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Are you looking at becoming a Work Health and Safety Officer? It is an extremely competitive role to get into. Currently, there are only 456 positions for a Work Health and Safety Officer across Australia with a common salary of $80k per year. However, you still have a chance. The Perfect Resume team has helped others to get into the Human Resources & Recruitment careers industry and believe we can increase your chances with our resume writing services also! 

A Work Health and Safety Officer resume requires the individual to prove they can be responsible for ensuring the safe and compliant operation of an organisation. They implement defined Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) strategies which identify hazards, assess risks to health and safety, and use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to avoid accidents and injuries.

If you would like us to recreate your resume and cover letter to be suitable to apply, simply choose the services that you would like to select from the following: 

Resume Writing Services Package 1

  1. A modern, concise, and redrafted resume
  2. Generic or tailored cover letter

Resume Writing Services Package 2 

  1. A modern, concise, and redrafted resume.
  2. Tailored 2-page key selection criteria cover letter 

Resume Writing Services Package 3

  1. A modern, concise, and redrafted resume
  2. Generic or tailored cover letter
  3. A keyword optimised LinkedIn profile update.

Resume Writing Services Package 4

  1. A modern, concise, and redrafted resume
  2. Generic or tailored cover letter
  3. A keyword optimised LinkedIn profile update.
  4. A 60-minute Career Counselling Session

Or you can simply purchase each requirement separately!

What's it like to be a Work Health and Safety Officer?

Work Health and Safety Officers have a range of tasks and duties (source): 

  • Promoting healthy and safe working methods and practices in the workplace.
  • Ensuring state-of-the-art health and safety compliance across the whole organisation.
  • Identifying, recording and reporting hazards, accidents, injuries and health issues.
  • Assisting with investigation of accidents, studying possible causes and providing remedial advice.
  • Conducting health and safety training sessions for management, supervisors and workers.
  • Assisting with rehabilitation of workers after accidents and overseeing their successful return to work.
  • Coordinating emergency procedures and first aid crews.
  • Developing OHS plans and monitoring compliance.
  • Inspecting workplace and related tools and equipment to ensure compliance with regulations.

How can you become a Work Health and Safety Officer?

  1. Complete a Diploma of Work Health and Safety (BSB51315) or Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety (BSB60615).
  2. Gain 3 years’ full-time experience in an OHS Practitioner role.
  3. Complete a capability assessment, including complete OHS Practitioner Portfolio Report, referee checks and interviews.
  4. Renew certification annually and complete ongoing CPD.

The Resume Writing Service Process

  1. Simply choose the inclusions you would like to be completed by our Professional Resume Writers and proceed to payment.
  2. A Professional Resume Writer will be allocated to your profile and get in contact with you. They will request a copy of your existing resume and any other information that may be useful, for example, project results, statistics on marketing campaigns etc. 
  3. You will get to choose which resume template you would like to use. Our templates are all graphically designed, personality inspired, use colour psychology, and are eye-catching to assist your application to stand out. 
  4. Your information will be reviewed, and further information may be requested about your skills, work or volunteer experiences, career achievements or awards.
  5. Your Professional Resume Writer will then provide you with a first draft and request feedback on whether you would like to make any changes.
  6. A final draft will be provided in both a fully editable Microsoft Word version and Adobe PDF format. 

We are dedicated to your success and confident you will be offered an interview within 90-days. In the event you are not offered an interview, we offer a free resume review and career counselling session to analyse any feedback provided by Recruitment advisors.

When will I be able to use my resume to apply for vacant positions?

Our turnaround from receipt of your existing resume (or questionnaire if you do not have a resume) to the first draft delivery is five to seven business days. If you have an urgent request, please select the express delivery option to let your Professional Resume Writer know and you will be bumped to the top of the queue! 


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