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Student Resume | The Perfect Resume


A Student Resume requires a different approach that an experienced professional or an executive needs to take. A frequently asked question posed to the The Perfect Resume team, is:


What if the job I am applying for requires proven experience, and I only have minimal to no exposure?


Commonly, this occurs when a candidate is newly qualified, a school leaver or a recent graduate.


The simple answer is:


Highlight and/or exaggerate the relevant transferable skills to make the most of what you've got!


Three sections on your resume are the most important to focus on when this is the issue.


  1. Your Education section - Ensure your qualifications are listed in a format that is favourable to the ATS.
  2. Your Skills section - What skills did you learn at school or university that the employer is looking for? Include these!! Even if you haven't had a chance to apply them in a practical sense in the workplace.
  3. Your Experience section - Include the projects you worked on, demonstrate the skills you can offer and don't forget to add measurable content to give you credibility.