Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System


Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System

For the first time ever, a software program is assisting recruiters and hiring managers find, track, reject and hire applicants through an automatic process that cuts time and saves lumpsum money. And, at the heart of the technological revolution is the Applicant Tracking System.


Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System

It's crucial that job hunters understand clearly what an Applicant Tracking System is and the way it works, to be able to be confident enough that their resumes do not slip via the automation while not having reached a real human.

Applicant tracking systems had been first utilized by big organizations that get hold of thousands of programs, however, smaller agencies are actually using them simply as frequently. Just as corporations use software applications to maintain track of applicable facts on their customers, the usage of similar software to organize information on potential candidates makes sense for recruiters.

Moreover, sixty-two percentage of companies say that the usage of an Applicant Tracking System is in fact beneficial for mechanically filtering out candidates without using means of manual labour that might have created errors. It is a fundamental part of any recruitment method. ATS' usually automate many Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System 3 administrative duties too to prevent time wastage and confusion within recruitment agencies or any hiring team.

Let's Talk About What Is An ATS?

Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System
  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a Human Resources software program that acts as a database for job seekers. An ATS is utilized by corporations and recruitment agencies of all sizes to prepare, search and communicate with their clients or potential candidates. It is said that almost 99% of big shot companies use an ATS as a part of their recruiting strategy.
  • The primary aim of an ATS is to make life less complicated for recruiters and hiring managers. Companies frequently hire for a couple of positions straight away and get hold of loads (if not heaps) of candidates for every job opening. When a recruiter or hiring manager gets through the resume parsing, it’s no Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System 4 longer possible for them to cautiously study everyone. ATS makes searching for the right candidates less complicated—or even automates the entire process—saving time and money. Hence, it is mentioned every time that as an applicant, you must optimize and tailor your way through resume parsing to the task for which you’re applying.
  • ATS is the ultimate common call for one-of-a-kind recruitment software program. Not all ATS structures are created similarly though. Some structures are primary and sleek, even as others are stronger and might substantially enhance your hiring method. The term ‘ATS’ oversimplifies the feature of the greater effective structures.
  • That’s why hiring software can from time to time be called a talent acquisition software, recruitment software program or hiring platforms. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is a feature of those structures that aims to construct significant relationships with applicants (frequently through automating elements of your conversation with beyond and contemporary applicants). Some features can also save candidates' time. Many employers use structures that permit job candidates to add their critical data, work histories, education and references at once from their profiles on websites which includes— LinkedIn or Indeed. While job candidates want to personalize their software substances for different positions, being capable of skipping the tedious method of retyping this fact for each software is a precious time saver.

Why Do Recruiters & Recruitment Agencies Use ATS?

Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System

The job marketplace has turned out to be candidate-centric, which means that candidate experience is undeniably a critical part of the recruitment method. So, handing over a more modern, greater organised and much attractive recruitment method will now no longer be only adding price for a business enterprise but also for the candidates as well. Using an ATS in a recruitment method additionally lets recruiters enhance their agency branding at some stage in the candidate journey (via job posts, application forms, e-mail communications, and so on).

An ATS lets them prevent losing time with administrative and manual duties that don’t add value to the method and therefore, carry out the necessary selection method and supply universally improved hiring results.

5 Things Candidates Should Know about an Applicant Tracking System

Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System
1. Can Attract Diverse Candidates

    An Applicant Tracking System is designed towards addressing recruitment for organizations throughout diverse industries. The software program allows organizations to system all of the job applications that are submitted to them online. With the help of the best ATS, recruiters are capable of posting all of the vacancies on diverse activity forums with only a few clicks. They help acquire candidate data and save all of this data together with all the resumes in a centralized database. The hiring managers and company recruiters can then type via the resume parser and look for applicable profiles without difficulty in a lot of ways. Some of them are as follows:

    • Automatic Ranking - A variety of ATS software program answers routinely, examining the resume with the activity description and locating the first-rate matches. This saves recruiters a good deal of time and permits them to Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System 7 consciousness only on one's applications which can be feasible to fulfil their requirements.
    • Candidate Snapshots - Many ATS' do resume parsing for creating an image or a summary of the candidate’s profile in a simplified layout. This permits recruiters to view all candidate data at a glance in preference to manually go through the complete resume in diverse formats to search for applicable data.
    2. Data In A Single Place

      As per the centralization aspect, in case a recruiter has been jumping among spreadsheets, emails, job forums and social media to control their hiring, they'll probably need an ATS where their candidate records are in a single location. Are there detailed, well-prepared candidate profiles, which collate everything from resumes and social profiles to candidate communication along with interview performance? If recruiters want to take action, does the ATS push them to do that?

      3. Saves A Lot Of Time For Recruiters

        The biggest use of an Applicant Tracking System is their performance. Unlike humans, who can only read one resume at a time, applicant tracking systems are capable of hundreds of resumes in a minute, categorize them primarily based on pre-set standards and generate computerized rejection emails. ATS additionally permits employers to easily screen the hiring technique and communicate without delay with applicants from within the software program. Because ATS' are so efficient, almost every employer, large or small, has followed one for his or her hiring technique.

        4. With Proper Keyword Tailoring, You Can Reach The Best Of Recruiters

          Due to the performance of an ATS, they may be capable of review each and every resume from their database when a search is run. A recruiter might be not likely to make it to the lowest of each pile of resumes, disadvantaging the resumes at the lowest of the pile. With a touch of keyword tailoring and additional efforts, you may help them navigate to your resume via an ATS and into the hands of a recruiter or hiring manager.

          5. Stick To The Job Description

            As a general rule of thumb, always tailor your resume as per precise phraseology and wording of the job description posted by the recruiter. If the job description says that an “M.B.A” is required, you’re way more likely to rank with inside the ATS when you have M.B.A indexed for your resume, in preference to Masters in Business Administration. Some tools can assist also to examine your resume in opposition to job descriptions and examine which key phrases you need to include.

            How Can A Candidate Make His/ Her Resume ATS Friendly?

            Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System
            1. Don’t Apply To A Lot Of Jobs Belonging To The Same Company

              An Applicant Tracking System permits recruiters to look at all the roles you’ve applied to at their company during the application process. It has been frequently Here's Everything Candidates Need To Know About An Applicant Tracking System 9 noticed that the same candidate applying to every open job position makes a recruiter confused regarding what the candidate is certainly interested in or in case they're self-aware of their abilities. If a recruiter has similar roles open, definitely apply to both. Or when you have a huge variety of capabilities and hobbies that might be similarly clad in very distinct roles, then you can apply to both, even though you should truly tailor or target every resume to make your resume stand apart from the rest.

              2. Do Choose The Right File Type While Submitting

                In the most controversial resume file-type debate, these are the best contenders: Docx vs. Pdf. While PDFs are top-notch in maintaining your layout intact overall, the .docx layout is the most appropriately parsed through an ATS. So in case, you need to get beyond any Applicant Tracking System, use a .docx format. But additionally follow directions (if the listing asks for a certain document type, provide the same to them!).

                3. Avoid Tables, Columns, Headers and Footers

                  Using tables and columns is a great manner to help prepare your resume and get the maximum use from your space, especially in case you’re trying to fit everything on a single page. Headers and footers additionally assist save space and offer a reputedly logical place to store your proposal and contacts.

                  Unfortunately, whilst an ATS strips out the formatting of your resume, the above format would possibly cause blunders which can bring about important data getting garbled. An ATS text parser would possibly cease up analyzing any table content material out of the applicant pool in proper order and dropping header data in certain document formats.

                  4. Use The Chronological Resume Layout

                    There are 3 primary resume formats recruiters use while recruiting. However, the chronological resume is the most resourceful when paired with any ATS software program, as it emphasizes and organizes your relevant work experiences. If you've got an ordinary job record and not using big employment gaps or professional changes, truly make sure that you use a chronological resume during your application process.

                    5. Be Specific, Not General

                      Generic resumes are a big no-no! Gone are those times whilst you may ship out a dozen cookie-cutter resumes and get a callback. Customise your resume to the job you're applying to. While you shouldn’t overhaul your resume for every similar open job roles, it’s vital to make minor edits on every occasion to focus on your maximum applicable qualifications (and contain the keywords) related to the job roles.

                      It's advisable for candidates to first understand how an Applicant Tracking System works and then focus on creating their resumes with the above pointers in mind. Let us know in the comments below if you were able to create an ATS-friendly resume with the correct key phrases or in case you need help!


                      If you are worried that your resume is not an ATS compliant, it is best to stop sending your resume to the recruiters to avoid being rejected and opt to get your resume re-written from The Perfect Resume's team of professional resume writers.

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