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Increase your Chances of Being Shortlisted

Where do I find a Job?

Seek, LinkedIn and Indeed are the top three online websites you can find a job opening. However, there are hundreds of other ways including Facebook, recruitment agencies, cold calling employers directly, or walking physically into a store and handing over a paper copy of your resume. You should never stick to one method and always keep your focus specific. If your resume has been tailored for a business analyst role yet you are applying for an administration role, you will be overlooked as overqualified. Stay focused. If you do need to broaden your search, reach out to us on

How should I apply for positions?

Being well prepared starts with a great document management system! There is nothing worse than being on the phone to someone who clearly doesn’t remember applying for the job! These candidates do not promote to a face-to-face interview!

Create a folder on your computer for every job that you apply for. The folder should be named ‘Organisation name – Position’ so you can easily identify the roles you have already applied for. Within each folder you should include the following:

  1. The position description
  2. A copy of the job advertisement
  3. Research regarding the employer
  4. Your resume
  5. Your cover letters
  6. A document outlining the questions/answers you asked the recruiter/hiring manager prior to applying

You should also have a spreadsheet with the following information:

  1. Date applied
  2. Company name
  3. Position name
  4. Hiring manager/recruiter name
  5. A link to the company website
  6. Details of the phone call made

Always call the recruiter ahead of sending in your application!

This step is crucial! For all our introverts, this is a dreaded step you cannot afford to miss, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Calling prior to submitting your resume allows the hiring manager or recruiter to add a human element to your application. When they do receive your application, you instantly stand out from others. Here is a phone script that you can use:


Hi [recruiters name],

My name is [your name]. I am interested in applying for the advertised role of [your new job] that I saw on [advertised where].

[Sell yourself here – Insert your elevator pitch!] For example, I would say “I am an experienced professional resume writer who has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria and a celebrity LinkedIn profile writer. I help job seekers throughout Australia, encompassing all industries from entry level, graduate, mid-level and executive level clients. I am extremely passionate about assisting job seekers achieve successful employment and have provided them with the necessary tools, support and guidance to land a job they love.”

I am confident I satisfy the requirements of the role; however, I’m hoping you could provide me with some clarity on a few things before I submit my application.

[PAUSE Wait for the “sure” or “how can I help you?” this helps know that you have the recruiter’s attention]

Thank you, I want to make sure I’m addressing everything you are looking for.  Is now a good time for me to ask you a few questions, or should I call back at a time that is more convenient for you?

[PAUSE and wait for their reply. If they give you a better time, stick to it and call them back! If they say you have called at a good time, carry on with the questions below]

This step is crucial. You want to show your potential new employer respect for their time. You also want the employer’s/recruiter’s full attention. If they are busy thinking of something else, you will not receive the concentration you need from them. If they do set another time it is imperative that you get their best contact number and call them on the dot of the proposed time. This proves you have great time management skills.

Could you please tell me?

Choose relevant a maximum of four questions from this selection:

  • What challenges do you need this role to overcome?

Sell yourself here. They sound like great challenges that I believe I can overcome. At this organization, I did xyz to overcome similar challenges.

  • Is there something that the last person in the role didn’t do and you would like to ensure you get right in the next candidate?

Be empathetic here. “That’s so important and it’s really great that you are looking for this quality. It can be hard to find. I believe I can help! While I was working at this organization, I was in a similar situation and was able to turn the tables around.” 

  • What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

Sell yourself here. “I’m glad you mentioned that as these qualities are important to me. I have been known to demonstrate these qualities within my previous position while working at X”

  • Can you please tell me why the position is being advertised? Is it due to business growth or restructure?

This question helps you set up for a potential interview as you can then ensure you can address the challenges .

  • Are internal applicants being considered for the position and is an external candidate likely to be considered?

This question can save you a lot of time. Many government positions and large corporations recruit from within, however discrimination laws require them to advertise for a role externally, even if they don’t intend upon offering an external applicant the position. 

  • When do applications close?

Only ask this if it doesn’t say anything on the job advertisement.  

  • How many applicants will you be putting forward to the organisation?

Only ask this if it is a recruiter or recruitment agency (not the hiring manager).  


It has been lovely to speak directly with you. I believe I can offer you the qualities you are after.  Should I send my resume direct to you or would you prefer me to apply via the website, or both?

This is a great question to ask – if you have piqued their interest, you may be able to circumvent the initial ATS screen and have the recruiter look at your documents straight away on their desktop.

This role sounds like a great opportunity for me however, I am also applying for other roles as well. Once I have applied, how long should I expect to hear about next steps?

This step shows you are in demand and the recruiter shouldn’t waste your time. Afterall, you are the perfect candidate so they wouldn’t want to miss out on hiring you to the competition! 

Thanks for your time – you’ve been a great help. I will submit my application shortly. If you could look out for it that would be amazing! My full name again is [Insert name].

Have an amazing day [Insert their name]!!!



Remember to breathe!

I have had many candidates call me who read out a similar script and sounded like this:

Hi Melissa my name is Sally and I am interested in applying for the advertised role that I saw on Seek I am confident I satisfy the requirements of the role however I’m hoping you could provide me with some clarity on a few things before I submit my application I want to make sure I’m addressing everything you are looking for could you please tell me what challenges do you need this role to overcome what qualities are you looking for in a candidate and when is the position closing?


And imagine me sitting at the desk, looking at the phone with eyes wide open, catching my colleague’s eyes and mouthing “Oh my gosh!”

It will take practice!

If you work in sales, a call like this will come naturally to you. Slow down. Think of it like a conversation. Even ring some recruiters for advertised jobs that you have no interest in gaining, to build up some confidence.

What to do After the call

After the call, if you’ve not already connected to them on LinkedIn, do so with an appropriately worded brief note of thanks, whether you intend to apply for the role or not. For example,


Hi [insert recruiters name].

It was great to put a voice to the name and I look forward to meeting you face-to-face one day soon!

In the meantime, let’s connect on LinkedIn and if I can help you further, feel free to send me a message!


You should make any changes required to your resume based on your conversation with the recruiter, and then submit your application for the role.

Be prepared for the phone interview!

When you receive a call for a job, have access to the folder and ask the caller to hold on for a couple of minutes while you find somewhere quiet; or you can let them know that you are not available and ask if you could you give them a call back in five minutes.

Recruiters respect this as often they call you while you are at work and there is nothing more unprofessional than taking a call at your current workplace with work noise behind you, or at home with screaming kids or with traffic noise etc. in the background! Quickly refresh your memory about the details of the job so you are ready with your answers!


Getting ready for the face-to-face interview!

Are you in the top 3% of candidates that have been invited to attend an interview? Firstly, congratulations!!! Secondly, you still have one hurdle to jump before the job is yours. Interview preparation is critical to land the job. Do you have any of these questions?

  • What should I wear to the interview?
  • How do I prepare for the phone interview?
  • How do I prepare for a video interview?
  • What are some common interview questions?
  • How should I answer behavioural interview questions?
  • What questions should I ask throughout or at the end of an interview?
  • How do I know if they are interested in what I am saying?
  • Should I send a thank you email?
  • I'm having a second interview. What should I expect?
  • How do I reduce my nerves at the interview?

The answers to these questions can be different for everyone. Some are more confident than others. Some people need a bit more help! A 60-minute interview preparation session has proven to give candidates the edge they need.  If you have a question, simply email at

Be confident! You have a unique set of skills. Some of our candidates have landed the first job they applied for whilst others take a lot longer. Confidence, focus and a tailored approach are your biggest keys to a successful job search! If you are finding any part of the job search difficult please reach out to us. We are here to help!