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Professional resume template | Make your application stand out

Do you want to know what it takes to write the perfect resume? Have you looked at our Professional Resume Templates and thought, I'm not sure how to make my job application stand out?

At The Perfect Resume, we understand your job search can be very hectic and how challenging it can be to showcase your skills and experiences appealingly.

To make your application distinctive, you require an impressive resume and cover letter. It does not matter how much knowledge you have or how many skills you possess, if you fail to present them in the correct format you will not receive an interview call.

Your expertise and capabilities become secondary if your resume is full of grammatical errors. It also matters how creatively and impressively you let the recruiter and hiring manager know about yourself. We know it can be difficult. We have also been a candidate and therefore we know it requires something more than a mere list of what your skills are to stand out. Use action-orientated language, facts and figures where possible and ensure your resume is ATS compliant to reduce the risk of your application being rejected before human eyes even see your career summary. 

A well written resume cover letter increases your chances of landing an interview by 40%.

Your cover letter is often one of the first impression that you create between you and the potential employer, therefore it needs to be inspiring. It is your key to making a strong impression. You might have heard that "the first impression is the last impression " and the only way to impress your prospective boss is via a well-written resume and cover letter.

If you think you can write it by yourself, you may be mistaken. Even if you consider some world class resume templates as examples and try to make yours along their lines, you will fail to create a stand-out impact that only some professionals can do. Out of hundreds of free reviews we have offered this year alone, we have given kudos to one candidate for writing the perfect resume. We even offered him a job and he turned us down!

It takes special skills to come up with an innovative way of expressing your capabilities. Writing a resume is not an easy task at all. Poorly written resumes reduce your chances of qualifying for the interview. Even if you have relevant work experience and the required academic qualification, you are less likely to be short listed for the interview if your cover letter fails to influence your prospective employer.

If you don't know how to write it brilliantly, don't worry, we have got you covered. The Perfect Resume is a reputable company that specialises in writing personalised resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile updates and selection criteria's especially for you. What makes us reliable is our rich experience, innovative designs and modern layouts. We provide tailored and exclusive solutions to each of our customers. Thus, you don't have to get tense about how to write a good resume or cover letter, or how to get it through the recruitment robots! You don't have to write it, just come to us and let us make something remarkable for you.

We present your skills in a concise, easy to read and appealing manner. We help you to achieve your career objective by delivering engaging resumes and cover letters. Our tailored solutions will make your application positive and professional. If you want a compelling upgrade to your CV and want to be the competitor to beat. The Perfect Resume will help you get short listed for multiple jobs. We have a team that is very experienced,  so we can write your resume and ensure you will get calls for your job interviews. Coming to us would increase your chances of getting a job.

If you would like a free resume review completed on your existing CV, send it to

We look forward to working with you.