The Perfect Pattern Maker Resume Writing Tips

The Perfect Pattern Maker Resume Writing Tips

Do you want to apply for a Pattern Maker position to help you get closer to your career goals? Applying for jobs on Seek, LinkedIn, and other job boards can be a time-consuming process, however, to streamline the process, you can ensure your resume writing helps you to stand out from the crowd, and your online profile helps you to get an interview!

If a recruiter or hiring manager are looking for a Pattern Maker, they are searching for specific transferable skills. With less than ten people being interviewed for the job and hundreds of people, just like you, applying, The Perfect Resume team have created Resume Writing Tips to help you stand out from the others.

What do recruiters look for in a Pattern Maker resume or an online profile?

Tailoring your resume to a Pattern Maker position is mandatory today to ensure that your application will pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). In doing so, your resume will be read by the prospective employer. Then, fingers crossed, you will be shortlisted as a potential candidate and be called for not one, but multiple job interviews!

Firstly, before you apply to be a Pattern Maker, you need to be acquainted with what a Pattern Maker does!

Pattern Makers handle the templates that are used to mass-produce products such as clothing, shoes, furniture, or plasticware.

Hiring Managers are looking for a hands-on and artistic Pattern Maker to assist in translating blueprints and design models into factory patterns using drafting software or freehand measurement techniques.

To be successful as a Pattern Maker, you should have knowledge of necessary design and architecture procedures, be open to learning, and have strong communication skills. Ultimately, a high performing Pattern Maker should be able to achieve fine motor skills and perfectly translate the ideas of the designer into a reliable and repeatable pattern that can be sent to the manufacturer.

Knowing this, your resume and online profile should include the hard and soft skills that the recruiter or hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

The Pattern Maker position description template will also contain pivotal information about what the candidate will need to do daily. Such as:

• Meeting with product designers to discuss the base design.
• Reading and interpreting design models and blueprints.
• Creating rough-draft templates using computer drafting software and freehand techniques.
• Measuring, cutting, and designing patterns in the material required.
• Double-checking the pattern dimensions and style.
• Sending the initial pattern for a manufacture check.
• Meeting with designers to review the final product.
• Tweaking the pattern and filing the design.
• Reporting back to company managers.

You will also have some requirements and personal attributes that you will need to demonstrate in your resume to ensure your potential employer will take your application seriously, such as:

• Previous experience as a Patternmaker.
• Ability to read and interpret blueprints and design models.
• Proficient with computer drafting software including CAD.
• Excellent fine motor skills.
• Experience with measuring, snipping, milling, and cutting tools.
• Detail-oriented.
• Ability to work to a deadline.
• Physically fit and able to stand for long periods.

You may also want to do some industry research to find out what other companies want in their Pattern Makers.