How to adapt your resume for every application!

How to adapt your resume for every application!

Many people use a generic resume designed to suit any position being applied for. With this method, you have a 3% chance to gaining an interview. And then a 10% chance of getting the job! That means you will need to apply for hundreds of positions which sounds exhausting!

At The Perfect Resume, we believe in quality over quantity which increases your chance of gaining an interviews by 73%. Offering you, 76 chances to land an interview in every 100 job applications! It is no wonder we opt to deliver you with a tailored resume according to specific roles, or at least narrowed down to a single industry!

Every job and every organisation is different. Every resume should therefore be slightly different. Creating a master resume or CV which you can tweak and adapt as necessary, rather than starting off writing your CV from scratch each time is critical!

While some resume writers recommend you should write your resume from scratch each and every time you apply for every job, we think that is absurd!

A professional resume writer spends 2-5 hours getting to know you and creating your career prospectus. There are simply not enough hours in the day or funds in the bank to do this!

Seeing the World from the Hiring Manager’s Prospective.

The recruiters task is crucial. The Hiring Manager equips the recruiter with the skills, experience, personality type, software skills etc. that the want the perfect candidate to have.

It is the recruiter's job the find the perfect match! From the managers and recruiters prospective, they spend approximately six seconds on your resume, scanning your key skills and qualifications.

They look for known biases and unfortunately discrimination in order to reduce 300+ applications down to 10 to interview.

When adapting your CV to a job, the professional skill section is where you can win!

Look at the job description and job advertisement. It will tell you what they are looking for. Make sure you add these attributes to the skills on your resume!

Too many candidate focus on “Me” “Me” “Me”! Instead focus on what the employee wants. Recruiters don’t care that you have family and children. They care that you have the competencies for the job!

Match, your professional skills, with the position outline!

If you want to really stand out, find out the ethos of the company, the deliverables and ask yourself, why, you are the perfect candidate for the role!

Want to learn more? Book yourself in for a career counselling session and we will guide you through the process of:

1. Knowing which keywords in a job description could be used in an ATS search.

2. Tailoring your cover letter 

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