Tickling the Job Market: Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Tickling the Job Market: Resume and Cover Letter Writing

The job market is tough, and competition is intense. One way to stand out is by writing resume templates that capture your interest and highlight exactly why you are qualified for it. When applying to a company or applying online, a cover letter accompanies the resume. Cover letter samples should be brief but still, provide enough information about who you are and what you want so that employers will take notice of your qualifications.

Resume Writing Tips to Help You Get the Job

Which format do most employers prefer for resumés? 

In Australia, employers prefer a reverse chronological resume which is 1–3-pages, containing a list of your recent accomplishments and work experience - recent meaning within the last ten years. A graduate or entry-level resume should have one page, experienced professionals 2-3 pages, and executives 3-pages. The sections include a profile to introduce yourself as a good match, skills list, education, and achievement-orientated work history, not a laundry list of responsibilities just like other applicants.

How should a resume look in 2022? 

Employers appreciate a clean, easy-to-read design with Calibri – Microsoft's default font. The font size should be 11 for the body and 12-14 for the headings. Keep colours simple - black text on a white background. Please note, Canva has resume designs. HOWEVER, they are NOT recommended as they are not Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant. This means that the resume design is not compatible with the robots that recruiters use to extract information from the resume into their databases. Click here to read more details on the ATS. If you would like a new design, get in touch with one of our resume writing consultants at info@theperfectresume.com.au  

What resume template is most successful? 

Too often, we see generic and non-personal information on a resume. The most successful resume template for all businesses, government agencies and large corporations reflect an individual's achievements and strengths, not their personal preference or a copy/paste from previous job descriptions. A reverse chronological, basic fact-based format would meet the requirements of these requests. The resume will also list work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with the most current job, specific skills obtained, training programs or certifications related to the field of employment, volunteer involvement or other professional development activities completed.

Which resume format is most versatile? 

Sadly, when you are looking for a one size fits all approach, those days are gone. With the introduction of ATS, a tailored resume from www.ThePerfectResume.com.au is the most versatile, including important information on the resume's first page. It uses plain English, bullet points and limited use of tables, and there are no cryptic abbreviations or flashy fonts that hide meaning. It includes relevant information in a concise yet engaging format, so hiring managers don't need to worry about flipping pages back and forth for an overview of past work or education.  

Dos and Don'ts for Writing Your Cover Letter

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If you work outside the employment industry, the chances are high that you have asked yourself at one point What is a cover letter? It is usually a 1-page document an applicant submits to a job ad as a starting point to express interest in a position. Sometimes called a personal statement or expression of interest, the document's purpose is to introduce you to your potential employer, explaining in detail why you're the right person above all others.

Here are some more reasons why you MUST consider writing the perfect cover letter:

  1. Many recruiters expect you to submit a cover letter. 
  2. A reliable tool to market yourself. 
  3. The perfect way to cut the competition. 
  4. Flex your writing skills.

What should be included in a cover letter? 

In short, a cover letter is a short introductory passage to an application with a few short lines about you, why you have chosen to apply for the position and what skills and experience make you suitable for it. This will be your first good impression, so it's essential to find something that suits your abilities and personality. Be sure not to ramble on but keep it concise. It should be short but exciting; no one wants to read multiple pages from a stranger.

What are you supposed to write in a cover letter? 

Your cover letter should be no more than one page long, and it's a good idea to use a professional font like Calibri. It's essential to keep in mind that it's your chance to sell yourself, so make sure you talk about your experience and skills. Trim the fat - keep it concise yet relevant. It would help if you tied your reason that you're interested in the role with what you can offer the company.

It's also a good idea to personalise each letter and ensure it's addressed to the person reading it. You can find more information about the company and the role online, so use that information to tailor your letter.

How do you write an effective cover letter? 

Your cover letter could be the key to you getting hired. But hold your horses, for formulating one can be tricky because they're so easy to mess up!

To help you avoid these simple mistakes and ensure that your application letter is relevant, we've put together this list of what your cover letter should include now that you are applying for a job:

1.    Personal information, contact details, and position.

2.    Company's information, date, appropriate salutation, and the name of the job you're going for. 

3.    Attention-grabbing introduction. 

4.    Experiences, skills, and achievements. 

5.    Impactful final statement and call to action. 

If you still are unsure how to craft the perfect cover letter template, we can help. Give us a call at 1300 217 374 or send us the latest copy of your resume to info@theperfectresumes.com, and one of our Professional Resume Writers will review it for FREE. We will give you tips on making prospective employers hire YOU over ALL OTHER CANDIDATES – without paying anything.

How do you write cover letter examples manually? 

Open Microsoft Word. Type in the company address (either hiring manager by their name or general office), the date, your contact information, and type in "Dear". Above that, type in a catchy sentence about what you can offer or your qualifications within each role title.

Below that paragraph, list your experience related to the job description. Last but not least, include four action words about what you need from them at this time (eagerness; attention; enthusiasm; initiative). Next, create 5-10 sentences about yourself, then use those sentences as placeholders, swapping out more generic words with tailored ones. It's a good opportunity to relay how good your communication skills are, provide an example of what it would be like to work with you and keep the employer in mind at all times. Remember to stay professional.

How do I write a cover letter? One that will create a blinking sign and engage a hiring manager!

If we think about what's vital to HR or recruiters when they hire a Graduate Program, they want to know three things:

1.    What value will you bring to the company?

2.    Are you proficient in your skillset?

3.    Are you available to take on the Graduate Program position if we shortlist you?

A framework can be followed to make it easier to draft your cover letters. Start with a personal branding statement, outline where you are currently working, where you have worked, and the transferable talents you can bring to the role title.

Next, list your qualifications and any specifics related to your suitability.

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Example Cover Letter Template

Insert company name

Insert company department

Insert date

Dear Hiring Manager,

Re: Role title opportunity,

adjective displayed in the job advertisement role title, I am eager to contribute something relevant by doing a sample of responsibilities.

Recently/Currently employed as a company position for the company name, I perform/ed to a high standard by an example of achievements. These activities have provided me with the transferrable skills required for something relevant for your organisation.

Suitably qualified with a qualification(s), coupled with over/nearly how many years of which industry experience, I can also confirm that I possess the following qualities as required:

  • Ability to work onsite to assist the team with the day to day running of distressed businesses manage creditor enquiries
  • Attention to detail to meet statutory obligations, including preparing business activity statements and ASIC forms
  • Professional conduct and teamwork skills to attend meetings with clients and key stakeholders
  • Strong research skills to participate in business development and marketing activities

While I thoroughly enjoy/ed my current/recent role, I am now seeking a new challenge/long-term career change. Therefore, please find other examples and details reflected in my enclosed resume to pique your interest to shortlist me for a job interview. I can be contacted at example@outlook.com or on my mobile number 0400 000 000 at a time of your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Your name 

What is the main purpose of cover letters? 

The main professional purpose is to "sell" yourself as a good fit and outline your unique selling proposition so you get shortlisted for an interview. Just like a book, you can't put down, resumes and cover letters should be engaging; however, you want to keep them both short and sweet, unlike a novel.

The key components of a good cover letter template include:

  1. Start with a strong introduction that pitches you like a great match to capture the attention of the hiring manager
  2. Explain why you are interested in the role and what excites you about it - tie these in with a real job example.
  3. Outline your relevant skills and experience
  4. Close with a call to action, thanking the reader for their time

Finally, you want to proofread, proofread, and proofread again! Typos make a terrible first impression. Some other tips to write a cover letter include:

  • Tailor your response to each role you are applying for - don't use a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Use strong action verbs and power words to describe your experience for the hiring managers
  • Sign off with kind regards or yours sincerely
  • Format your document correctly for the applicant tracking systems - use a business format and include your contact information at the bottom

If you are struggling to write your resume templates or cover letter, there are plenty of resources out there to help, or you can try hiring a professional resume writer from https://theperfectresume.com.au to help you get started.

When would you use cover letter templates? 

It's essential to include a well-written, thoughtful cover letter because it may be your one opportunity to persuade a recruiter why they should interview you over other candidates! If you're short on time, most roles will tell you whether you need to submit a resume and cover letter. They may even include strict instructions on how to format the cover letter or whether they require selection criteria to be addressed. If they need both documents, your application will not be considered if one or the other is missing.

What should a cover letter template include? 

The most important thing is the introduction. Your first paragraph should always be an introduction - personalised for the specific job application. For example, if you're a customer service representative, start your cover letter template by telling the recruiter how much relevant experience you have in making customers happy. This is followed by a paragraph about what you can bring to the company - don't forget to use the actual company name, skills, company values, and qualities relevant to the jobs.

The third paragraph should be about why you want the job, and the fourth paragraph should be a closing statement. Click here to view some free cover letter templates: https://theperfectresume.com.au/blogs/news

What is a cover letter when applying for jobs? 

A cover letter is an introductory document accompanying a resume and other application materials. It may be used, for example, to introduce yourself to the hiring manager or company you are applying for a position with why you are the right candidate for the role. Your letter should always be succinct and provide reasons to choose you out of multiple applications that have been received; it will also vary in length according to how much information needs to be conveyed about previous experience. A simple one will be 1-page; however, if selection criteria must be addressed, it will most likely need to be 3-5 pages long.

How to convince a recruiter to hire you

You want to make sure your key points respond to why you are the right candidate for the position so it can convince a recruiter to interview you over other candidates. To create a good one, tailor your introduction paragraph with each job application, use strong action verbs or power words in describing your experience, format correctly (using business letter formatting), and make sure there are no typos!

Also, remember that most roles require both documents: A cover letter and a resume. You may also want to hire a professional writer from www.ThePerfectResume.com.au if speaking about your qualities isn't something you're confident about doing on your own. Your resume writer will give you the knowledge to get you started and ensure all components fit together seamlessly.

If you need any assistance, feel free to send us an email at info@theperfectresume.com.au. We can help you tailor your documents towards your recently advertised dream job ad!

Why Should You Trust The Perfect Resume?

The Perfect Resume has been helped 3,500+ Australians per year to find jobs.

Our resumes are designed to create a document that showcases your key skills and experiences in the best possible light. We have built our success by taking care of every detail of your application, from its content to presentation.

Where can I get more information about the resume employers like?

Click here to view some career advice, the best cover letter examples, information about the recruitment process, free cover letter templates and more to save time and increase your chances of receiving an interview shortlist: https://theperfectresume.com.au/blogs/news

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How can I get started?

Email your resume and a current link to the job you would like to apply for to info@theperfectresume.com.au. We will review your resume and provide some honest feedback to help you stand out from all the other applicants - or visit https://theperfectresume.com.au for more information.

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