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Animal Technician Resume Writing Services

Are you looking at becoming an Animal Technician? They observe and care for animals, which are typically used for breeding, scientific and research purposes.

An Animal Technician is an extremely competitive role to get into. Currently, there are only 51 positions for an Animal Technician across Australia with a common salary of $60k per year. However, you still have a chance. The Perfect Resume team has helped others to get into the Science & Technology industry and believe we can increase your chances with our resume writing services also!

To apply for an Animal Technician position, your resume will need to prove you can work one-on-one with animals to support veterinary, pharmaceutical, agricultural and medical scientists and students with their work.

Recruiters and prospective employers will also be looking for transferable skills in:

  • Checking on and recording the stats of animals in care.
  • Preparing and providing food, water, care and medications.
  • Cleaning out enclosures and facilities daily.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting cages and equipment.
  • Carrying out tests and experiments on animals and recording the results, under supervision and in accordance with the governing law and organisational ethics policy.
  • Observing animals's reaction to tests.
  • Undertaking animal enrichment activities.
  • Assisting to return animals to the wild.
  • Establishing and managing breeding programs, with supervision from a veterinarian.
  • Tending to animals after tests and surgeries, including cleaning and dressing wounds, and administering drugs.
  • Providing humane, supervised euthanasia for animals, and handling the bodies of animals that have died.

Further criteria you may need to satisfy, depending on the job requirements include volunteering at your local animal rescue organisation or veterinary clinic to gain on the job experience, completing a Certificate III in Captive Animals (ACM30317) or a Diploma of Animal Technology (ACM50117) through TAFE or a registered training organisation.

If you want to work towards becoming a Veterinarian or Zoologist, consider a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


The Perfect Resume Services

When applying for an Animal Technician position, your resume needs to tell a story about your skills, expertise, talents and passions and in a highly competitive job market, standing out matters!  

The team at The Perfect Resume are skilled in writing resumes for Animal Technicians and have proven success in helping people land interviews and the job they want! We offer all job seekers a free resume review, ATS Scan, guides and templates and genuinely care about your career outcomes, partnering with you on your job search journey, following up and providing ongoing support. You will not feel like you are on your own!


Would you like an updated resume which is ATS compliant and engaging to read? By adding your personality to your resume, coupled with an eye-catching, modern, concise design, an employer gets a better sense of who you are as a person as opposed to just reading words on a page. We even apply psychology techniques to make you stand out and eliminate biases including culture, over/under-qualified and age.


A tailored cover letter introduces you to the hiring manager formally while increasing your chance of landing an interview by 40%. It a brief one-page opening that we align the responsibilities of the job to your experiences to show that you are the best candidate for the position.


Many government positions, universities and large corporate entities have a high demand for positions. To reduce the number of candidates applying for a role, employers request selection criteria to be addressed. The selection criteria document is in addition to a tailored cover letter and put simply, it is a listing of desirable and essential knowledge, skills and attitudes that an organisation requires the successful candidate to possess.

Are you applying for a job that needs selection criteria addressed? Make no mistake; this is a critical part of your job application that you need to get right. Using the STAR technique, we work together and address each criteria specifically, aligning to the hiring managers expectations.


LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters to screen potential candidates. There is an art to making sure recruiters can find you on LinkedIn. We optimise LinkedIn profiles to have maximum engagement, ensuring that you have a keyword optimised professional profile, so you are ready to start networking.


Going to an interview can be a daunting experience. You are under the spotlight in front of a panel of strangers, do most of the talking for a long time, expected to answer questions that you have not prepared for or even feel relevant. By looking at the position description, we create a list of potential, experience-based questions. This allows you to have a collection of examples ready to demonstrate your skills and expertise quickly. We also eliminate any anxieties you may have, discussing the desired appearance, body language, and how to impress the panel.


Career counselling can range from getting that promotion, supporting you through redundancy, changing your career or even just some help with your current role. This is a tailored experience unique to you. We look at your career history, identify what you have enjoyed and disliked then set goals, guiding you on a pathway to a future that you can enjoy. We can also investigate the barriers getting in between you and where you want to be.

The Perfect Resume Writing Service

To ensure your resume is applicant tracking system compliant while still being eye-catching for the final read, we get a snapshot of your experience, achievements and personal strengths to tailor your resume based on the jobs you are going for. We also conduct industry research to pitch your resume at the correct level to ensure your content is relevant then deliver your completed resume in both a Microsoft Word document and a PDF, ready for you to hit apply!

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At The Perfect Resume, we value transparency, therefore our prices are available upfront. While you can purchase each service separately, our packages below offer great value for money.

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  • 60-minute interview preparation OR career counselling session

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