60-minute LinkedIn Masterclass: Personal Branding and Networking

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LinkedIn Networking and Personal Branding Tips

Have you been on a job search for quite a while and are still not getting the sweetest phrase, "you're hired?"

It can be really frustrating when you feel like you're doing everything right and you're still not getting the results you want. Remember, technology is constantly changing, and so has the way hiring managers find new employees. Aside from your advertising for a role, they use modern tools, including LinkedIn at their disposal. Perhaps, now is the time for you to be the head-hunter in your career plan, instead of waiting to be headhunted!

If you have tried perfecting your resume and cover letter, and still haven't heard from interviewers, don't point your finger at yourself. It's not you – it's time to step out of your comfort zone and explore a modern avenue. As they say, "out with the old and in with the new."

One way to keep up with the latest recruitment and industry trends is by stepping into the virtual space, and the best platform to be is LinkedIn!

Want to learn how you can build a profitable network and land your dream job via LinkedIn?

Through The Perfect Resume's 60-minute LinkedIn Masterclass, you'll learn how to:

  • Use LinkedIn for your personal branding and networking needs
  • Beat the algorithm and be seen online
  • Discover your SEO strategy
  • Utilise BOOLEAN searches like a PRO
  • Know how to network with professionals in your industry to get a job you really want

In 60-minutes, our experienced career coaches spill the secrets of how you can seem irresistible to recruiters and hiring managers. The best thing is that you can learn and start seeing results within weeks without having to step out of your home!

"The LinkedIn Masterclass offered by The Perfect Resume resulted in a sudden rise of enquiries from recruiters. Before the jampacked 60-minute session, my dilemma was how to be chosen among the job pool; now, I am the one doing the choosing!" – Linda J.
"Thanks to The Perfect Resume's hands-on career coaches and the 60-minute LinkedIn Masterclass, I was finally shortlisted for my dream job within only 3 months. What happened next? Well, I got it with a significant salary jump. Money and time well spent!" –  George C.
"The time and investment spent allowed me to skillfully apply and earn from the knowledge I have gained. Having a LinkedIn account was only a start; knowing what to do with it and how to earn from the platform gave me the edge I needed. Through The Perfect Resume's 60-minute LinkedIn Masterclass, I have built a credible personal brand and a reliable network." – Krishan P.

 Learn the little-known ways to build, communicate, and nurture a network of hundreds or thousands of connections fast and effectively. In 60-minutes, our experienced career coaches spill the secrets of how you can seem irresistible to recruiters and hiring managers. You never know; the hiring manager for that job you have saved on LinkedIn is just waiting for you to connect!

Would you like to find out how to use LinkedIn to secure your next job?

Book in a session now to get started.

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"Super prompt and professional service. Really helped me update a resume that hadn’t had a style change in 18 years. Big thank you to you and your team."

Gav S

The team at The Perfect Resume are amazing at what they do, they were able to restructure my resume to meet all the key points in my industry. They have provided me with a resume and cover letter that has landed interviews, also boosted my confidence preparing for them. They were quick and effective with their services, will recommend anyone looking to get their resume and cover letter done to contact them.

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