Cover Letter Blunders to Avoid

Knowing what to include on your cover letter is only a portion of making it effective. By learning what to leave out, you can focus on driving your expression of intent as attention-grabbing as possible. Dive in and increase your chances of securing an interview by learning how to write cover letters like a pro! 

Cover Letter Blunders to Avoid

Cover Letter Blunders to Avoid

Are you having trouble getting your resume noticed by a hiring manager?

If your answer is a big YES, remember that you are not alone! Despite having the perfect resume, your job search can still feel very agonising, especially with the consistent rise of competition in Australia. You need to stay on top of the job pool in order to be seen by potential employers. One effective way to capture their eyes is through your cover letter.

When applying for jobs, your resume and cover letter should complement each other. A well-written and brief yet engaging motivation letter can give you a head start against other aspirants. On the other hand, your cover letter can also be the reason your application documents are sent straight to the NO pile. How? By committing some tricky cover letter mistakes.

This blog post will outline some of the most common cover letter errors to avoid before submitting your next application. Dive in and increase your chances of getting called for an interview by learning the key points on how to write a cover letter like a pro!


Cover Letter Templates: The Secret to Preventing Painful Job Rejections

You have probably spent ages crafting your resume, but what about your cover letter? Regrettably, many clients do not really give enough attention to resume writing or cover letter tailoring as they should. The truth is, your cover letter can be the difference between securing an interview and getting rejected without hesitation.  So don't waste your time applying for the next job ad until you have the cover letter writing techniques down pat.

If you google, the best cover letter examples or the perfect cover letter samples, you will get a handful of results, however, do you really want to present a cover letter that someone else has copied and pasted already? Research about Employer Preferences focused on application documents revealed that 56% of employers favour the use of cover letters. With this said, it is safe to be creative and write an engaging cover letter, especially when:

1.      You are requested to submit one by the recruiter or hiring manager

2.      It is stated in the job application details that one must be submitted

3.      You need to address employment gaps or other conflicting data on your resume

4.      A colleague or friend referred you to the job

5.      You want to highlight relevant information that did not make it on your resume

If you are having difficulties getting a job interview, creating a tailored cover letter for your dream position or still debating whether or not to submit a covering letter, The Perfect Resume ream can be your ally. Give us a call at 1300 217 374 or send us the latest copy of your resume to One of our Professional Resume Writers will review it without costing you a penny.


Must-Have Cover Letter Examples

Now that you have an idea when to send a cover letter, it is time to break down the basics of what makes up a good cover letter so that writing one can be easy and breezy.

1.      Contact Section.

Up above in your heading section is where your contact information should be ideally placed, such as your mobile number. Why? It is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager must see. Without these details, it would be unlikely that you will even hear a callback or stand out from all the other applicants. Therefore, do not ever ditch this part. Additionally, make sure that your contact details are up to date and are reachable.

2.      Company name, date, appropriate salutation, and the name of the job you're going for.

Getting this part right is very crucial. This will reveal if you dedicated enough time to research the company and the person who shall receive your cover letter. As the old saying goes, “well begun is half done.” Addressing the contact person by his or her name will provide a personalised touch and good impression to give you brownie points for an interview shortlist. However, if the information is ungraspable choose a suitable salutation.

3.      Attention-grabbing unique selling proposition.

This is the best spot to showcase your personality and company values. If you are a person who loves making another laugh, start off with some humour. If you think that the organisation’s cause resonates with you, then it is best to acknowledge it at the beginning of your cover letter. Before you write your introduction, you must identify why do you want to apply for that specific job and why should the employer choose you over the other candidates. Doing this can help you craft a perfect cover letter introduction.

4.      Experiences, education, key skills, and achievements.

As soon as you have your readers hooked, it is now time to shine by highlighting your standout qualities. Due to the limited time hiring managers hold within the recruitment process, it is best to keep it short but sweet! They do not have time for fluff. Hence why they use applicant tracking systems to sort candidates from being a good fit to not so suitable. So, be sure to address the employer’s wants and needs whilst incorporating your applicable past experiences, skills, and wins – both big and small!

5.      Impactful tips for your final statement and call to action.

Your ending paragraph should be as captivating as your introduction. It is also great to include a call of action or a way of encouraging potential employers to contact you for further discussions on how you can be a great asset to the company. Here, you can display your enthusiasm and confidence. Finally, sign off with kind regards or yours sincerely.

Cover Letter Template Don’ts

Knowing what to include is only a portion of making your cover letter effective. By learning what to leave out, you can focus on making your letter as strong as possible.

Here are some tips from The Perfect Resume’s professional and experienced resume writers on what to exclude from your letter of interest.

1.      Never start with “I am writing to apply for the XYZ position at XYZ.”

Keep in mind that your cover letter is meant to make you stand out. Aside from being superfluous, beginning your cover letter with this phrase will only give the impression that you are boring or not that interested in the job. Do your research and use your cover letter as a way of communicating how you have what it takes to be the company’s next employee.

2.      Avoid repeating all the information on your resume.

A resume is intended to state facts about your career, such as your previous roles, skills and achievements. On the other hand, your cover letter is meant to explain how you meet the job requirements. It is an avenue for you to introduce yourself in a creative way and display your communication skills. Therefore, it is unnecessary to copy and paste the information from your resume onto your cover letter. You need to tell an interesting story.

3.      Eliminate the typos.

According to research conducted by CareerBuilder, a trusted human capital solutions company, over 70% of hiring managers admitted that they would reject a cover letter bearing grammatical or typographical errors without a doubt. The same also goes for resumes. Therefore, make sure to proofread your document. It is also advisable to use a free online writing assistant or error-checker. Moreover, try having a trusted colleague review your cover letter. Getting a pair of fresh eyes can help catch language oversights in your relevant experience and enhance the flow of your letter of introduction without paying anything.

4.      Do not forget the evidence of your knowledge.

It is easy to claim that you are a ‘team player’ or have all the right values for the job. However, you are not the first candidate to mention it. Often, cover letters are filled with content that applicants merely copied, such as the role title and expertise listed on the job advertisement without backing them up. Hiring managers go for a good match when they are finding candidates for jobs, someone who can communicate their relevant work experience, how they have demonstrated the required skills in their past and are a great match between the hard and soft transferable skills. In addition to that, you can write your selection criteria or professional resume in a more creative way by sprinkling in the results or achievements. Hiring managers love reading engaging resumes, especially when candidates take the time to write in a results-driven manner.

5.      Stay away from mentioning your expected salary.

Unless you are instructed to do so, it is best to do not to mention to the recruiter or company representative how much you are expecting to receive. Indeed, good compensation in any industry is a form of motivation. However, you want to present yourself to your potential employer as a professional eager to contribute to the future of the company, not someone who is excited to just get paid.

If you would like to have a well-written cover letter template that can easily give your hiring manager insight into why you are the right person for the job and why they should hire you, engage with one of the team’s writing consultants at  


Your Winning Cover Letter is a Fingertip Away

If you have a recently advertised position or job ad and want to provide a good example of who you are on paper, remember, the first impression of your relevant work experience and personality starts with your cover letter. If this is not done correctly, then the prospective employer will most likely toss your job application into the circular file or spam folder. As a result, many job seekers are consistently finding the right cover letter techniques that will help them to stand out from the competition and increase their chances of being offered an interview. Unfortunately, not many are successful; Many applicants in Australia still receive bitter rejections from a hiring manager. This does not have to be you!

Let The Perfect Resume help you save time, write a cover letter, resume writing or LinkedIn profile skills! Feel free to give us a call at 1300 217 374 or email your resume and a dream job description for the position you would like to apply for to One of our Professional Resume Writers who are skilled in understanding the industry you are in will review it for FREE and offer helpful career advice as a starting point. Likewise, if you find this article helpful, do not forget to share the tips and pass the kindness along to your fellow job seeker!

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