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Are you looking to advance your career in accounting or within the finance sector?

The financial service sector is the biggest gold mine in Australia’s economy. According to the Government’s pre-eminent economic adviser, The Treasury, this industry has been a major economic growth driver, which generates 450,000 jobs. With the exceptional growth of the accounting and finance sectors, both the demand for employment and wage is undeniably increasing. Despite that, the competition among professionals and specialists is obviously becoming fiercer. So, how can you secure your seat in the fastest-growing industry in Australia? The key is to have The Perfect Resume!

Did you know that your resume has six seconds to impress your next employer? Yes, you read that right! You only have 6 seconds to either make or break your entire career! As technology advances, the human touch sadly diminishes on a daily basis. Today, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have replaced junior HR roles, thereby eliminating the human element from the initial stages of recruitment. You may be the best candidate for the role you want but as long as your resume isn’t optimised for these ATS scans, it is calculated that you have a very big chance of receiving a rejection. That’s where The Perfect Resume team and their resume writing services, including resume, cover letter, selection criteria, LinkedIn profile writing services can help. 

Whether you are a fresh graduate who is interested in pursuing a career in finance or an ambitious Finance Manager who is currently feeling a strong urge to level up to the Chief Financial Officer position, The Perfect Resume (TPR) team can help you build the perfect roadmap to your advancement.

As a team, we offer over 40+ accumulative years of recruitment experience. With this insight, we take pride in our deep understanding of the sector you have an interest in. By knowing and applying the intricacies, terminologies, and subtleties that your resume must include, we can help you craft the perfect accounting or financial services resume that doesn’t only pass through the gates of the ATS software but also a resume that can guarantee you the upper hand in the marketplace. We know exactly what managers look for in an application and our team of experts can create a modern and graphically designed resume that helps you positively stand out from others, through the use of colour psychology.

We are an amazing and hardworking team who can help you land the job you want in accounting or within the finance industry. At The Perfect Resume, we value transparency, which is why we will let you picture how we meticulously formulate your key to success.

As soon as you’ve decided the inclusions you would like us to complete and proceeded to payment, the magic and collaboration start!

Unlike the other resume writing services that will simply allocate you to one professional resume writer, here in The Perfect Resume, we guarantee you that your resume will be seen and refined by at least three (3) reputable experts.

  1. The first layer of quality control includes the creation of a resume design of your choice. Within this process, LinkedIn/ATS industry research will also be conducted to ensure your resume ranks highly on the most popular keywords.
  2. Layer two includes a professional resume writer who will thoroughly review your details and compare your resume against other candidates who have successfully landed a position in your area. They will then request any further information required to ensure your resume is pitched at the correct level, for example, specific project results, statistics on marketing campaigns etc.
  3. The third quality control layer includes a career specialist with a keen eye for detail. They will proofread the content then ensure you are putting your best foot forward. The editor will then work with you through unlimited revisions to ensure you are 100% confident to start applying for a job!

This personalised service then provides you with a 71% increased chance of getting that interview, unlike the industry standard of 2.6%.

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    Hidden Art to Interview Hacking

    Two action-packed hours of content. Using the techniques in this course increases your employability and enhance your perceived value to employers. Throughout the course, you will be guided in a creative, entertaining and informative way, learning proven and scientific based techniques to help you market yourself effectively to interviewers. For example, you will know how hidden behaviours, expressions and body language can be the difference between getting the job or rejected from your interview!

    On completion, you will have a framework to hack your next interview, using targeted social psychology, evolutionary biology, interpersonal communication and neuroscience techniques, such as: 

    • Projecting confidence through your appearance and dressing for success
    • Incorporating colour psychology and personality into your interview
    • The Law of Attractiveness and how you can use it for positive impressions
    • Analysing your handshake to connect with the hiring manager in a dignified manner
    • Making the interview your time to shine by incorporating social proof
    • Projecting trustworthiness, likeability and leveraging emotional transference
    • Commanding the room, using positive, negative, open and closed body language and nonverbal communication, including mirroring, eye contact and facial mimicry.
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    "Super prompt and professional service. Really helped me update a resume that hadn’t had a style change in 18 years. Big thank you to you and your team."

    Gav S

    The team at The Perfect Resume are amazing at what they do, they were able to restructure my resume to meet all the key points in my industry. They have provided me with a resume and cover letter that has landed interviews, also boosted my confidence preparing for them. They were quick and effective with their services, will recommend anyone looking to get their resume and cover letter done to contact them.

    Chris A
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