiter/hiring manager that you are calling about a private matter and that they will understand the context.

When they answer the call, say “Thank you [name] for taking my call, I know you are extremely busy, and I respect your time. I believe you are looking for a [insert role title] is this correct? They will say “yes”, then you can carry on with what you would ask about the position, what the challenges are etc.

You have four tasks!

  1. Getting past the customer service/reception. 
  2. Putting the hiring manager/recruiter in a “Yes” mindset.
  3. Having a positive interaction for the first six seconds (their initial judgement time).
  4. If you get them to laugh, accept your resume direct to their email or have them say your name voluntarily – they are bonus points.  

Keep a spreadsheet of the jobs you have applied for, the contact names, email addresses, whether a LinkedIn message was sent, a call was made etc. That way, you can also follow up a couple of days later if you don’t hear anything.  

It’s a painful process, for some, being unemployed is a full time job.

How to get those interviews! 

  1. Review the job boards daily - Seek, Indeed and LinkedIn and continue to apply every day! Don’t give up hope!
  2. Call the person advertising the role
  3. Connect with the company directly or recruitment agencies.
  4. Ask a friend or acquaintance for a referral or introduction.
  5. Call before and even after submitting each job.
  6. Review YouTube videos and Google articles to home in on your interview techniques.
  7. Contact us for a mock interview to gain confidence!
  8. Modify the Cover Letter and CV to the job requirements.
  9. Organise a professional resume writer to highlight your skills for you.
  10. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and relevant to the jobs you are applying for.
  11. Visit the company career pages and set up alerts.

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I hope this blog also helps you😊

Melissa Peacock

Founder | The Perfect Resume

Job Search Australia | The Perfect Resume